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    You can always change, modify, or adjust your package details to suit your budget and interests before actually making the final purchase.

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    We have returned home and we are going through our many pictures (around 700). We had a wonderful visit to your beautiful country and I must say that working with you and the tour guides made it even more special. When we return to that side of the world, we will be contacting you again. We still need to come to Guilin and see the beautiful sights that you see every day.

    Angela was great. She is a pleasant and pretty young lady and she knows so much about the sights in Chengdu. My son really liked talking to her.

    Peter was very good but his English can use some improvement. He was extremely patient with us and accommodated our needs wonderfully.

    May was also very good and professional. It is obvious she knows her subject and she is a great sales person.

    I look forward to using your services again. Thank you for everything and thank you for the gift. It is hanging on the wall in my home. I think of you every time I see it.


    Andersen "

    Top 5 China Tour Itineraris:

    7 Days Classic Beijing shanghai Tour

    Tour Code: BS071
    Departure Date: You Choice!
    Tour Route: Beijing - Shanghai (Could Customize)
    Tour Maps: (right)
    Custom Days: 5,6~10.. Days

    10, 11, or 12 Days Essence of China Tour:

    Tour Code: BS111
    Departure Date: You Choice!
    Tour Route: Beijing-Xian-Guilin-Yangshuo-Shanghai
    (Could Customize)
    Tour Maps: (right)
    Custom Days:10,11,12,13 Days

    14 Days Memorable China Tour:

    Tour Code: BS141
    Departure Date: You Choice!
    Tour Route: Beijing-Xian-Guilin-Yangtze Cruise-Shanghai
    (Could Customize)
    Tour Maps: (right)
    Custom Days:13, 15, ...Days

    8 Days Imperial China Tour:

    Tour Code: BS081
    Departure Date: You Choice!
    Tour Route: Beijing - Xian - Shanghai (Could Customize)
    Tour Maps: (right)
    Custom Days: 7,~10.. Days

    21 Days China Highlights Tour:

    Tour Code: BS211
    Departure Date: You Choice!
    Tour Route: Beijing-Xian-Guilin-Chongqing-Yangtze Cruise-Shanghai-Suzhou-Hangzhou-Huangshan-Shanghai
    (Could Customize)
    Tour Maps: (right)
    Custom Days:19, 20~30..Days

    Other Classic Tour Itineraries:

    Classic China Tours / China Essential Tour:

    Days Choice: 5, 7, 9, ..14,..19,..26,..over 30 days
    Include the most popular tourist destinations and sights of China.

    Our classic itineraries in China help you get an absolutely rewarding experience.

    It's also a great choice for the frist time to china.

    Moreover, there are so many must-to-go places in China. It's not the every one that suits you. Tailor-made the right one that is the best for you!

    Choose the best-value one you are interested in from our essential China tour itineraries, then customize those elements in it according to your specific needs, to make your trip ALIVE.

    Tell us your idea, let us do the rest to help you plan a memorable wonderful trip!

    Chinese Art Tours:

    Days Choice: 5, 7 .... 21 days
    Art was the story for generations. Follow in the footsteps of Chinese arts on all sides with a visit to the sites where the story unfolded.

    Novaland Tours also provides tailored Chinese art trips.

    We design the itinerary according to your special requirements about the art. Most of sights in designed itineraries commonly are the sites having famous art in China rather than usual landscape sightseeing. You are freely control where you want to go.

    We also arrange the guides who are especially familiar with the knowledge of the China art. Accompanied with him, you would be happy because you both have common interests.

    Tell us the idea of your China art tour, tracking the fantastic art culture now!

    China Silk Road Tours:

    Days Choice: 10, 11, ...22, ....50 days
    Ancient Silk Road, where the cultures of East and West meet.

    Going for a bumpy camel ride around the Crescent Moon Lake and Mingsha Shan.

    Quietly going from cave to cave and seeing the exquisite artistry that the devout pigrims of the past instilled into the barren site.

    It not only has a rich cultural heritage, but a diverse and scenic landscape.

    Silk Road tour provided from Novaland Tours is a charming surprise for those willing to take the time to explore its hidden treasures.

    Tell us your idea, let us begin to plan how to capture exciting moments of these treasures.

    Chinese Minority Tours:

    Days Choice: 7, 10, ...28, .. days
    Are you particularly interested in the minorities in countries?
    Yes, we are all interested in. Traveling in the minority areas can be wonderful. It is usually the highlight in regular tours.

    So why not try to personalize a special one focusing on those minorities only? Get up close and personal with the minorities worn incredible costumes, individual houses, hill tribes, the culture, the music, and the cultural characteristics.

    Open an extra gateway to the ethnic minority areas including less travelled regions.

    Fill in the form telling us your ideas, let us begin to plan a meet-the-minority tour...

    China Architecture Tours:

    Days Choice: 5, 6, 7...17 days
    Architecture is not just a roof to shelter us, but something that leads us into the mysteries of people's lives.

    Their beauty is the beauty of the spirit of that age.

    Novaland Tours help you listen to the language of the beauty of these architectures. Our architecture tours focus on architectures only, including contemporary and traditional styles, discussing their spirits and the hidden meaning, their history, their art, their symbol...etc.

    You can just fill in a simple form to tell us the idea about your favorite architecture tour, let us do the rest!

    Health Tours in China:

    Days Choice: 7,..14,..21...30...days
    Are you looking for a particular tour designed especially for health maintenance and longevity? You've come to the right place!

    We customize Health Tour for your health, including spa, hot spring, mineral spring, villages of longevity, such as famous Buma , etc.

    You can live in the well-known village of longevity for a month, breathe in the forest oxygen bar, experience the warm and magical hot spring, or take a spa in the mineral mire of hundreds years of volcano.

    Enjoy happy health vacation, holidays for longevity is a definitely worthy thing.

    Please feel free to tell us what you think.

    Honeymoon Tours in China:

    Days Choice: 7,..14,...21.. days
    Why choose Honeymoon Tour in China from us?

    Our professional design for your honeymoon vacation makes your honeymoon much more perfect.

    Warm, Romantic, Sexy, Dreamlike, Happy

    Good Wish to Keep the Magic of Love Alive.

    Enjoy Sweet Private Honeymoon Tour in China Now! Let us help you get a wonderful honeymoon holiday!

    China Animal Tours:

    Days Choice: 6, ..10, 12,..20 days
    We can help make the world a better place.

    Joining a our Animal Tour, Raising awareness of animal species, For the good of this planet!

    Traveling to favorite spots for catching those animals has deserved a holiday.

    With our, you can customize your own animal tour and are lucky to witness those wonderful animals as much as you can.

    Tell us your idea via this simple form, let us begin to plan how to capture exciting moments of these animals.

    China Cuisine Culture Tours:

    Days Choice: 5, 6, 7, ..12,..17days
    Are you ready for delicious, fantasy food?

    The most distinctive local cuisine is waiting for you!

    Our cuisine tour is tailor-made and designed particularly for food lovers and through these delicious food, you can understand the hidden local culture.

    We recommend the most famous and the original local cuisines for you, introducing their story, cooking methods, teaching you how to do them, and even let you experience doing it yourself.

    When you eat these delicious cuisines, you can enjoy the picturesque, pleasing surroundings sitting at distinctive local restaurants at the same time.

    Now tell us what you think, begin to plan a wonderful Cuisine Tours!

    China Buddha Tours:

    Days Choice: 5, 8, ....30.. days
    Buddha influence has been so great as a philosophy and a religion. It has affected our language, food, art, architecture and so on for long years.

    Enjoying a special Buddha tour let you learn much more about Buddha culture. Most Buddhist temples are situated on high mountains at scenic spots, providing people with a chance to enjoy mountain scenery in pilgrimage.

    You also can always freely customize a special one according to you specific needs because we can't display all essential tour trips on web.

    Customize Your Unique Buddha Tour Based on Your Interests.

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    Dear Lillian,
    Today we arrived well, the guide has been very helpfull and kind, he will leave my mom at the airport tomorrow. As for me maybe ill go by myself to the museum...i am not sure yet but ill try jejeje as ill have some time. I want to thank you for all arrangement that you did for us, our trip was a wonderfull experience!
    Thanks for everything!
    Ill send you photos when i arrive home ok!
    Perla Carias

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