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    We have returned home and we are going through our many pictures (around 700). We had a wonderful visit to your beautiful country and I must say that working with you and the tour guides made it even more special. When we return to that side of the world, we will be contacting you again. We still need to come to Guilin and see the beautiful sights that you see every day.

    Angela was great. She is a pleasant and pretty young lady and she knows so much about the sights in Chengdu. My son really liked talking to her.

    Peter was very good but his English can use some improvement. He was extremely patient with us and accommodated our needs wonderfully.

    May was also very good and professional. It is obvious she knows her subject and she is a great sales person.

    I look forward to using your services again. Thank you for everything and thank you for the gift. It is hanging on the wall in my home. I think of you every time I see it.


    Andersen "

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    Busan (Pusan)
    Busan is Korea's largest port city filled with endless excitement and pleasant surprises. Every year, tens of thousands of visitors from all over the country and around the world flock to Haeundae, Songdo and Gwangalli Beaches to relax or to attend festivals. The city annually hosts the International Fireworks Festival and the Busan International Film Festival, while regularly holding various events at Centrum City, the world's largest department store. Other must-see tourist sites include Taejongdae Resort overlooking the sea, Yongdusan Park, Yonggungsa Temple on a cliff, and the Jagalchi Market.

    Busan Major Attractions

    Busan Beomeosa Temple   Busan Yonggungsa Temple   Busan Taejongdae Park
    Busan United Nations Memorial Cemetery   Busan Yongdusan Park   Busan Jagalchi Market

     Busan – Beomeosa Temple
    This temple was established by King Munmu of the Shilla Kingdom in 678. Along with Haeinsa and Tongdosa, it is considered one of the three famed temples of the southeast. Many cultural assets such as the three-story pagoda and main temple building are designated national treasures. 
    •  1 hr. Beomeosa Station (Subway Line 1) → Mini Bus No.90
    •  30 min. by taxi from Nampo-dong ($15 ) 

     Busan – Yonggungsa temple
    Unlike most Korean temples, which are situated in the mountains, Yonggungsa Temple is perched upon the cliffs next to the sea, and is surrounded by a circle of pines. Unfortunately the original temple was destroyed by fire when the Japanese invaded Korea in 1592, but it was rebuilt in the early 1930s. A small path leading out to a flat rock provides best views of the entire temple.
    •  Haeundae Station (Subway Line 1) →15 min. bus ride (Bus 181)→ 5 min. walk from parking lot / 20 min. from Haeundae Station by taxi (about $10 )

     Busan - Taejongdae Park
    Reputed for its rugged cliffs dropping straight down to the sea, and hilly, forested areas, the
    park is always bustling with tourists. The new lighthouse at the tip of the island and beautiful
    views of the ocean make it a must-visit destination in Busan. Make sure to see the "Suicide Rock." A coffee shop is at the observation deck and a small cruise dock is below the deck.
    •  20 min. ride from Nampo-dong (Buses 8, 30) → 10min. walk from parking lot. 

    This cemetery park is a somber yet beautiful place where soldiers from 16 countries who sacrificed their lives during the Korean War lay at rest. This is the only U.N. memorial park in the world.
    •  25 min. from Nampo-dong (Bus 25). Get off at the U.N. Memorial Cemetery stop. 

    Busan's most famous park and a favorite stop for those who who've watched many Korean television dramas and movies. The park, a popular filming site, is a vibrant place with many activities taking place within, such as street taekwondo demonstrations, traditional music performances, and other cultural events.
    •  2 min. walk from Nampodong Station (Subway Line 1)

    Jagalchi Market is Korea's largest seafood market. Regardless of who it is, everyone makes sure to pay the market a visit when they are in Busan to taste a dish of fresh raw fish. The area is filled with raw fish and eel traders, and is fun to pick your own fish and bargain with the vendors, who are extremely friendly. Cultural Experience Program

    Tea Ceremony in Busan
     Tea Ceremony 
    A place where you can reflect on traditional Korean tea and ceramics, this program is popular because you spend the time enjoying the elegance of tea-drinking along with crispy Korean cakes. Central to the Korean approach to tea is an easy and natural coherence, with fewer formal rituals, fewer absolutes, greater freedom for relaxation, and more creativity in enjoying a wider variety of teas, services, and conversation.


    Busan Gukje International Market
    Gukje Market is the most representative traditional market in Busan, similar to Namdaemun Market in Seoul. The market offers home appliances, clothing, bags, leather goods and furniture at great prices. It is closed on the 1st and 3rd Sundays of every month.

    Busan Nampodong Street
     Nampodong Street
    The theater district of Busan is jam packed with movie theaters and is host to the Busan International Film Festival. The streets are especially crowded in October, when the films are being screened for the movie festival at local theaters.  It is during this time that you can also find various events revolving around the promotion of the movies featured at the festival. In the vicinity of Nampo-dong Street you can find Jagalchi Fish Market and Choryang Arcade for Foreigners. This well sought after area is flourishing with not only theaters, but many kinds of shops and eateries as well. 

    The Busan Jin Market is a traditional market located in downtown Busan. It is a typical market of the three national traditional markets specializing in articles for marriage, preserving nearly a hundred years of history. You can purchase a variety of colorfulHanbok (traditional Korean clothing) here.


    Haemultang is a seafood stew that includes a lot of fresh vegetables. Boiled right at the table, the vegetables are taken out before the broth boils over and eaten first with a sweet and salty sauce.

    This pajeon, which was a favorite at the Donglae Open Market, is a seafood pancake that contains beef, oysters, squid, clams, and other seafood in a flour batter. It tastes best with makgeolli, a traditional Korean rice wine.

    [Main Tourist Attractions in Busan (Pusan)]
    Haeundae Beach Gwangalli Beach Songjeong Beach Dadaepo Beach
    Haeundae Beach
    해운대 해수욕장
    Gwangalli Beach
    광안리 해수욕장
    Songjeong Beach
    송정 해수욕장
    Dadaepo Beach
    다대포 해수욕장
    Beomeosa Temple Haedong Yonggungsa Temple Haeundae Dalmaji Walk Oryukdo Island
    Beomeosa Temple
    Haedong Yonggungsa Temple
    Haeundae Dalmaji Walk
    해운대 달맞이 고개
    Oryukdo Island
    The United Nations Memorial Cemetery and Peace Park Yongdusan Park Amnam Park Nakdonggang Estuary Seasonal Bird Migration Site
    The United Nations Memorial Cemetery and Peace Park Yongdusan Park
    용두산 공원
    Amnam Park
    암남 공원
    Nakdonggang Estuary Seasonal Bird Migration Site
    Busan Aquarium Jagalchi Fish Market Nampo-dong Street Dongbaek Island
    Busan Aquarium
    부산 수족관
    Jagalchi Fish Market
    자갈치 시장
    Nampo-dong Street
    Dongbaek Island
    Busan Yachting Center Taejongdae Resort    
    Busan Yachting Center
    올림픽 요트 경기장
    Taejongdae Resort
    태종대 유원지
    [Tourist Attractions on the Outskirts of Busan (Pusan)]
    Tongdosa Temple Geojedo Island Oedo Island Paradise Ulsan  
    Tongdosa Temple
    Geojedo Island
    Oedo Island Paradise
    [Festivals in Busan]
    Sunrise Busan Festival 2006 usan Gijang Anchovy Festival Haeundae Sand Festival Busan Sea Festival
    Sunrise Busan Festival 2006 Busan Gijang Anchovy Festival Haeundae Sand Festival Busan Sea Festival
    Busan International Rock Festival Busan Biennale Busan Jagalchi Festivl Pusan International Film Festival
    Busan International Rock Festival Busan Biennale Busan Jagalchi Festivl Pusan International Film Festival
    [Food in Busan]
    Dongnae Pajeon (Korean style pancakes)      
    Dongnae Pajeon (Korean style pancakes)  
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    Dear Lillian, Today we arrived well, the guide has been very helpfull and kind. I want to thank you for all arrangement that you did for us, our trip was a wonderfull experience!
    Thanks for everything!
    Ill send you photos when i arrive home ok!
    Perla Carias

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