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    We have returned home and we are going through our many pictures (around 700). We had a wonderful visit to your beautiful country and I must say that working with you and the tour guides made it even more special. When we return to that side of the world, we will be contacting you again. We still need to come to Guilin and see the beautiful sights that you see every day.

    Angela was great. She is a pleasant and pretty young lady and she knows so much about the sights in Chengdu. My son really liked talking to her.

    Peter was very good but his English can use some improvement. He was extremely patient with us and accommodated our needs wonderfully.

    May was also very good and professional. It is obvious she knows her subject and she is a great sales person.

    I look forward to using your services again. Thank you for everything and thank you for the gift. It is hanging on the wall in my home. I think of you every time I see it.


    Andersen "
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    Pyeongchang, nature’s playground

    Happy 700 Meters Above Sea Level 
    The county of Pyeongchang-gun is located in the central region of south Gangwon-do Province, east of Seoul. Of its total land, approximately 65% lies on highlands 700 meters above sea level, an altitude that is said to be ideal for the biorhythm of humans, animals, and plants. It’s no wonder then that Pyeongchang is a place where life flourishes—home to both sheep and cattle (Daegwallyeong area) and a top producer of buckwheat, potatoes, mountain herbs. 

    Pyeongchang offers unspoiled natural beauty year round, making it a much beloved spot among nature lovers. In the spring, visitors are greeted with an abundance of flowers; in fall, the mountains are ablaze with autumn reds and oranges; in the summer, the valleys offer a cool retreat where visitors can enjoy rafting, fishing, and trekking; and in winter, the snow-covered mountains offer the perfect place for skiing. No matter when you visit this natural wonderland, you’re sure to be delighted by the raw richness of Mother Nature. 

    Host City of the 2018 Olympic Winter Games
    Known as the ‘Alps of Korea,’ Pyeongchang is at the center of Korea’s ski industry and a compelling factor in the popularization of the sport nationwide. Pyeongchang is also home to Yongpyong Resort, Korea’s first ski resort, which introduced the international sport of skiing to the Korean public. 

    Located about 2.5 hours from Seoul by bus, Pyeongchang becomes a hub of activity from November to April as winter sports lovers flock to the snow-covered mountains and area’s ski resorts. Among the major resorts in Pyeongchang is the Alpensia Resort Complex, which will serve as the main venue for the 2018 Pyeongchang Olympic Winter Games. Though the resort is already well-known for its slopes and facilities, preparations are already underway to bring the world-class resort to an even higher level of excellence in preparation for the 2018 Winter Olympics.

    Tourist Sites
    There are an abundance of tourist sites in Pyeongchang, ranging from the historic to the scenic. In addition to Daegwallyeong-myeon—home of Samyang Farm, far-reaching highlands, and a lamb ranch—there are plenty of other places to explore such as the Buddhist relics at Odaesan National Park or Farm Herbnara.

    Daegwallyeong Samyang Ranch

    Located on the hills of Daegwallyeong 850 to 1,470 meters above sea level, Samyang Ranch is the largest highlands farm in Asia. From the entrance, take the shuttle bus to the observatory for a view of the East Sea and up-close look at the hillside windmills. Follow the trail back down or take the shuttle bus, stopping off at the film locations of the drama ‘Autumn in my Heart’ and the movie ‘Lover’s Concerto.’ As you stroll down the hillside paths you’ll eventually make your way past dairy cows, Hanu cattle, lambs, and ostriches. Some of these areas are operated as a petting zoo, so make sure to stop off to give the animals a pat before you continue on to enjoy the pastoral landscape.

    Daegwallyeong Sheep Farm

    The only sheep farm in Korea, Daegwallyeong Sheep Farm is located on a hill 850 to 900 meters above sea level. About 200 sheep graze leisurely on vibrant green pastures spanning over 204,960 square meters. The farm trails and the surrounding area offer picture perfect scenery throughout the year, making the farm a popular drama and commercial filming location. Visitors can even watch the sheep being sheared (between April and June) or give the sheep a snack.

    Farm Herbnara

    Farm Herbnara is a beautiful garden with over 120 species of herbs. There are 14 themed gardens, including the Fragrance Garden, Children’s Garden, and Cooking Garden. Since the farm is a very quaint place decorated like a fairytale, it is most popular among couples and family tourists. After strolling through the gardens and snapping pictures, make sure to sample some of the herbal foods and teas and check out the array of herb products. 

    Lee Hyo-seok Memorial Hall

    Lee Hyo-seok (1907-1942) is a leading Korean short story author who was born in Pyeongchang. The Lee Hyo-seok Memorial Hall has on exhibit artifacts from the novelist’s life including manuscripts hand-written by the author himself. Not just a place to immerse yourself in academic study, the area is also beautifully landscaped and has a nearby ‘literature garden’ and buckwheat flower path that provide a perfect afternoon retreat.

    Odaesan National Park

    Mount Odaesan straddles Pyeongchang and Gangneung and is comprised of 5 peaks with Birobong Peak (1,563 meters above sea level) at the center. In addition to thick forests and gentle slopes that are perfect for hiking, the mountain hides within its folds the thousand-year-old Woljeongsa Temple,Sangwonsa Temple, and many national treasures and Buddhist cultural assets. 

    Food & Festivals
    ‘Daegwallyeong’ is a keyword when talking about the foods and festivals of Pyeongchang. Some of the main ingredients used in the local food of Pyeongchang are the Hwangtae (Pollack) dried in the snows of Daegwallyeong and the Hanu cattle and buckwheat produced in the highlands. Many festivals are also food-related with the Trout Festival (centered around the fresh fish of the pristine mountain streams) being one of the region’s top festivals.

    Hwangtaegui (grilled Pollack) and Hwangtaeguk (Pollack soup)

    Hwangtae is Pollack that is dried in the snows of Daegwallyeong throughout the winter season. A high-protein, low-fat natural food, Hwangtae is used in various dishes like grilled Pollack, Pollack soup, and steamed Pollack.

    Daegwallyeong Hanu Beef

    Hanu beef from the Daegwallyeong region is a top-grade meat of superb quality and taste. Many say that the tenderness of the beef is thanks mostly to the clean environment in which the cattle are raised. Though a little pricey, the beef is very popular among gourmets.

    Memil Makguksu (buckwheat noodles) and Memil Jeon (pan-fried buckwheat)

    Memil, or buckwheat, is one of the regional products of Pyeongchang. Buckwheat grains are ground to make noodles (memil makguksu) or combined with wild vegetables and/or kimchi to make jeon (Korean pancake). Buckwheat is known to clean the blood and help with digestion and is especially popular among women due to its beneficial effects on the skin.

    Daegwallyeong Snow Festival 

    A feast for the eyes, the Daegwallyeong Snow Festival offers a unique experience in the snow with snow tunnels, ice slides, sledding, igloos, and snow sculptures on the snow-covered plains of Daegwallyeong.

    Pyeongchang Trout Festival

    The Pyeongchang Trout Festival is one of the region’s top wintertime festivals, offering a variety of leisure activities such as ice fishing, lure fishing, sledding, snow rafting, and folk games. Pyeongchang is home to the nation’s largest trout farm so there’s no end to the fish! Visitors can even try catching trout with their bare hands and sample an array of trout cuisine.

    Hyoseok Cultural Festival

    The Hyoseok Cultural Festival is held in September in Bongpyeong-myeon in Pyeongchang, which is the setting of Lee Hyo-seok’s famous novel ‘When Buckwheat Flowers Bloom.’ The festival features a writing contest, exhibition of illustrated poems, and Literature Night, as well as a tour of the buckwheat fields and experience programs for making traditional buckwheat food. 

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