Are you tired of the Opera House and the Great Barrier Reef? This niche secret has also hidden 7 of the most unmissable play experiences!

If you are tired of the Great Barrier Reef and the Opera House, there is no initial heartbeat on the Great Ocean Road. If you want to unlock the unusual way of playing in Australia, don't miss today's dry goods!

Look for mermaids, feeding wild dolphins, boating crabs, cool fire trucks, hiking through the rainforest... Follow the locals and find niche games~

Into the wild island of the same section of Zhou Dong honeymoon, with the heart to contact the rare pets of Australia, use the body to feel the magic and dreams of Australia's nature. This time, see a completely different Australia, believe me, here will not let you down!

Moreton Island, Australia, is the third largest sand island in the world, with 98% of its area covered by national parks. Known for its wild dolphins, it is also known as the "Dolphin Island."

Few people knew it, but because Zhou Dong honeymoon became famous overnight. In the submerged bay, intimate contact with the dolphins, this magical thing seems to happen only in the magical Australia.

I often dream of staying away from the hustle and bustle, come to the quiet island, watch the sea and listen to the waves every day, and let the mood go without a trace. This may be the wish of every city. If you come to Moreton Island, you will have the same heart and soul.

Step into the water to feed the wild dolphins living in Moreton Bay, as well as sand skating, looking for mermaid two projects to choose from, this journey will definitely make the children unforgettable.

The Trier River is the boundary river between New South Wales and Queensland, flowing through lush farmland and low-lying subtropical rainforests. Head to the Gold Coast for a 45-minute drive to catch the mud crabs and experience the authentic Australian style.

Cruise along a calm river, passing a villa with a private jetty and lush rainforest, the experienced captain will introduce the water ecosystem to the tourists in English and teach the use of the catching tools.

Visitors can not only experience the crabs themselves, but also make mud crabs on the spot, 100% delicious.

Take the fire truck, start from Surfers Paradise Orchid Street, travel around the city in the whistling sound of fire sirens and head to the Spit estuary to look out over the beautiful coastline, overlooking the complete Surfers Paradise seascape from the coast.

The whole process can also specially arrange for children to learn to use the fire hose and more fire knowledge, to experience and increase knowledge during the play, and to talk to the friends after return.

Gold Coast Sea World is a marine park with the theme of marine animals and is Australia's largest marine park. The design is humanized, wonderful and amazing.

The Ocean World has a Polar Bear Pavilion, a Penguin Pavilion, a Golden Seal Pavilion, and a Dolphin Bay. There are many kinds of fun and adventures, and you can also see wonderful performances.

You can go snorkeling with the breeder, snorkeling with sharks and sharks. In addition to watching the cute animals, you can also enjoy the wonderful sharks, whales, sea lions and seals. Their wonderful performances make you clap your hands and even immerse yourself in the reluctance to leave.

If you want a chance to get close to nature, then the Currumbin Wildlife Park is definitely a good choice. Founded in 1947, the Currumbin Wildlife Park is located between 27 hectares of eucalyptus trees and the rainforest. Just a few minutes from the Currumbin beach, it is one of the best safari parks in Australia and is known for feeding rainbow birds. 

The zoo has more than 1,400 species of Australian-specific animals, and the park is full of eucalyptus trees and rainforests, providing favorable conditions for the survival of animals. Wild rainbow birds will fly to the park twice a day, at 8:30 in the morning, at 4 in the afternoon, they fly to the shoulders and hands of tourists, and eat food provided by tourists.

There are also cold-blooded, reptile-like lectures in the park, and photos can be taken for cute animals. If you are too courageous, you can wrap your snake around your neck or on your shoulders.

Spring Creek National Park is a part of Australia's world heritage site, the East Coast Rainforest Reserve, across the border between Queensland and New South Wales. There are vines, palm trees, eucalyptus trees, many canyons, cliffs and waterfalls, and there are some pretty good hiking trails.

In the blue light worm cave in the park, there is a kind of worm that emits blue light. It is said that only Australia and New Zealand can find its traces in the world. In the dark night, a little bit of firefly starlight is like walking into a magical dream world~

The main building is located in the Sydney Aquarium under the waters of Darling Harbour. With a 146-meter underwater passage and all round-shaped glass viewing windows, visitors can enjoy the charm of the underwater environment.

The Sydney Aquarium pioneered the world's only one to take a penguin adventure boat to watch the penguin's daily life up close. Penguin Adventure Island builds the King Penguin and Jintu Penguin eco-groups in Australia's Macquarie Islands near the South Pole, taking an expedition in the 6-degree Celsius Antarctic environment, accompanied by goose feathers, whistling winds, and stunning aurora effects. Sensory stimulation.

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Currumbin Zoo Tour and BBQ Dinner

Cool fire truck downtown to learn fire knowledge

Sydney Aquarium Adventure Penguin Island

Morton Island hands-on feeding wild dolphins

Family eating mud crab cooking dinner together

Enjoy a happy time on the Gold Coast and Sydney.

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