Our drivers

Our drivers are described as the captain of the ship. They are in charge of everything that goes on inside and outside of the venue. They are more than just a driver:

·    A tour bus driver’s primary responsibility is to know the exact route of the tour which the bus is supposed to take.
·    A tour bus driver is also responsible for picking up and dropping off passengers and collecting the tour travelling fare from them, if not already paid to the travel and tourism company.
·    A tour bus driver is responsible for keeping the bus clean from inside and outside.
·    A tour bus driver is also responsible for the maintenance and repair of the bus which must be done on a regular basis so that the bus can travel long distances without any hindrance or difficulty.
·   It is the responsibility of a tour bus driver to see to the fact that every passenger is safe during the tour and all the traffic rules and regulations are followed.
·   It is the responsibility of the tour bus driver to see whether or not all passengers are comfortable and are provided with the first aid kit in the time of need.

To be our driver, we request:
·    More than 3 years’ experience as a tour safari driver.
·    Must have a valid driving license more than 5 years.
·    Must be very polished.
·    Defensive/ Offensive driving skills
·    Familiar with national park routes, rules and regulations.
·    Must have good customer service skills.
·    Very good problem solving skills.
·    Mature, healthy with excellent eyesight and punctual with a good attendance record
·    Ability to multi task, willingness to learn and positive attitude
Above requests ensure that we could promise our clients and organize safe and comfortable trips in your preferred destinations.

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