Things to bring on your vacation

Itching to be able to travel again? The time will come, and there are many ways you can prepare—but perhaps the best way is to upgrade some of your travel must-haves and test them out while you’re stuck at home now.Here are 7 things you might not think about but definitely should bring with you on your next vacation.● A Packable Backpackyou wish to travel light, but at end of the trip, you always carrying a lot more home. sweets that is famous in the country; souvenirs for friends and colleague; the cosmetics you have always wanted... This means it's usually a great idea to bring along a separate bag -- one that you can pack down and maybe stow in your back pocket.Bring this lighter pack instead, so you don't weigh yourself down while exploring and just in case you purchase any souvenirs and want to keep your hands free.●  Compress Travel Space Save bagYou wish to travel light, but  those big puffer down jacket and sweater will take up all the lugguage space when traveling in winter. here, the travel space save bag will compress them into much more smalller size, so you have extra space for other luggage stuff.   it is good for clothing storage, towels, sheets and pillowcases at home for seasonal storage too.  as well, It can be used as a dirty clothes organizer during trip. I always bring a pair of extra when traveling for its  light weighted . ● Hanging Toiletry BagFor those who travel frequently, a well organized toiletry bag is a must accessory. especially if you will stay in hostel room or Youth Hotel with small washroom space. this hangable water prove bag will save you time and enegy for daily cleaning procedure.  layers of container which makes it  large in  capacity but light on weight. this handy bag doesn't take up your space in suitcase too. ● Disposable Raincoat BallTaking into account the possibility of rain, we often bring umbrellas, but it is often not used frequently during travel, and it occupies the luggage compartment and increases the weight of the carry-on luggage. instead of umbrella, I do recommend this disposable raincoat. it is much more light, smaller insize and easy to pack. Umbrella is kind of heavy, and you need extra plastic bag to store it after use. this  raincoats ball do not have this problem. You can fold it into small size and put it back into the ball and hang on the backpack. it can be re-used for several times too.   ● Multifunctional Mobile Phone Selfie StickMobile phone travel holder, that's right! It is also a selfie stick, which allows you to take selfies from any angle at any location。 there are many different typle of selfie sticks. some that you can clamp it on the tray table of airplane or open the stick tripod to stablize the phone on the table to watch a movie. The wide-angle lens set on the mobile phone makes the lens range wider. It is really convenient. The lightweight shape does not occupy the luggage space. It is an indispensable travel tool for travelers who love to take pictures.  ● Infinity Multifunctional Neck PillowIsn't this neck pillow different from others you usually see? Huzi's multifunctional neck pillow can be twisted and transformed into various shapes according to personal needs. The pillow is a donut shape, which can be wrapped around the neck as a neck pillow. It can also cover the eyes and ears, act as an eye mask and help lower Environmental noise. In addition, the pillow can be wrapped around the waist and neck at the same time, supporting both parts at the same time, which can help reduce the stress of long-term sitting. In addition to that, it can be used as a good night pillow or a side pillow generally. It can perfectly match avious position. excellent for long-distance travel or international flights of more than 6 hours. The pillow cover is made of bamboo fiber with excellent air permeability and filled with 3M Thinsulate warm velvet, which is soft, comfortable, and can be washed  in the washing machine directly.  ● Transparent Multi-purpose Storage BoxAs a beauty-loving lady, how can you go out without matching jewelry? But putting them all together  in the  suitcase will give you headache because they may will be entangled together. This multi-purpose little transparent storage box will offer big help. Rings, necklaces, bracelets and earrings can be stored seperately in each small grid.  And you can find the jewelry you want to match at a glance only. This storage box can store medicines that you need to carry in the tour. Is it an useful tool?  Well, there are many other useful travel gadgets which helps you to enjoy your  next journey. we will keep update that for you in next artical. If you are interested with any of the travel  products mentioned in the artical, you can find most of them in 


Amazing High-tech travel gadgets you should have for your trip

In the modern era of rapid technological development, people’s every move is inseparable from high-tech products, and travel is also the case, but what kind of products can make the journey more relaxing and interesting? Let’s take a look at the 5 high-tech travel antifacts below. 1. Virtual reality 3D glassesVirtual reality glasses or goggles are becoming increasingly popular in the gaming and entertainment spheres. The Glyph produced by Avegant is a virtual reality three-dimensional glasses, but its working principle is very special, by projecting the light of the image on the human eye and then imaging it on the retina. The company calls this technology "Virtual Retina Screen" (VRD). Using VRD technology, the human eye directly accepts incident light, so the visual experience of the device is completely different from that of an ordinary screen. It is more like looking at the outside scenery through a window, the scenery will be very real. The user is not easy to feel eye fatigue, it feels more comfortable because no pressure on the screen close to the eyes.  With these virtual reality 3D glasses, you will no longer find the hours of flying time so long, and you don’t have to be limited to the entertainment provided by airlines. It allows you to start your journey very relaxing from the beginning. Aren't these glasses cool? 2. Air UmbrellaAlthough it is called an air umbrella, it actually looks more like an invisible umbrella, because you can't see the umbrella panel at all. As for the umbrella shaft and handle, many people won't know its purpose when they see it at first time. Air umbrellas mainly use wind energy to protect users from rain. Flowing air can change the trajectory of objects. The faster the air moves, the stronger its energy. The jet of air can also isolate some objects. Therefore, they want to use the airflow to prevent people from getting wet from the rain and let the airflow form an invisible umbrella panel. In addition, because it reduces the need for plastic bags, it is also an environmentally friendly umbrella too.  and it has longth control bar to shorten the shaft which release more space in your travel lugguage. 3. prescription for jet lagFor long-distance travelers who have to travel through multiple time zones, jet lag is always the biggest problem. Generally speaking, a jet lag within 1-4 hours will not cause a very obvious physiological reaction. However, if the time difference reaches more than five or six hours, then the strong sickness feeling caused by the time difference will really distouble you very much. The adverse reactions caused by jet lag are mainly manifested in the fatigue of the body that does not adapt to the local time. The most superficial reaction is drowsiness and fatigue. Jet lag changes the original meal time and can also cause loss of appetite and even digestion. Bad symptoms. In addition, the most painful thing is sleep disturbance. Because of the combined effects of some of the above reactions, symptoms such as diarrhea and colds may also occur. For this reason, scientists have found a chemical substance in the brain that can quickly repair the biological clock in our body through various studies. The researcher said: Our principle is to deceive the brain and let it release more vasoactive intestinal peptides, which can repair jet lag. Although this injection has not been promoted, everyone can still look forward to it.4. Smart ringJust like its name, the smart ring adopts an ordinary ring design, which is no different from an ordinary ring in appearance and weight, but once it is worn on the index finger, it can perform a variety of intelligent functions. Through the built-in sensor, the smart ring can recognize the movement of the user's hand and even the fingers, ranging from palm control to small words written by the index finger, allowing you to complete operations in the air. The smart ring also has a built-in Bluetooth module, which can connect to the user's smart phone and complete personalized services through Bluetooth. The user can customize the gesture recognition of each program. As long as the preset action is drawn, the mobile phone can perform the corresponding operation, which is very convenient. and it has a very fashionable operation experience. In addition, when some smart bands receive a call, email, SMS, Facebook and Twitter messages, the LED display of the smart band will automatically light up to remind the wearer. It is worth mentioning that the ring has the function of tracking location too. If you don't remember where the phone is placed, and it is away from your body in a certain rage of distance, it can alarm. 5. Laser virtual keyboardUnlike other keyboards, the laser virtual keyboard does not have any keys. In fact, it does not look like a keyboard product at all. It looks almost like a lighter or a conservative MP3 player. However, it is indeed a keyboard. Although it looks a bit strange, its function is unambiguous: put it "standing" on any flat surface, such as a computer desk, school desk, etc., and then turn on the switch on its side, a keyboard of a virtual image will immediately appear on the desk in front of you. Press that switch again and the keyboard will disappear immediately. Isn't  it a great product? Its size and function will save you a lot of  lugguage space and energy.If you are interested with any of the travel  products mentioned in the artical, you can find most of them in 


Interesting travel products that you may never see before

Pack smart will make your trip more comfortable and easier as well as fun. an expert traveler will always bring travel gadget that is creative and useful.  Find these interesting travel products that you may never see before  in this artical. ● Foldable Water Cuppeople tends to bring their own water bottle or cups when traveling, because it is convenience and cost saving. a bottle or cup who can re-fill with either hot or cold water throughout the journey is important for travelers. Thermos cup is  big and heavy; glass or china cup  is  easy to break.  if you wish to pack light, this foldable cup is an excellent choice.  only slap size, food grade material, easy to carry and heat resistant. ● Memobottleor bring this designed Memobottle.  it is designed in paper size and shape,  which is totally different from normall water bottle. you can  put it into you bag like a book easily without take up big space.  Made of environmentally friendly materials, impact resistance and high temperature resistance with vasious size too.  ●  Foltable Water BucketAfter a long day of tour, when you arrives in hotel, you may have no energy anymore. a footbath will bring you back in one piece again. this water bucket is an excellent travel tool for a nice warm footbath or a water container used in hiking/camping/beach... This travel collapsible bucket is made of thickened high-quality PVC material, waterproof fabric. Lightweight,  quick-drying and tear-resistant. ● Recharge BraceletDid you know that a bracelet can turn into a charging cable? this is a brilliant idea comes.  now, no need carry your long and tangled charging cable or your accessory, this special designed products could play both Characters.  ● PumpackWhen pack my luggage, I often try to pack less and bring only the essential supplies. However, it always end on a fully packed suitcase , the suitcase is already bulging, I have to press hard to close the zip. This vacuum suitcase can relieve your worries! The designer combines the vacuum pump, vacuum bag and ordinary suitcase into one. After putting the items you need in the suitcase, close the vacuum bag,  then lift the handle to extract the air to compress the items in the cuitcase. Have you seen such an operation?  ● Portable Electronic Drying RackTravel in winter or rainning season, you may face problems like clothes that just can't dry easily when you are  running out of changing ones. or shoes that is wet and cold because of snow and rain.  this portable drying hanger will solve the problem for you. easy  to use and carry, it will dry your cloth in only 3 hours without damage the material. ● Scrubba Wash BagWorld’s smallest washing machine and the ultimate travel accessories, designed by an Australian designer. put you  duty cloth into the bag with 2-3 liter water &  detergent, seal it and rub for only few minutes, you will have your cloth cleaned well.   this ultra-portable washing machine makes your journey easier.  it is  a convenient, pocket-sized travel companion allows you to travel lighter and helps you save money, time and water. It is twice as effective as hand washing and a lot more hygienic that a dirty hotel sink. ● Paper Soapwe are told to wash hands frequently all the time during the Covi-19 pandemic to protect yourself from the germ. but when you are traveling or going out, you may not able to carry a bottle of hand washing or a bar of soap. this Portable paper soap is designed to fit any occasion when you need for washing hands. The usage is simple: take one sheet out from the package and add small amount of water, gently rubbing hands, and rinse away the extra foam. The soap sheets are portable and lightweight - you can take them anywhere easily and safe to share with others to use.● Auto Door AlarmSafty is one of the concern for solo traveler, especially for lady. this Auto door alarm is a nessesory travel gadget if you are worry about the personal safty at night in the hotel. Stuffing it in the seam of the door not only increases the difficulty for stranges who try to push the door to enter, but also when the door is pushed, the alarm will sound. it is small, light and easy to carry too. ● Beach Backrest image seat comfortably on the beach with your back rest on this support, watch  people playing at sea or sun sets between the sea and sky... ● Buckle straphave you ever experience 4 season in a day during one of your trip? or chill in the morning and hot in the noon? especially when you are constantly changing visit places. for example, walking from hot ourdoor space into a musuem with air condition in very low temperature.  you need carry a coat or jacket with you furing the trip . this small buckle strap will free you hands from carrying your cloth now.    ● Compressed Dispossible Cottom Towerworry about the cleanness of hotel tower? wish to wash face and hand after an outdoor activity? the table isn't as clean as you think? the compressed dispposible tower is designed for travelers who wish to pack light and prefer to use your own personal hygienic products. beside from face and hand wash tower, you can find shower tower and dispossible bed sheet too.   ● Accesorry OrganizerThe suitcase is so messy that you have to flip through it every time you look for something. The nightmare of traveling is that there are tangled threads and full of debris, but never be able to find what you want. but this vertical and horizontal rubber band board can easily solve the trouble of travel storage. You can snap into mobile phones, cameras, earphones, watches and various gadgets on a board. There is a pocket at back, just size for your ipad, which is very practical and convenient.● Mini Iron For Traveling I always pack clothes that don't need ironing during the trip, because these wrinkled clothes will destroy  my stylish image, espeically you wish to have some memorable photos with your most beautiful dress . This mino iron is too adorable, any stylish traveler should carry one with them. small, cute, and useful, this Muji mini iron is fortable, easy to carry during the trip too.    There are many other typle of travel accesories, I will continue post them in next artical! let's expecting. If you are interested with any of the travel  products mentioned in the artical, you can find most of them in 


How to make the flight journey easy when travel with kids

Long-haul flight Journey could be a terrible experience during the oversea trip, and it is Even worse if you are traveling with young kids. what if they act up? what if they are creaming throughout the flight journey? what can I do when they feel sick & crying because of the attitude change and unfresh air? how can they have a good sleep in a red eye flight trip? Small & uncomfortable seat space; enclosed airplane space; freezy cold recycled air and altitude sickness are main reasons why you always feel lousy after the long flight. And they disturb young kids even more because they can't move around freely. to help them feel better and reduce the negative impact, we have few tips here to help. ● Before the flight:Plan early & plan well. Plan the trip early. Travel can be an enlightening and eye-opening experience for children of all ages: there’s new foods, experiences and sights, not to mention quality family time. but traveling with kids can be overwhelming. Plan early will help settling everything in advance, so all of you are well prepaired with confident and less panic on spot. first of all, choose the right traveling season, days. it should be a school holidays if they are  teens. Or light season with less crowds to avoid flighting the space with other travelers.  and destinations, places that both you and your kids will enjoy. as well as kids friendly tour schedule. Prepair yourself and kids to be ready physically & mentally. plan the trip together with your children, especially teenages. they should be aware where they will go and what they may see, so they are excited  and expected. at same time, keep them away from catching cold or other sickness and provide proper nutritious food to improve their immunity. no one will enjoy a trip when they are in fever, and you are worried. ● Book your flight:Choose Airline. if budget is not a problem, I suggest you to travel with big airline company. their airplanes usually big in space and better on service. And you tend to bring more lugguage when you travel with kids. The cheap airline charges addition on every piece of check in lugguage and beverage, Food,  so you may end of paying extra too.  Choose the right flight time. if your flight journey is within 5 hours, please book day time flight. this will reduce the fatigue feeling because of jet leg. if longer flight, then fly at night will shorten the journey by putting them in sleep. and you can take a nap when they are sleeping.  For the seats, please don't forget choose window seats and aisle seats.  Aisle seat will allows you to take your child for a aisle walking or use bathroom in convenience. window seat will allow kids to enjoy the view of sky. ● Packing your lugguage Buy a fly leg extension.  After being inflated, place it in the space in front of the seat to become an air cushion for feet so that the child can have a relatively loose space to sleep. excellent tool for long hours flight or red eye flight.    Extra blanket & pillow.The temperature on an airplane is generally maintained between 16 and 24 degrees. Most people feel cold. Therefore, it is necessary to prepare a blanket for the child to prevent catching cold. If there are blankets on the plane, it is best, but sometimes the number is limited and you need to prepare it yourself. A soft pillow will also make his/her flying experience more comfortable. Bring toys; ipad; color pens and color books; games and playing cards. Regardless of whether you are traveling with one child or a few, prepare a small bag for each child, which contains the toys, color books and games. Tell them this can only be opened after getting on the plane. The children will be very excited. They will be more willing to fly.These small stuffs can keep your child busy and ignore other uncomfortable feelings in flight. When the child is busy drawing and watching cartoons, they are in calm usually. Snacks, snacks, snacks. When the plane is taking off and landing, give children some snacks to chew, which can alleviate the earache caused by the elevation. Of course, it is a good tool to confort or reward them. Medicine. You don't know when your child will have fever or stomach pain even you have well prepaired. Bring common medicines for emergencies.Packing the lugguage few days earlier. this will make sure you won't miss anything. If your child is infant, please prepare a rolling suitcase, the child can be carried infront of you with a baby strap. If they are toddles or teens,  buy a backpack, carry the luggage on your back, and free your both hands to hold the child with one and your passport on another. Or buy a two-in-one ride trolley suitcase, which can be carried on the plane and used as a simple rolling ride for children.● During the flight:Check in early, Board on first. Many airlines allow passengers with younger children to board first. This will save a lot of trouble and time. Please make good use of it.Drink enough water.  In order to prevent children from being dehydrated on the plane, water needs to be fed regularly to improve the circulation.Walk along the aisle every hours & make toilet stop. If your toddle is not sleeping, you need to take the child for a walk in the aisle every hour to prevent the child from poor circulation and gettting bored caused by long-term sitting. At the same time, encourage children to go to the bathroom when there is no one wait outside the toilet. Keep them comfy. It is uncomfortable to stay in a small space for a long time and it is even worse when they stuck in a pair of uncomfortable paints.   Please make sure to put on loose, comfortable and breathable clothes for your child. If they are infant or young toddle, bring replacement clothing at the same time. Wet wipes and Pull Ups. if you have infant traveling with you, bring enough wet wipes and Pull Ups, this will easy your tensions. Hopefully these tips could help and gives you some of idea on how you can flight with you kids easily in your next trip! For additional advice and trip plan, or interested with any of these travel products mentioned in the cartical, please feel free to contact our TTC or fill in the chart below. If you are interested with any of the travel  products mentioned in the artical, you can find most of them in 


How can we travel light

Many people find out they carry too much in the trip and struggle on luggage transfer from spots to spots, on and off the transportation. big luggage will definitly reduce the fun of the journey. Travel light is much more relaxing, time saving, cost saving and less backache. How can we travel light then? Here are few tips on how you can travel light: ● Make a packing list. a week before your trip start,  search for the local weather forecast of the tour destination, make a packing list based on the weather and your trip plan. if you are travling in winter, bring layers rather than a heavy coat. if there is a hiking plan in the tour, bring comfortable walking shoes... this will make sure you will pack right and not to forget anything. ● Option for a smaller suitcase only. You must only bring a carry-on-size backbag or rolling suitcase. The whole point is to travel light and a small suitcase will make sure you pack less. Carry-on luggage is any bag you bring with you on the airplane. It stays with you, as opposed to checked luggage, which goes in the cargo area of the plane. and some airline alllows you to bring another personal item hand bag.  what's the size of carry-on bag? carry-on luggage size varies from airline to airline, but the usuall size should be 21*14*9. weight less than 15Ibs. So, you do better look at the airline you’re flying with before packing. ● Bring little. Regardless of the number of days, weeks or months you are going to travel,  pack less,  packing for the best case scenario. the world is small, even it happens you have miss carried something, you can always buy it on spots. sometimes, it is even cheaper there. ● Tiny bag for your toiletries. if you have booked the 3 star or above hotels, then forget about packing your own toothpast and brushes, unless you really concerned about the cleanness. towers and room slips are available in most of the star hotels, as well as shower jel and shampoo. if you have to prepair them yourself, then bring the mini-size one. Compressed and disposable item is a good option too.  ● Maximize bag space. A well organized bag/cuitcase will zoom the space.  rolling your clothes tightly rather than fold it, zip them up in packing cubes. don't bring all your shoes. it takes a lot of space. bring earplus instead of headphones... ● Minimal the technology luggage. Tablets, phones, and laptops are great to have at home, but not when you are traveling. They are unnecessary burden specially when you are traveling into mountains and seas. And I  am sure to be able to have a close touch and spend more time with mother natural is the whole idea of traveling.   A smart phone is enough to have your maps & transportation APPs download. considerate the power charge, an univasal adapter is a must if the country you visit has different outlet. ● Share with your travel partner. if you are traveling with family or friends, share some of the stuff together to avoid over packing. for example, pack only one tower instead two inbetween couples if you are worry about the cleaness of hotel towers; bring one adopter and share it with your friends if you have same brand of mobile phone... how to measure the comfortable level of the lugguage weight you are carrying? You may test yourself if you can go around being a tourist in your hometown for an hour with that bag on your shouder/hand.   If you cannot withstand it, then thin things out when you go home. Go casual, simple, and very light. Remember, in your travels you'll meet two kinds of tourists — those who pack light and those who wish they had. pack light will make sure you can enjoy your journey without backache. If you are interested with any of the travel  products mentioned in the artical, you can find most of them in 


Top Ranked Ski resorts in Europe

With the optimal ski conditions at French Alps and Engadin Valley, along with their charming villages, Europe is home to many famous winter resorts. Although some of these locations attract lots of aristocrats and celebrities, still some resorts are lesser-known. Majority of these ski resorts are suitable for every levels, whether you are seeking for challenging slopes or family-friendly area. Let’s get into the sweeping of these ski resorts in Europe.France● Courchevel Ski ResortIt is a part of Les Trois Vallees, the largest linked ski areas in the world, one of the famous winter destination in Europe. The entire area is spread across 10 summits, with altitudes above 2,500 meters. Skiers can reach to the 150 kilometers of alpine runs with Courchevel's own 60 lifts, there are a total of 600 kilometers of interconnected ski runs, and four glaciers. Beside the superb off-piste terrain, tree skiing, couloirs, mogul-studded steeps for experts, there are also good terrain for beginners and intermediates, and it is especially family-friendly.Address: 73120 Saint-Bon-TarentaiseAccess: Around 1.5 Hours by drive from ChamberyGeneral Season: Early December to Late April General Opening Hours: 09:0012:00/14:00-18:00General Price: 44.5-56 EURO/PP/DAY(Vary in ages)● Val ThorensVal Thorens is the highest altitude ski resort in Europe,and the highest location in the Trois Vallees region, with the largest ski area in the world with over 600 kilometres of runs. Its elevation is perfect for ski seasons, You can enjoy many different activities here, such as snowmobiles, sledding, walks, snowshoeing and skicross.There are also wonderful dining and trendy nightlife here. Let’s imagine celebrating the New Year with firework display in brilliance that reflect to this pure snow world.Address: Val Thorens, 73440 Val ThorensAccess: Around 100 minutes by drive from ChamberyGeneral Season: Late November to Early May General Opening Hours: 24 HoursGeneral Price: 44.8-56 EURO/PP/DAY(Vary in ages)● Val d'Isere Ski ResortsVal d'Isere and neighboring Tignes offer 300 kilometers of skiable terrain, with more than 150 ski lifts, as they share a high valley surrounded by 3000 meters peaks. Altitude at the lowest terrain is 1,550 meters, the highest is 3,450 meters that makes the snow season long enough to May. There's also terrain with moderate slopes for beginners and children, Plus a charming village.Address: Place du Rond Point des Pistes, 73150 Val-d'IsèrAccess: Both around 3 hours driving from Chambery and Geneva(Switherland)General Season: End November to Early May General Opening Hours: 08:30-19:30General Price: 40-50 EURO/PP/DAY(Vary in ages)● Chamonix Ski AreaChamonix is set on snow-capped Mt Blanc, the tallest peak at 4,807 meters in Europe, including these ski resorts such as Grands Montets, Les Houches, Le Tour/Balme, La Flegere and Le Brevent etc. Without the typical French Alpine village at base, the optimal condition still makes Chamonix a skiing icon. It gains international fame since being the site of the first Winter Olympics, also is renowned for the most challenging terrain worldwidely. This place offers a multitude of slopes for all levels, even families with kids, each ski area having its unique merit.Address: 17 Avenue du Mont Blanc, 74400 Chamonix-Mont-BlancAccess: 75minutes by flight from Geneva(Switherland),100minutes by flight from ChamberyGeneral Season: Early December to Mid-April General Opening Hours: 08:30-16:35General Price: 55 EURO/PP/DAY● Meribel Ski ResortMeribel is the favorite for families among the enormous Les Trois Vallees in Europe's largest alpine ski domain. It is adored by families with its exceptional facilities for beginners and children. Address: 73550 MeribelAccess: About 80 minutes by driving from Chambery, 2.5 hours from GenevaGeneral Season: Early December to Late April(2020-2021)General Opening Hours: 09:00-16:30General Price: 42.5-53 EURO/PP/DAY● Les Arcs and La PlagneThese two ski resorts are neighboring and part of the Paradiski area , one of the largest linked ski areas in the world with 425 kilometers of high altitude runs. Intermediate , beginning skiers and families are recommended to enjoy in La Plagne's gentle slopes, experienced intermediate skiers are suitable for Les Arcs. There are also long black runs and off-piste terrian , steep couloir on the bellecote glacier fo experts. Different skill levels can have fun in those two terrain parks.Address: 73700 Bourg-Saint-MauriceAccess: Around 2 Hours by driving from ChamberyGeneral Season: Mid December to Mid-March General Opening Hours: 08:00-18:30General Price: 49-69 EURO/PP/DAY● Morzine Ski ResortIt is a major resort in the Portes du Soleil , one of the world’s most extensive ski areas, which located in a old-style and picturesque mountain town that’s popular with vigorous snowsports lovers. This resort is interconnectd with other 11 areas by lifts and pisters with a region-wide ticket. You can enjoy the fun of cross-border skiing here, with seven in France and five in Switzerland. Morzine is on the French side, with 52 intermediate runs and nine each for beginners and experts.Address: Route des Putheys, 74110 MorzineAccess: Around 90 minutes by driving from Geneva(Switherland)        General Season: Mid December to Mid-April General Opening Hours: 09:00-17:00General Price: 33-39 EURO/PP/DAY● Alpe d’Huez Ski ResortIt is situated on a plateau, with the altitude at 1860 meters and fully south-facing, 300 days of sunshine, so this ski resort is bustling that attracts numerous visitors all year around. It is suitable for all levels of skiers and snowboarders, even the families carrying kids will enjoy winter fun here. During the summer and winter seasons, there are some special events holding like the Tour de France and motor racing on ice. There is even a chance to see the 1/5e of France from Pic Blanc on a fine day!Address: Place Joseph Paganon, 38750 HuezAccess: Around 80minutes by driving from GrenobleGeneral Season: Late November to Late AprilGeneral Opening Hours: 09:00-12:30/14:00-18:30General Ticket: 22-53 EURO/PP/DAY● La Plagne Ski ResortLa Plagne is famed for its huge area. It is located in the Tarentaise valley, constantly holds events such as concerts and shows. There are hundreds of runs through glaciers, forests, sinkholes...Those runs differentiate for different levels skiers, from beginners to advanced skiers. Beside the winter activities, you can also have other experiences like paying a visit to the igloo village and the ice rink, even taking a helicopter rides. Address: 73210 La PlagneAccess: Around 90minutes by driving from ChamberyGeneral Season: Mid December to Mid-March General Opening Hours: 24hoursGeneral Ticket: 44-54 EURO/PP/DAYItaly● Cortina d'AmpezzoLocated in the Dolomites, with superb ski terrain, stunning views and landscapes, a beautiful setting from five ragged peaks of the Cinque Torri, this chic town of Cortina D'Ampezzo is so appealing to skiers. There are variety of on-piste trails for all levels, when the snow is deep, challenging free ride terrain abounds like nowhere else.Address: Via Guglielmo Marconi, 15, 32043 Cortina d'Ampezzo BLAccess: Around 2.5 hours by driving from Venice            Around 3 hours by driving from Innsbruck(Austria)General Season: Late November to early MayGeneral Opening Hours: 08:30-16:30General Ticket Price: 36-64Euro/PP/Day(Vary in ages)● Val GardenaVal Gardena provides a casual and low-key experience, it is also a world-class skiing as its neighboring Cortina D'Ampezzo, only without its prices and glitz though. There are 160 kilometers of trails and lifts connect with those in several adjacent valleys which creates nearly 400 kilometers of interconnected skiing, including the Marmolada Glacier. Compare to Cortina, the atmosphere here is rather relaxing and friendly. Address: 39040 Castelrotto BZAccess: Around 3.5 hours by driving from Venice            Around 2 hours by driving from Innsbruck(Austria)General Season: Late November to early AprilGeneral Opening Hours: 08:30-17:00General Ticket Price: 36-64Euro/PP/Day(Vary in ages)● CourmayeurLocated on the Alps’ highest mountain---Mont Blanc. Be ready to astounded by the views from the top of Europe with riding the Funivie Monte Bianco cable car to the ridgeline. The slopes are better for skilled skiers, but there is nearby Dolonne suitable for beginners. In addition, there is a relaxed, friendly and adventurous town in the base, beside the splendid views, you can enjoy tasty food and unique shopping experience.Address: Viale Monte Bianco, 10, 11013 Courmayeur AOAccess: Around 110 minutes by driving from Turin           Around 2.5 hours by driving from Milan          Around 1.5 hours by driving from Geneva(Switzerland)General Season: Late November to Mid-AprilGeneral Opening Hours: 08:25-17:00General Ticket Price: 42-65Euro/PP/Day(Vary in ages)● Madonna di CampiglioThis is a perfect destination for snow holiday of families, since there are fabulous ranges and extent of non-ski activities, with the beautiful views of mountains. Though it is less known than eastern Dolomite resorts, but it provides some of Italy's best-groomed trails. Accessed by ski lifts right from the center of town, There are more than 150 kilometers of trails and slopes. You can also enjoy night ski on lighted trails, families will have fun at the Ursus Snow Park.Address: 38086 Madonna di Campiglio TrentinoAccess: Around 3.5 hours by driving from Venice            Around 4 hours by driving from Milan           Around 2 hours by driving from Verona(this option is good for UK& European based skiers)General Season: December to early AprilGeneral Opening Hours: 08:30-16:30General Ticket Price: 27-58EURO/PP/DAY(Vary in ages)● Livigno Ski ResortThis is a ski resort renowned for its distinctive landscape, and is particularly beautiful during the festive season. There are two slopes with pistes for every skier’s ability, a ski school for beginners. Also it offers a 30km trail for cross-country skiers. Visitors can enjoy mulled wine and roasted chestnuts while listening to the carols, thanks to an alpine tradition of Christmas markets in this region.Address: Via Bondi, 120B, 23041 Livigno SOAccess:  Around 3 hours by driving from Innsbruck(Switzerland)             Around 3 hours by driving from Milan            Around 1 hour by driving from Tirano & Bormi     General Season: Late November to early MayGeneral Opening Hours: 09:00-17:00General Ticket Price: 21.5-50 EURO/PP/DAY(Vary in ages)Austria● St. Anton am ArlbergWith its beauty and other a lots of merits, such as highest standard of safety and comfort offered by the state-of-the-art cable cars and lifts, and 305 kilometers of marked ski runs for all levels, Arlberg always attracts numerous visitors here. ARLBERG-CARD the ski pass card is the pioneering feature about this resort , it could be reusable and automatically opens the ski-lift entrances. Superb access must list in the merit as well.Address: Saint Anton am ArlbergAccess: Around 70minutes by driving from Innsbruck             Around 2 hours by driving from Zurich     General Season: Late November to Late AprilGeneral Opening Hours: 09:00-17:00General Ticket: 35-59 EURO/PP/DAY (Vary in ages)● KitzbuhelIn the Austrian Alps, and not far from Salzburd and Innsbruck, this Ski town with walled village is strikingly pretty compare to other ski towns. Families and budget travelers could enjoy fun there with small family-run inns. There are some challenging things such as 85% vertical slopes for experts. Riders and freestylers could have fun in the small Bichlalm area . Kitzbuhel is connected with SkiWelt by bus, and they are part of the Kitzbuhel Alps AllStar Card.Address: Tyrol, AsutriaAccess: Around 100 minutes by driving from Munich(Germany)              Around 90 minutes by driving from Salzburg or Innsbruck General Season: Late October to mid-AprilGeneral Opening Hours: 08:15-16:30General Ticket: 24.5-59.5 EURO/PP/DAY (Vary in ages)● SkiWelt Wilder KaiserIt consists of nine interlinked villages, is the second largest interlinked skiing area in Austria. 90 major ski lifts & 81 mountain huts, and 284km of slopes, the SkiWelt is suitable for all levels, and it caters to every need, the beginners and families, those who looking for a unique Austrian winter holiday will gain a remarkable memories here.Address: Tyrol, AsutriaAccess: Around 100 minutes by driving from Munich(Germany)              Around 90 minutes by driving from Salzburg or Innsbruck General Season: Mid Dec to Early AprilGeneral Opening Hours: 08:00-17:00General Ticket: 25-55.5 EURO/PP/DAY (Vary in ages)● AlpbachThough Alpbach is a little small than other resorts in Austria, but it is perfect for someone who are imagine an idyllic winter vacation in Austria. Only Hundreds of slopes could not stop it to be voted “Austria’s most beautiful” several times. Beginners and intermediate skiers will be fond of it, but there is piste terrain for the advanced rider. In a way, smaller and less busy is kind of a merit, which you could enjoy the powder snow alone!Address: Tyrol, AsutriaAccess: Around 1 hour by driving from Worgl               Around 2 hours by driving from Salzburg or Innsbruck General Season: Early Dec to Early AprilGeneral Opening Hours: 08:30-16:00General Ticket: 23-51 EURO/PP/DAY (Vary in ages)Switzerland● Zermatt Ski ResortZermatt ski resort is considered to be one of the best resorts in Europe. With skiable terrain at altitudes as high as 3,900 meters and Switzerland's greatest vertical drop, the highest ski area in the Alps offer a lot of fun for all skiers. It must be the top of most skier’s wish list, because it has the iconic landmark of the Matterhorn as a backdrop. You can literally ski home thanks to its long runs end right in the village. This area aim to make ski trial safer and more accessible, there is a free app you could download, and use it as GPS and check for weather, snow condition, adjusts for ability, lift operations as well.Address: 3920 ZermattAccess: Around 3 hours by driving from Geneva              Around 3.5 hours by driving from ZurichGeneral Season: Winter-November to Early May; Spring& Summer-May to End OctGeneral Opening Hours: 08:30-17:00 winter/8:00-14:00 spring& summerGeneral Price: 36-92 EURO/PP/DAY(Vary in ages and resorts)● St. MoritzSt. Moritz has hosted twice the Winter Olympics in 1928 and 1948, was the birthplace of Alpine winter tourism (in 1864), and is one of Europe’s first winter resorts. No matter what levels you are, you will find the suitable slope and piste, from long intermediate runs, outstanding intermediate terrain, more than 20 lifts etc. There is magnificent Alpine views from the town Corviglia at an altitude 2486 meters. Besides skiing, there are other funny activities to enjoy, like tobogganing, Nordic skiing, ice skating, bobsledding, and kite skiing etc. You can also watch the annual White Turf St. Moritz, the world's only skijoring horserace in February.Address:  7500 St. MoritzAccess: Around 90minutes by driving from Chur             Around 5 hours by rail from Milan(Italy)             Around 4 hours by rail from ZurichGeneral Season: Late November to Early MayGeneral Opening Hours: 07:45-17:00General Price: 15-98 EURO/PP/DAY(Vary in ages)● Grindelwald & Wengen and the JungfrauSki resorts here are renowned for their long runs. They offer visitors a combined ski runs in total of 206 km with the steep slopes and high-altitude valleys. It is also the venue of the world's biggest amateur ski competition ----the annual Inferno Race. Beginners would like the slopes close to the Alpine town of Wengen, and families with kids could have fun from dozens of cable cars and lifts which run as long as 12 kilometers. At the Grindelwald-First superpipe and off-piste terrain, the freestylers will find thrills. Plus, there is also an idyllic little Alpine villages lying there for your relax after full day activities.Address: BernAccess: Around 50 minutes by driving from Bern              Around 1.5 hours by driving from ZurichGeneral Season: Late November to mid-AprilGeneral Opening Hours: 09:00-16:00General Price: 38-75 CHF/PP/DAY(Vary in ages and resorts)● Crans-Montana Ski ResortWith its various amenities, and the beauty of nature from glaciers, lakes and forests which no shortage can be found, The Crans-Montana in Swiss region attracts a lot of visitors each year. You will also love the apres-ski opportunities such as award-winning restaurants and a bustling nightlife. Along with the museums, events and festivals, indeed make the location and charming vacation destination for many reasons.Address: ValaisAccess: Around 2.5 hours by driving or train from Geneva             Around 3 hours 20minutes by train from Milan(Italy)            Around 3 hours 10 minutes by train from ZurichGeneral Season: Late November to Mid-AprilGeneral Opening Hours: 08:45-16:30General Price: 23-89 CHF/PP/DAY(Vary in ages )Germany● ZugspitzeZugspitze is Germany's highest mountain at an elevation of 2,962 meters, it is famed and popular for its ski area, more the beautiful Bavarian town of Garmisch-Partenkirchen lying in the base of mountain. Riding a new cable car can access to the summit along with 250km and 360-degree panorama, particularly including mountain peaks in four countries. The top of the lifts at an altitude of 2700 meters which is high enough that you can’t see through the valley skies covered by clouds, and you can ski the glacier here.Address: 82467 Garmisch-PartenkirchenAccess: Around 1.5 hours by train from Munich         General Season: November to early MayGeneral Opening Hours: 08:00-16:30General Ticket Price: 24.5-48 Euro/PP/Day(Vary in ages)● Black ForestWhen the Black Forest turns to white, there is something magical happen, though it cannot measure up to Alps, it is still such an exciting place. With over 170 ski lifts, several ski-jumps, 250 km of prepared slopes, and a vast cross country ski-track, Visitors have many choices, such as toboggan runs, skating rinks, winter hiking trails. After a full snow day, how about soaking in a thermal bath, or indulging yourself into one of the excellent restaurants, including Michelin star cuisine!Address: Black Forest, Sonnenbuck 1, 79868 Feldberg (Schwarzwald)Access:  Around 3hours by driving or train from Frankfurt              Around 130minutes by driving from Zurich(Switzerland) General Season: Early December to late March General Opening Hours: 08:30-16:00General Ticket Price: 13-31 Euro(Vary in ski areas)Sweden● Riksgransen Ski ResortThis is a resort situated the national border in Sweden, and is the most northerly ski resort in the world. Skiers love it for its northern lights and midnight sun, and the endless off-piste. You can still enjoy skiing here while most of other ski resorts shutting down after February. Besides snow, you can just relax and unwind at a day spa here, by getting pampered and enjoying stunning views.Address: 981 94 RiksgransenAccess: Around 4 hours from Stockholm.(Take a flight from Stockholm to Kiruna 90minutes, and Take a shuttle bus from Kiruna to Riksgransen 90minutes)General Season: Late February to Late MayGeneral Opening Hours: 09:00-16:00General Ticket: 330-410 SEK/PP/DAYPoland● ZakopaneZakopane is a town in south Poland, and near the border with Slovikia. It lies in the base of the Tatras Mountains, has earned the reputation as one of best ski resorts in Poland. You can enjoy skiing here along with the stunning scenery, you maybe astonishing by the old mountaineer cottages which date back to the late 19th Century. Day trips from Krakow to Chocholow are recommended, these 2 places have thermal pools which visitors are fond of its therapeutic effect.Address: Zakopane, PolandAccess: Around 2 Hours from Krakow by direct busGeneral Season: December to Early MayGeneral Opening Hours: 09:00-17:00General Ticket: Approx.25 EURO/PP/DAYSpain● Sierra Nevada Ski ResortA popular holiday destination that attracts numerous visitors every year, Sierra Nevada is located in the Spanish mountain range. You will not only experience the skiing, but also stunning experience of watching the sunset on the peak, and all of unique experiences this magical place offers. Adults could have unforgettable memories here, so do Children, they can enjoy snowmobiles on a closed circuit. After a day, you may want to relax at the Spa, or roam the nearby villages. What a wonderful winter holiday !Address: Andalucia Plaza, 18196 Pradollano, GranadaAccess: About 90minutse by driving from Granada        General Season: November to Late May or Early JuneGeneral Opening Hours: 09:00-17:00General Ticket: 39.5-61 EURO/PP/DAY (Vary in ages)Bulgaria● Vitosha Ski RegionLocated just 10cm from Sopfia, the capital of Bulgaria, its accessibility makes Vitosha mountain famed and popular. Normally, the ski season lasts for near four months, heavy snow fall starts in December, and visitors can enjoy several snow sports under the optimal weather, specifically cross-country skiing and slalom. There are also pistes and ski school for children, so this place is not only good for skilled skiers, but also perfect for families.Address: ul. "Stefan Stambolov", 1444Access: About 20minuts by driving from Sophia            About 15minutes by subway Second lineGeneral Season: Early January to early AprilGeneral Opening Hours: 09:00-16:00General Price: 25-40 BGN/PP/DAY(Vary in ages )Slovenia● Vogel Ski CenterThis ski area is suitable for all levels. You can enjoy skiing, air boarding, snow tubing, or taking walks here. They offer several walking options, such as sunset trip and night trip, imagine walking under full moon, how dreamy that would be! From the walks, You can also learn more about the area, including its myths and legends. Besides the snow, you will have other experience like trying some traditional food, or just taking in the beautiful views of the Bohinj valley.Address: Žičnice Vogel Bohinj, d.d.Ukanc 6 4265 Bohinjsko JezeroAccess: Around 2 hours by driving from Ljubljana(Capital city)      General Season: December to AprilGeneral Opening Hours: 08:30-16:00General Price:17-33 EURO/PP/DAY(Vary in ages and areas)


15 Recommended Ski Resorts in Hokkaido

If you travel to Hokkaido during winter and spring, one experience you cannot miss is the snow activities.Hokkaido ski resorts are famous for their powder snow, and There are many ski resorts around Sapporo or other main cities, they provide various of ski equipment rental services, so you can make just a day trip without bringing anything. For young children and adults who have never skied before, the sledding and snow-tubing are recommended.Here we collected some recommended ski resorts for your reference.1. Sapporo Kokusai Ski ResortNear the Jozankei hot springs, this resort is home to 7 runs covered with the finest powder snow. The 2.2km downhill trail can be enjoyed for its steep slopes and deep snow, with the best powder snow, makes this resort one of the most popular. Address: Jozankei 937-banchisaki, Minami-ku, SapporoAccess from Sapporo:* 60 minutes by car from downtown Sapporo* Buses from city hotels and Sapporo Station (subway and JR lines)General Season: Early December to Early MarchGeneral Opening Hours: 09:00 – 17:00 weekdays/ 8:30 - 17:00 weekend& holidaysGeneral Ticket: 4600JPY/PP 2. Sapporo Teine Ski ResortThis resort is popular for its top quality powder snow with a variety of excellent runs. At the elevation over 1,000 meters, visitors can enjoy powder snow conditions overlooking lshikari Bay. There is even a Dinosaur Park for kids. Rental-free sleds and snow tubes are available for the whole family to enjoy!Address: Teine-hon-cho 593, Teine-ku, SapporoAccess from Sapporo: * Around 40 minutes by car from central Sapporo* Buses from city hotels and Sapporo Station (subway and JR lines)General Season: Late November to Early MayGeneral Opening Hours: 9:00-16:00General Ticket: 4800 JPY/PP3. Sapporo Moiwayama Ski AreaThere are 10 runs for skiing only, and the 2.6km long sightseeing Road Course offers a spectacular night view of the city. You can enjoy skiing until 9:00 at night, since eight courses have night-skiing facilities.Address: Moiwashita 1991, Minami-ku, SapporoAccess from Sapporo: * Around 30 minutes by car from central Sapporo* From Makomanai Station on the Subway Namboku Line, take the Jotetsu BusGeneral Season: Mid December to 31th,MarchGeneral Opening Hours: 9:00-21:00General Ticket: 3800JPY/PP4. Sapporo Bankei Ski AreaThis ski resorts is easy for beginners to enjoy, and there is “Wakuwaku Snow Land” for kids. The snow escalator makes it easy to get on the hill, The “Fuwafuwa Peace Dog” is a popular attraction that enables kids to play without worrying about the cold.Address: Bankei 410, Chuo-ku, SapporoAccess from Sapporo: Around 25 minutes by car/bus from central SapporoGeneral Season: Early December to Early AprilGeneral Opening Hours: 9:00-22:00General Ticket: 4600JPY/PP5. Takino Suzuran Hillside Park Snow WorldShort and gentle courses here are perfect for people who are trying to ski or snowboard for the first time. You can also enjoy other fun snow activities with your family, such as  tube sledding and snowshoeing. Address: Takino 247, Minami-ku, SapporoAccess from Sapporo: Around 40 minutes by car/bus from central SapporoGeneral Season: End of December to End of MarchGeneral Opening Hours: 9:00-16:00General Ticket: 2040JPY/PP6. Fu’s Snow AreaYou can experience the luge and baseboard here, since this resort is the only place having luge in Hokkaido. Actually, the luge stadium was built as a practice course for the 1972 Sapporo Olympics. Address: Takino 247, Minami-ku, SapporoAccess from Sapporo: Around 40 minutes by car/bus from central SapporoGeneral Season: End of December to End of MarchGeneral Opening Hours: 9:00-16:00General Ticket: 2040JPY/PP7. Otaru Tenguyama Ski ResortLocated on northern slope of Tenguyama, a seaside town of Otaru, this Ski Resort is small, but do not dismiss it though. You can have a lot of fun for a day trip from sapporo, with its steep tree skiing, and make it your own private ski resort on weekdays, and the feature in family-friendly. It also can be a good option when the land storms are blowing, while nearby ski areas such as Kiroro have the main lifts closed. Address: Otaru, HokkaidoAccess from Sapporo: 1 hour from Sapporo by car or busGeneral Season: December to MarchGeneral Opening Hours: 9:00-16:00General Ticket: 4000 JPY/PP8. Niseko Grand Hirafu Ski Resort This world-class ski resort is the largest resort of Niseko United’s four ski resorts, is known for its 5600 m  slope. Niseko is famous for the fine quality powder snow, especially this one has attracted nemurous foreign visitors. The atmosphere is international and unique, the staff could speak English. It is worth visiting once.Address: Niseko, HokkaidoAccess from Sapporo: 110 minutes from Sapporo by carGeneral Season: Late November to Early JuneGeneral Opening Hours: 8:30-20:30General Ticket: 4300 JPY/PP9. Niseko Village Ski ResortIt is the second largest ski resort in Niseko, beside the steeply slopes and wild courses for skilled skiers, a new ski area for beginners has been opened, so now everyone can enjoy skiing and finest powder snow here! Address: Niseko, HokkaidoAccess from Sapporo: 110 minutes from Sapporo by carGeneral Season: Early December to Early AprilGeneral Opening Hours: 9:00-16:00General Ticket: 5500 JPY/PP10. Furano Prince Snow ResortThe scale is a bit smaller than the most popular resorts, though it is still a great ski resort with the same quality of fine powder snow and much more moderate weather here. Plus,The beautiful views of Furano and Daisetsu are indeed something others can’t compete.Address: Furano, HokkaidoAccess from Sapporo: Around 130 minutes from Sapporo by car, 3hours by railway.General Season: Late November to Early MayGeneral Opening Hours: 8:30-19:30General Ticket: 5500 JPY/PP11. Rusutsu ResortEnjoy the top quality powder snow in vast snowfields with splendid landscape of mountains, a true paradise for Skiers and Snowboarders, Rusutsu Resort is the biggest ski resort in Hokkaido. Spending 2 or3 days here is easy, since the resort provides various of facilities such as hot spring, restaurants, and shops. Plus it is easily accessible to many main tourist areas in Hokkaido, like Sapporo, Otaru, Lake Toya, etc.Address: Rusutsu, HokkaidoAccess from Sapporo: 80minutes from Sapporo by carGeneral Season: Late November to Early AprilGeneral Opening Hours: 9:00-21:00General Ticket: 6200 JPY/PP12. Kiroro Ski ResortJust like other famous ski resort in Japan, the quality of powder snow in Kiroro Ski Resort is top-level. This resort has fantastic lift facilities, is a good choice if you plan skiing early in the season. With offering many none-skiing activities, kids and adults who live a kid inside or travelers in budget could enjoy winter activities here, in other words, this resort is very family-oriented.Address: Akaigawa, HokkaidoAccess from Sapporo: Around 70 minutes from Sapporo by carGeneral Season: Late November to Early MayGeneral Opening Hours: 9:30-16:30General Ticket: 4500 JPY/PP13. Hoshino Resorts Tomamu Snow ParkBe undisputed, this resort has the top quality powder snow, except this factor, This resort is also famed for its inland location creates the ideal conditions for dry powder snow, its range of snow activities and large hotel. Their runs are well-balanced for all level skiers , the one gondola and five lifts elevate you up to hill. With an Ice Village and the Terrace of Frost Tree, it is family-friendly ,especially for children, there is plenty to do for first-time snow travelers. Address: Tomamu, HokkaidoAccess from Sapporo: Around 120 minutes from Sapporo by railwayGeneral Season: December to AprilGeneral Opening Hours: 9:00-22:00Lift Ticket: 5900 JPY/PP14. Hakodate Nanae Snow ParkIn this resort, you can enjoy magnificent views of Mount Komagatake and waters, plus the Hakodate city. Beside the 4 kilometers runs , there are also 2-kilometer ski runs with wide and gentle slopes for families. It is an ideal place for all levels, and is uncrowded.Address: Hakodate, HokkaidoAccess: Around 25 minutes from Hakodate station(4 Hours by railway from Sapporo)General Season: Mid December to Early AprilGeneral Opening Hours: 9:00-22:00General Ticket: 5800 JPY/PP15. Kamui Ski Links“Kamui” means “divine being” or “god” in Ainu mythology, this resort is definitely blessed by the powder gods and a divine place where you can have an all-you-can-eat powder buffet. It is indeed small, but really a fantastic ski resort with little cheap prices, and it offers plenty of opportunities for skiing and snowboarding. Address: Asahikawa, HokkaidoAccess from Sapporo: Around 2 hours from Sapporo by carGeneral Season: December to MarchGeneral Opening Hours: 9:00-17:00General Ticket: 3000 JPY/PP


The Popular Ski Resorts In Korea

Ski Resorts Near Seoul 1. Pocheon - Bears Town Ski ResortThis large comprehensive leisure town is one of the many ski parks in Korea conveniently located just outside Seoul, and is the largest hill in the Seoul area. There are slopes certified by the International Ski Federation (FSI). It may not be popular like High1 and Vivald, it is attractive to many visitors just for less crowded slopes, and it is best for making a day trip from Seoul. There is also a snow park for little ones.Address: 27 Geumgang-ro 2536beon-gil, Naechon-myeon, Pocheon-si, Gyeonggi-do   Access: Around 50minutes to 120 minutes by shuttle bus, depends on the site you board onGeneral Season: December to MarchGeneral Opening Hours: 9:00-16:30General Lift Ticket: 76000 KRW/PP2. Namyangju - Star Hill ResortStar Hill Resort is located in northeast of Seoul with a real local hill. It is a tiny resort without a snow park, but it is popular among local schools and ski clubs. With the mysterious and less crowded atmosphere, along with its beaituful view, It's a perfect place to enjoy winter sports with friends and family!Address: 561-6 Mukhyeon-ri, Hwado-eup, Namyangju-si, Gyeonggi-do  Access: Around 50minutes by carGeneral Season: December to MarchGeneral Opening Hours: 8:00-17:00Full Day Lift Ticket: 66,000 KRW/PP3. Icheon - Jisan Forest Ski ResortJisan Forest Resort is located in Gyeonggi-do which is just outside Seoul to the southeast, along with nearby Yangji Pine and Konjiam are three ski hills clustered in the area. Thi s Resort is popular among beginners and intermediate skiers, with offering of wide open slopes with gentle gradients, some steeper sections at the top for visitors who have more confidence. There is also something for the whole family to enjoy.Address: 267 Jisan-ro, Majang-myeon, Icheon-si, Gyeonggi-doAccess: Around 1 hour from Seoul by carGeneral Season: December to MarchGeneral Opening Hours:7:00-2:00 following dayGeneral Ticket: 14,000 to 72,000 KRW/PP 4. Yangji - Yangji Pine Resort Ski ValleyLocated at the foot of Mt. Dokjo with a distance of 40 minutes drive from Seoul, and opening in 1996, This all-season-round complex resort well matched with natural endowment of beautiful mountains and luxuriant forest. It is equipped with a super-modern ski ground having 6 lifts supporting slopes for seven-grade skills. Address: 34-1, Namgok-Ri, Yangji-Myun, Yongin-City,Kyunggi-DoAccess: Around 40 minutes by carGeneral Season: December to AprilGeneral Opening Hours: 9:00-mid nightLift Ticket: Around 70,000 KRW/PP5. Gwangju - Konjiam Ski ResortLocated near Seoul, Konjiam Resort is the only resort to guarantee a waiting time of 15 minutes or less. It is recommended to reserve lift tickets online for easier and faster access to the slopes. You can enjoy skiing here along with beautiful scenery of Mt. Dobong, Namsan tower, and  the view of entire Kwangju city could be seen from the mountain peak.Address: Gyeonggi-do, Gwangju-si, Docheok-myeon, Docheogwit-ro, 278 KRAccess from Seoul: Around 40 minutes by shuttle busGeneral Season: Late November to Early MarchGeneral Opening Hours:9:00-4:00 following dayGeneral Ticket: 53,000-77,000 KRW/PPSki Resorts in Gangwon-do1. Pyeongchang - Phoenix Pyeongchang Snow ParkThis resort consists of Phoenix Snow Park, hotels and condominiums, Phoenix Country Club, with the best quality Snow, and 21 slopes include official slopes for freestyle ski & snowboard, a beginner slope from the top spanning 2.4 km, and eight lifts& eight gondolas, it is a resort complex for a variety of pleasures. Plus, there is Extreme Park includes Olympic-standard half-pipe table top, round quarter, and rails for the snowboarders.Address: Myeonon-ri, Bongpyeong-myeon, Pyeongchang-gun, Gangwon-doAccess from Seoul: Around 2 Hours by trainGeneral Season: Mid November to MarchGeneral Opening Hours: 8:30-16:00General Ticket: Lift ticket 7,6000 KRW/PP2. Pyeongchang - Yongpyong Ski ResortAs the biggest ski resort in south Korea, it was built in 1974, is still most popular. And it is the Yongpyong Alpine competition venue, has hosted four FIS Alpine World CupsGames and the 2006 IPC Paralympic World Cup.Address:  715 Olympic-ro, Daegwalnyeong-myeon, Pyeongchang-gun, Gangwon-doAccess from Seoul: Around 3 Hours by direct shuttle busGeneral Season: Mid November to Early AprilGeneral Opening Hours: 08:30-16:30General Ticket: 60,000 KRW/PP 3. Hongcheon - Vivaldi Park Ski ResortWith 10 chairlifts servicing around 6.7 km of skiable terrain, Vivaldi Park’s facilities are amongst the best in Korea, These facilities include Asia’s first 8-seater express chairlift and an 8-person gondola, which transports skiers and snowboarders to a modest height of 580 metres. Plus, it’s very convenient to visit the Vibaldi Park, just across the provincial boundary and the direct shuttle buses take 90 minutes from Seoul. Address: 262 Hanchigol-gil, Seo-myeon, Hongcheon-gun, Gangwon-doAccess from Seoul: 90minutes by free shuttle bus from MyeongdongGeneral Season: November to MarchGeneral Opening Hours: 8:30-5:00 following dayGeneral Ticket: 55,000 – 88,000 KRW/PP4. Hoengseong - Welli Hilli ParkWelli Hilli Park is located near Wonju which is the largest city in Gangwon-do. It is an outstanding ski resort with a beginner-intermediate park , an advanced park, the one half pipe of two in Korea, which is the closest pipe to Seoul since Vivaldi Park got rid of theirs.Address: 451, Gowon-ro, Dunnae, Gangwon-doAccess from Seoul: Around 3 hours by car/busGeneral Season: Late November to Later MarchGeneral Opening Hours: 8:30-17:00General Ticket: 41,000 -87,000 KRW/PP5. Pyeongchang - Alpensia Ski ResortAlpensia is a tiny ski hill, but it served the focal point of the Pyeongchang 2018 Winter Olympic & Paralympic Games, like the ski jumping, bobsleigh, and Nordic events, and the neighboring Yongpyong hosted the slalom & giant slalom. There are six slopes for skiers and snowboarders, also an area exclusively for advanced snowboarders to practice their skills. Address: 325 Solbong-ro, Daegwalnyeong-myeon,Pyeongchang-gunAccess from Seoul: Around 3 hours by trainGeneral Season: Late November to Early MarchGeneral Opening Hours: 8:30-22:30General Ticket: Find prices on Chuncheon - Elysian GangchonLocated in Chuncheon, this is one of the ski resorts frequently visited by day-trippers from Seoul. Elysian Gangchon Ski Resort is the only ski resort that is reachable by subway in Korea, Thanks to the convenient public transportation system and its proximity to Seoul. It would be the best destination for your winter ski trip if you want only experience the skiing besides the sightseeing in Korea. Address: 688 Bukhangangbyeon-gil, Namsan-myeon, Chuncheon-si, Gangwon-doAccess from Seoul: Around 1.5 hours by car/2.5hours by subwayGeneral Season: End of December to End of MarchGeneral Opening Hours: 9:00-24:00 General Ticket: Lift ticket 10,500 to 65,000 KRW/PP7. Jeongseon - High1 Ski ResortHigh1 Ski Resort, It is one of the largest ski resort in Korea, in Gangwon Province, 3 hours east of Seoul , unlike the other ski resorts much further from capital city. With the highest elevation in this nation and covering 3 mountain peaks, it provides the best ski slopes, and much larger than other ski resorts. This is an ideal ski resort for whole family, many winter activities for kids are offered.Add: 265-1 High1-gil, Sabuk-eup, Jeongseon-gun, Gangwon-doAccess from Seoul: Around 3-4 Hours by busGeneral Season: Early December to Early AprilGeneral Opening Hours: 08:30-22:00General Ticket: Vary with different activities8. Wonju - Oak ValleyOak Valley Ski Resort, this small ski field with a quiet atmosphere, is located near a large oak forest. The slopes are better suited to intermediate skiers and boarders. No other domestic ski slopes can rival its outstanding class and value. Every visitor at the club can comfortably enjoy this dream space here.Address: 577-19 Pandae-ri, Jijeong-myeon, Wonju-si, Gangwon-doAccess from Seoul: About 1.5 Hours by car/bus General Season: Mid of December to Early FebruaryGeneral Opening Hours: 24 HoursGeneral Ticket: Resorts in Central & Southern Regions1. Muju - Deogyusan Resort ski resortLocated in Deogyusan National Park, about 90 minutes’ drive south of Daejeon City, or 2.5 hours south of Seoul,  the Deogyusan Resort is one of the largest ski resorts in South Korea. It blends in beautifully with the scenery of Mt. Deogyusan National Park, and is the perfect place to enjoy winter sports.Address: 43-15 Simgok-ri, Seolcheon-myeon, Muju-gun, Jeollabuk-doAccess from Seoul: 2.5 Hours by carGeneral Season: December to MarchGeneral Opening Hours: 8:30-mid night(early morning skiing is available on weekends.)General Ticket: 37,000-101,000 KRW/PP2. Yangsan - Eden Valley Ski Resort Located in Yangsan, Eden Valley ski resort is perched in the mountains just above the city of Busan, its slopes have been scientifically designed to disperse skiers and prevent overcrowding. Various slope types are available for skiers and snowboarders of diverse skill levels. Visitors can enjoy winter leisure sports in this international-standard ski resort. Address: 1206 Eosil-ro, Wondong-myeon, Yangsan-si, Gyeongsangnam-doAccess from Busan: 1.5-2 hours by shuttle busGeneral Season: Late November to Early MayGeneral Opening Hours: 9:00-19:30General Ticket: 54,000-93,000 KRW/PP


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