Go, follow me to see a royal horse! This is a passionate venue and a feast for fashion!

In sports, Melbourne has so much to get something for. The fabulous Australian Open, the F1 Formula One, the passionate Australian football, the Melbourne Cup Racing Carnival that has been shut down in Australia...

In addition to competitive sports, what makes Melbourne the title of sports capital is the public's enthusiasm for sports. Here, love sports is not equal to watching the game, but is to experience it for yourself. As an important part of the city's culture, sports has always given Melbourne a vibrant and vibrant city label.

As one of the oldest and most influential grand events in the Melbourne Cup, the Melbourne Cup Carnival attracts more and more people from different cultures and backgrounds with its unique horse racing culture and fashion charm.

Known as the world's most colorful horse racing event, the Melbourne Cup Carnival has a unique Australian charm, sports, fashion, food, wine, culture, and extraordinary, attracting more than 315,000 spectators every year to Flemington Horse Racing Field, participate in this four-day fantasy horse racing event.

The Melbourne Cup of the United Arab Emirates is one of the most eye-catching competitions in the Melbourne Cup Carnival. It is the first class of 3,200 meters and one of the highest prize horse races in the world, with a quota of A$6.2 million (US$4.65 million). This is the world's highest-paid obstacle course and 3200 meters (two miles) long distance race. Undoubtedly, this high-spirited competition has attracted contestants from all over the world. The horses and riders trained in the northern hemisphere are coming across the ocean every year, making it a veritable global horse racing event.

The Melbourne Cup Carnival is by no means a purely horse race – it is a 156-year-old traditional social and cultural festival that is enough to stop the whole of Australia. In Australia, the Emirates Melbourne Cup is known as the race that stops anationTM, because on this day, almost the entire country's people will stop working and watch the 3 pm game.

The Emirates Melbourne Cup Day is also a public holiday in Victoria, and the day before the horse race, the city streets will be closed for the parade of the trainers and riders. The importance of the Melbourne Cup to Melbourne people is thus visible. A spot.

American writer Mark Twain mentioned his feelings of participating in the 1895 Melbourne Cup in his Equator. He wrote: "Men and women, everyone... As long as they can afford it, they will let go of their work and come to watch the game. In the first half of the month, people will take the ship and the train and pour into Melbourne. As the approaching, the crowds are getting denser and denser. In order to meet the passenger demand, all the vehicles are almost overwhelmed, and the hotels and hotels are all filled with guests. A total of 100,000 people gathered, originally wide. The venue and the grandstands have become overcrowded, so I have never seen other spectacular scenes...only here."

The core event of the Melbourne Cup Carnival is a horse race, but it also brings together all the elements of Melbourne – fashion, food, wine, sports, celebrities, business and social events.

Although the heroes of the Melbourne Cup are undisputedly the stars on the racetrack, the fashion frenzy that followed the spring of Melbourne is also quite spectacular. Men and women are busy wearing the most gorgeous dresses and going to Flemington Racecourse, because on this racecourse, they are not only watching the audience, but also the protagonist of fashion.

Over the years, many of the world's most fashionable celebrities have gracefully strolled on the grasslands of Flemington, including: Princess Diana, Nicole Kidman, Sarah Jessica Parker, Lin Zhiling Philippe Tracy, Elizabeth Hurley, Kim Catalol, Stephen Jones, Kate Potsworth, Ruili Hall, Georgia May Jagger, Stevie Nix, Yi W. Longoria, Chloe Sevigny, Naomi Campbell, Paris Hilton, Vita Van Tis, Kate Upton, Coco Rocha, Countess Kite Spencer and Elsa Patach.

There is also a stylish “flash” restaurant and cocktail bar on site, offering a well-designed dining experience for horse racing fans to bring you the true taste of Melbourne. From the East to the West, from sweet to sour, different tastes satisfy all taste buds, all at Flemington Racecourse.

Melbourne Cup Carnival, Australia

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