Australian tastes | Abalone bigger than the face? Food aficionado said that I could not sit still...

What is your first impression of Australia?

Studying in the Holy Land? Sydney Opera House?

What you don't know is...

Australian secret identity

a Mecca for gourmets!

Abalone larger than the face,

Sweet Australian dessert,

Emperor crab that grew up eating lobster...

There is also a wave of red restaurants that have to punch cards!

Australia · 6 great foods

Have you seen the abalone bigger than your face?

Tasmania, Australia is the world's largest supply of wild abalone! The wild abalone in the province of Tasmania, which is thriving in the unpolluted ocean, is juicy and sweet! Thick texture, spike taste buds!

The abalone that has been salvaged needs to be weighed and filed. If the size is not enough, it will be returned to the sea. Therefore, in Tasmania, we can eat big abalone with big head, fresh meat and delicious taste!

Crab in the Lord - the emperor crab

Wonderful Australia, fat can not only abalone! Emperor crabs can generally grow to 8-10 kilograms, and all the claws of a large crab are as big as a desk! It is said that they grew up eating lobsters... How delicious? Still use?

Multi-variable lobster, no change delicious

The meat is tender, firm and elastic, and the taste is sweet. The fresh and delicious Australian lobster occupies your taste buds! Steamed, cheese, pine mushroom, lobster, grilled lobster, changing cooking style, the same, is delicious.

Oysters - one of the three treasures

Emperor crab, oysters and lobsters are known as the Australian seafood three treasures. Oysters are known as "oysters." Australia's extremely pure waters can raise fat oysters. Pour in lemon juice and feel the rawest sweetness of oysters.

Wild crocodile meat

In the prestigious Northern Territory, the famous beach night market, try Australian crocodile meat. It looks like fish and tastes like chicken. You can taste the beauty of aquatic animals and enjoy the unique wilderness.

Low-key gorgeous - wine

People who have been to Australia know that Australian wines are full-bodied. Australians with little ambition and enjoyment of life have not made Australian wines arrogant on the world stage, but they do not mean that they are of poor quality.

As for the choice of wine varieties, South Australia Barossa "spicy", "wild fruit" taste full of rich Syrah, Coonawarra fruity sweet concentrated Cabernet Sauvignon, Carrie Valley fresh and refined Riesling, etc. Good choice.

Net red restaurant, come to punch!

Sydney's most mysterious Chinese restaurant, Abba Abalone

Hiding in the corner, the door is closed, and it can't keep its reputation. Australian natural ingredients, combined with the world's top Chinese cooking methods, have created the ultimate taste of Abalone. It is not open here, and it is limited to reception every day. Reservations need to be fast!

Sydney's best Japanese and beef barbecue

Cattle and cattle in the Australian pastures, breathing fresh air, eating harmless herbivores, and running freely... such beef, the texture is tender and meaty. Rengaya opened its store in 1993 and is Australia's first certified premium Japanese and beef roast shop.

Jintang Seafood Restaurant

Want to taste the Australian fat seafood, but also reluctant to taste the Chinese? Australian seafood + Chinese cooking = perfect! Jintang continued to maintain its position as a leader in the Cantonese cuisine of Sydney. It invented three ways to eat the emperor crab: salt and pepper crab, onion ginger fried crab and crab yellow fried pasta.

The Grounds of Alexandria

Focus on the key! This restaurant in Sydney is the net red in the net of the must-have card! The signature brunch and hand-washed coffee, as well as the exquisite desserts on the counter, are the reason for the long queues here every day. Don't want to wait for the little friends to make an online reservation in advance.

Centennial store, mood bursting lights

Hopetoun Tea Rooms, a centuries-old shop in the heart of Melbourne, is located in the Victorian block arcade. There may be new flavors waiting for you to taste every day. Want to enjoy cakes and refreshments in the superb tea room of Melbourne? Hurry and make an appointment!

Melbourne Tinker

Not hungry? Try the Melbourne Tinker's fancy stomach! Every dish here is very attention to detail, and I like to make it with flowers, grains and fruits of various colors. Flowery appearance, flavor and grace!

Sydney Opera House · Ben Nylon

This nylon Bennelong restaurant is housed in the Sydney Opera House. Through the gorgeous glass windows, you can enjoy the view of Sydney Harbour and Harbour Bridge. Each dish displays the superior quality of Australian produce and seafood!

Australia: I am just delicious? I am still looking at it!

Even if you are free to walk around the streets of Australia, holding the snacks on the roadside stalls, the shutter flashes, it is a standard ins net red photo. What is food? With the beauty, the texture can be sublimated to the sky.

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