Running on the Great Ocean Road, taste the food and wine, but also the cute pet koala, all the way to the scenery does not lose the US Highway 1, the United States bombed

This is at least one trip in life. Use the wheels to measure the world and enjoy the most beautiful coastal road in the southern hemisphere! Self-driving the Great Ocean Road, this line of people's hearts and minds is definitely your best choice.

This place is more beautiful than the US Highway No.1, and it really feels the charm of the Haitian line. It sails to the blue sky. On the road that is more than 270 kilometers long, there are too many scenes to be discovered. If you have heard more praises about it, it is better to start in person!

Great Ocean Road, synonymous with the perfect combination of man and nature. When you come here, whether it is sunny or light rain, you will be amazed by the magnificence in front of your eyes.

The wonders here are superb, and it’s a grand view! There are quiet and innocent beaches, rainforests filled with birds, lighthouses with cape, and cliffs with stunning waves. For thousands of years, the rock formations here and the blue sea and the blue sky are passionately embracing each other. In the changing time and space, the most beautiful and magnificent masterpieces of nature are sketched out.

Experience the Aboriginal Aboriginal culture, learn about the British colonial history in the maritime era, and witness many natural wonders. Experience the Australian customs in a deeper way, and the journey is endless.

Taste Australia on the tip of your tongue! Sydney Fish Market, Melbourne Tram Restaurant, Yarra Valley Debao Taoli Winery, Sydney Tower Revolving Restaurant... Unique and authentic Australian cuisine, you can dance your taste buds in minutes.

[Dayang Road]

It is one of the most scenic coastal roads in the world. There are world-famous world wonders - the twelve disciples. There is the endless coast where the heart and nature are in close contact... This is the Great Ocean Road, which is a Starting from Melbourne, all the way to the west, along with the superb coastline, all the way forward.

The setting sun sets, at sunset, with the setting sun shining on the sea and rocks, the earth presents a charming golden color.

On the Great Ocean Road, there is not only an endless sea, not only the choppy waves, but also the koalas that turn around and hide and seek, and you can see the kangaroos jumping around. The balance of natural ecology is breathtaking!

When it comes to the Great Ocean Road, you have to mention a few familiar spots, especially the well-known twelve disciple rock .

Composed of twelve different shapes of stone, the word "spectacular" is used to describe it here. The spectacle of the twelve disciples is beyond your imagination, and you need to feel his gas field in person! Especially when there is no one in the wild, with the sound of the wind and the waves, the natural greatness and the smallness of oneself!

Due to the erosion of sea water, the twelve disciples will eventually disappear. Now the moment you see, it seems to be history, and it will become eternal !

In addition to the twelve disciples, the lighthouse is also the highlight of this road.

Climb to the top of the oldest lighthouse on the mainland of Australia, standing on top of a 90-meter tower overlooking the wild Southern Ocean, the oldest surviving lighthouse on the Australian continent. The lights on the lighthouse have been shining since 1848. For the immigrants who came by many European ships, this is the first light they saw after leaving Europe.


|| Australian local seafood market "fish market"

This is Australia's world-class market for fresh fish, offering more than 100 seafood types in Australia, the South Pacific and Asia. Walking into the Sydney fish market, the seafood will come to the forefront. This kind of scene is a dream come true for seafood fans.

|| Bondi Beach

Bondi Beach is one of Sydney's most famous beaches. The coastline is crescent-shaped. The beach is soft and sandy, with blue sky and blue sea. It is a beautiful place to enjoy the sunset and sunrise. Whether it's summer or winter, it's the essence of Sydney. It is the best way to experience how Sydney natives can enjoy life.

|| Keama Natural Spout

The Keama Water Spout is a naturally occurring rock spout that can spray water from a height of 20 meters. Located next to the Keama Lighthouse, it is exceptionally beautiful under the blue sky and the sea. At noon, enjoy a picnic in the shade of the Norfolk pine forest or visit many fashion stores along the main street, choose a boutique café and enjoy the rich Australian coffee culture.


|| Eureka Sky Tower and Edge Zone

The Eureka Sky Tower in Melbourne has the highest observation deck in the Southern Hemisphere. Two dedicated elevators can take visitors to the 88th floor of the building in less than 40 seconds, where they are physically and thrilled and excited. The landscape is unmatched by any experience in the past.

|| Healesville Wildlife Sanctuary

World-famous viewing of the best places to visit Australian wildlife in natural habitats, where you can get in touch with Australia's unique and lovely wildlife, including koalas, kangaroos, wombats, donkeys, Australian wild dogs , predatory birds and platypus.

|| De Bortoli Deborah Winery Wine Tasting

The founder of the winery, Vittorio de Fortori, and his wife, Jessofina, immigrated to Australia from northern Italy and founded Debordori Winery in 1928.

The Deborah Dolly Winery and Restaurant in the Yarra Valley is now run by the third generation of the family, while the oldest vines in the Yarra Valley are also grown in the Deburg Dolly Winery, creating the highest in the Yarra Valley. Quality white wines create the perfect conditions. Debao Taoli Winery and Restaurant is well-known and has grown in size and has won numerous international and domestic awards.

|| Peninsula Hot Springs

Peninsula Hot Springs are divided into indoor and outdoor hot spring pools for individual preferences. Indoor hot springs are close to the coast, where VIPs can enjoy mineral-rich fitness spas while immersing themselves in beautiful lake and coastal views. The outdoor hot springs have a central pool, hidden caves and a crystal clear bath. The Aboriginal Li'Tya treatment spa offers an unforgettable spa journey with indigenous recovery and massage techniques.

Running on the Great Ocean Road

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3 nights at The Langham, Sydney

2 nights at The Langham, Melbourne

4 nights Grand Ocean Road 4 Star Hotel

Sydney Tower Revolving Restaurant Western Dinner

Tram restaurant western dinner

Winery Western Lunch Three Specials

Division and tour guide one person service fee

Travel advisory and booking service fees

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