"Haiwang" is so beautiful, come to this "Sunshine City" for a 25 °C winter!

The most anticipated blockbuster "Sea King" in December was finally released!

Its first-day box office in North America exceeded "Reunion 3" and "Poison", and the rise of DC heroes.

Everyone in this film has been waiting for a long time. After the release, they did not live up to expectations. Many professional filmmakers described it as "the best work of DC after "Batman" .

Before the DC, the word-of-mouth was like a worsening of the past, and it was basically a film.

This time the word of mouth burst, in addition to the actors acting solid, but also because of him - director Wen Ziren !

Don't know Wen Ziren? It doesn't matter, the film he directed has definitely been seen.

Wen Ziren, who has created the "Scissor of the Chainsaw" , "The Soul" series , "Speed ​​and Passion 7" , "Dead Silence " and other high-scoring masterpieces, is one of the most popular directors in Hollywood .

Wen Ziren is the guarantee of box office and word of mouth.

He lived up to expectations and spent two years rehabilitating Atlantis, the country of the seabed, to create a new underwater world that rivals Avatar .

Wen Ziren is also very good at using the lens. The 180-degree rotating mirror used in "Speed ​​7" is also used in "Neptune"!

After the film in the sea, Meila ran up the roof to avoid the long shots of the attack , especially for the countless audiences to see the blood and enjoy themselves!

80% of the story of "Sea King" occurs underwater.

Wen Ziren, who has always been perfectionist, did not work hard when screening the shooting location.

In the end, the team selected the indoor studio to bring the world's largest water tank, outdoor shooting is set in Queensland, Australia , known as the "Surfers Paradise" of the Gold Coast and North Sdebroke Island .

Gold Coast , about 42 km from the period of more than 10 consecutive arranged quality composition of the beach, with golden beaches named.

It is sometimes quiet and romantic, sometimes thrilling, and the waves here are very large, also known as "surfers paradise . "

North Sdebroke Island is the second largest sand island in the world, bringing together the Sunshine Coast and the essence of Byron Bay.

Dolphins, sea turtles and manta rays can also be seen here, as well as the cultural landscapes of freshwater lakes, cape watch towers, sea otters trails, small villages and historical museums.

It is the darling of the sun, 300 days a year is sunny , and the air is humid, very suitable for travel and holiday.

And now Australia is in the summer , the weather is warm, we are being attacked by the cold air, just to go to the cold, to live a warm 25 ° C winter !

Sunny beach, sea, surfing

The Gold Coast gives you all the romance

The 42-kilometer coastline, delicate and gentle beaches, bright sunshine, welcoming waves and colorful surfboards are the cards that the Gold Coast handed you. You can swim in the sea, play on the beach, or just lie down under the umbrella to see the scenery and stay in the air.

But the Gold Coast is far more than these surprises. The international theme parks around the coast and the original ecological parks on the coast of the jungle have added a lot of fresh elements to your holiday.

|| In this blue legend, play with ease

◆ Surfers Paradise

Surfers Paradise is a shining star on the beaches of the Gold Coast, known for its lifeguard patrolling beaches , skyscrapers and vibrant Cavill Avenue .

The waves are brave and exciting, and it is a paradise for survivors of surfers. If you don't like surfing, you can walk along the beach, run, or ride. In the evening, you can enjoy the city life by visiting the major design brands and restaurants.

◆ Kurawa Beach

Kurawa Beach is one of the most popular beaches for the locals , and the exquisite beaches are very relaxing. There are many people running, strolling, doing yoga, and even morning exercises.

The sand is very clean and you can spend the whole day sitting on the beach watching the sea. The patrol lifeguard on the beach is also very reassuring, he will always remind you to pay attention to safety issues, to ensure that everyone stays between the red flag .

◆ Coolangatta Beach

The beaches of Coolangatta are far from the hustle and bustle of Surfers Paradise, which is quiet and relaxing, and the locals love it.

It is also a hidden surfing spot , and the rising waves have won the love of many surfers. In addition, the state's sea otters can also enjoy a lot of amazing coastal scenery, if you want to avoid the crowd, come here.

◆ Burleigh Heads Beach

Located between Surfers Paradise and Kulgarta, Burleigh Heads is a beautiful rocky sea otter with its unique right-handed wind waves chased by countless surfers.

It doesn't matter if you don't like surfing, there are several kilometers of promenade, the best cafes on the Gold Coast and outdoor beachside dining. There is also a small mountain between the beaches. The mountains are rich in vegetation and there are many animals. You can see a different kind of Gold Coast.

|| In addition to the sea, there are many surprises here.

◆ Dream World Theme Park

It is one of Australia's most popular theme parks. There are some of Australia's most wild rides, such as the highest "free fall" in the Guinness Book of World Records; the fastest "terror tower" in the Southern Hemisphere; the cartoon characters who don't lose Disney; and the most attractive parks And the Safari Park area, which combines the best of Australia in one place.

◆ Warner Bros. Movie World

The Warner Bros. Movie World Theme Park has been rated by many as a place where Australia does not regret it. It is in Queensland. It has a slogan: "Warner Movie World can round everyone's star dream . " When you enter this theme park, you will feel the meaning of this words. Every building, every set, and even the costumes and demeanor of every staff member, let you return to all kinds of movies in a second.

|| Explore the "wild kingdom" of the Gold Coast

◆ Remington National Park 

After leaving the beach, explore the magic of inland walking trails and hike and camp in the world heritage Remington National Park. It is full of ancient waterfalls and volcanoes, as well as well-protected jungle wildflowers and native wildlife, a place worthy of a life miracle.

◆ Currumbin Wildlife Sanctuary

The Currumbin Wildlife Sanctuary is the most Australian- speaking native animal sanctuary with Australia 's richest wildlife species , where you can hug koalas, feed parrots, watch crocodiles, visit animal hospitals and more. The locals are very proud of this land.

◆ Chunxi National Park

Spring Creek National Park is best known for its fascinating tropical rainforests, and the most anticipated is the only blue bugs in New Zealand and Australia . In the darkness of the whole world, there is a little blue light, like entering the world of "Firefly's Forest", romantic and moving. Here you can also see the stars and the Milky Way .

|| North Sdebroke Island

North Side Brook Island in Queensland capital of Brisbane , the Gold Coast by car or by car, about one and a half hours to reach. North Sdebroke Island is the second largest sand island in the world. Unlike the Gold Coast, it is less lively and more quiet.

There are three towns on the island, with vibrant seas, clean and sandy beaches, hundreds of natural attractions, and comfortable holiday homes to suit all your holiday needs.Maybe you can still see many real whales that are moving north !

|| Moreton Island

Moreton Island is the third largest sand island in the world and can be reached by boat, ferry or yacht . Because of wild dolphins is famous in the world, so called "Dolphin Island" .

You can feed wild dolphins by yourself ; or fish by the sea , cook delicious food yourself ; orsnorkel and dive along the shipwreck remains to explore the underwater world; or enjoy thesand-sliding fun on the island's numerous sand dunes .

|| Scenic Area

Not far from Brisbane, there is an oasis covered by ancient lush vegetation - the world's natural heritage Gondwana rainforest . Turn off all high-tech products and equipment, put on hiking shoes, and enjoy nature quietly.

After a day of exploration, you should reward yourself with an award-winning restaurant or visit local wineries or farms to sample local delicacies and fine wines . In the evening, arrange a surprise camping for the lover , and lie under the tent to enjoy the stars and romantic perfect scores.

||  Longbai Koala Zoo - intimate contact with animals

The Longbai Koala Zoo is the top ten zoo in the world and the earliest professional koala conservation area. Here the koala is everywhere, not only can hug with it, but also feed. In addition to koalas, you can also see a variety of Australian specialties such as kangaroos, dingoes, and owls. It is also very interesting to have a shearing performance every afternoon.

||  City Botanical Garden  - Open Air Picnic

This is the oldest park in Brisbane , with its trees and trees, and you can see the blossoms of flowers for most of the year. It is one of Brisbane's favorite parks . Spend half a day, take a picnic on the park grass with food and enjoy a slow life. Bicycles can also be rented at the entrance to the park , renting a river along the river and enjoying the riverside scenery while walking through the green park.

|| Climb the story bridge  - when a movie protagonist

Story Bridge is Brisbane's most famous bridge. 96% of its construction materials are taken from Australia and are one of the two hand-made bridges in the world. It is the secondbridge in Australia that can be climbed . The commander takes you to the top of the story bridge that is 80 meters above the river . You can enjoy the 360-degree view of Brisbane without any hindrance.

|| Kangaroo Point - overlooking the city 

“The kangaroo in the kangaroo corner.” This is not a place to watch kangaroos, but it is thebest place to overlook Brisbane . It is located on a large corner, on the opposite side of the city centre with high-rise buildings. It is also very popular with rock climbers , with natural cliffs, you can climb the kangaroo horn, overlook the city, and then come to the barbecue or picnic with the sunset.

||  South Shore Cultural Center - a place where art and culture gather 

◆ Queensland Art Museum

The Queensland Art Museum has a history of centuries and is a representative ofQueensland's cultural and artistic development . The Queensland Art Gallery has a 4,700-square-meter exhibition space where you can admire famous works of art from Australia, Asia, Europe, the Pacific, etc., in the ocean of art.

◆ Brisbane Museum of Modern Art

The Museum of Modern Art is the pride of Brisbane people, and there are manyworks byemerging artists , which areexpressedthroughvarious methods such as sound and light .One entrance is a huge slide, and on the right is a long table with blocks. You can build any building on the opposite side, which is a wall full of visitors' wishes.

◆ Queensland Museum

The Queensland Museum is a large natural museum . There are dinosaur bone fossils, whale models, and ancient special heritage, including the largest live specimens, as well as Australian unique animal, plant specimens and fossils. The exquisite exhibits are so colorful that you will be able to open your eyes.

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