Extraordinary experience | Private flight through Western Australia, with Lady gaga bed, enjoy the wonders of the lake!

Western Australia is probably Australia

The most lonely and mysterious land on this continent,

Every time I stay, every time I look at it,

Western Australia can always give you a different!

The world's most popular turbo business aircraft,

"Air King" machine,

Australia’s top billionaires and heads of government travel the same paragraph.

Stronger ability, higher comfort and reliability.

Lady Gaga designates a holiday home.

Private kitchen and butler service,

The full glass roof looks up at the stars,

Enjoy a sunrise and sunset at the private beach.

Fly over the Pink Lake at low altitude and visit the dream world.

Experience shock and unforgettable.

The algae in the lake produce abundant beta-carotene.

And white salt crystals at the bottom of the lake,

The two colors are balanced with each other to create a powder lake.

Australia's five-star winery - WillsDomain,

The scenery is ethereal and the dishes are sexy.

With a 96-point special Syrah,

The entrance tannins are smooth and the oak is rich in flavour.

Exclusive custom lunch under the grape rack.

Busselton Trestle

The 1.8km trestle, the longest in the southern hemisphere and the second longest in theworld.

It is the confession of Australia’s famous love.

Colorful clouds, intoxicating clouds,

Faced with the promise of love in the Indian Ocean.

It is an intoxicating scenery this season.

Arrive at the end of the bridge and throw into the arms of the sea.

The underwater observation station at the bridgehead,

It is 8 meters deep from the sea.

Can see more than 3,000 kinds of marine life,

very impressive!

Margaret River

It is a river and a district.

It is a famous wine-making area in Western Australia.

Has the reputation of "Australian Bordeaux".

You can taste wine here.

Admire the art gallery and stroll through the natural beaches.

You can also watch dolphins, ride horses, and hike the forest with your child.

Enjoy the fun of parenting in the embrace of nature.

Natural stone rock bridge

Natural cracks and natural bridges in Albany’s most famous attractions,

Because during the Ice Age, it was in the area where the Antarctic and Australia split.

Permeated by sea water all year round,

Formed a unique landscape - natural stone rock bridge.

Private jet flying over Pink Lake

LakeHillier is located on the Middle Island.

Sitting in your exclusive air king machine,

Low altitude overlooking the Pink Lake.

The dreamy pastel pool is surrounded by blue waters.

Make this peerless landscape fascinating like a colorful gem.

Lucky Bay

Take a four-wheel drive,

Ride on the 25km long coastline,

Enjoy the sea view of the Southern Ocean Sharks.

Intimate interaction with the kangaroo on the white sand beach.

At noon, share a beach lunch party with Yingjing.

Blue sky, blue sea, enjoy the food,

Experience an Australian life with a taste.

Cape Lodge

A secluded vineyard in the heart of the Margaret River.

Was selected as " Best Boutique Hotel in Australia ",

And in 2012 was included in the "Yueyou" gold list. 

It is surrounded by charming forests, lakes and bushes .

A spectacular coastline and sparkling Indian Ocean.

Maitraya Villa

Lady Gaga designates a holiday home.

Surrounded by national forests and the Southern Ocean.

Western Australia's premier fantasy wedding venue.

500 acres of native wildflowers,

Local kangaroos and pastoral elves, marine life are always with you.

Private cinema, bicycles, windsurfing, surfboards,

Fishing rods, canoes, kayaks, rafts,

Tennis courts, greens, bird watching,

Whether immersed in picturesque coastal scenery,

Still swim in the indoor heated pool.

Will not let this half-day leisure time have any monotonous color.

COMO Fortune Hotel

It is set in a stunning mid-19th century building.

Located in the Perth CBD.

 The modern-style rooms are beautifully decorated.

It has cream and beige tones.

Add a touch of warmth and comfort to your trip.

Aravina Winery

Elegant Western style,

Exquisite garden view,

There are also 17 super sports cars owned by the owner of the winery.

Luxury cars such as Lamborghini, Ferrari, Aston Martin are among them.

Western Australian Kings Tour 7 nights and 8 days private tour

Western Australia's top private holiday resort

Admire the peerless powder lake in Western Australia

Australia's most luxurious hilltop beachfront villa

The fee includes:

Round-trip Singapore Airlines business class ticket and related taxes

Full-time King Falcon private jet in Australia

Overseas ground transportation service fees

First ticket fee for attractions

Two nights Perth COMO Fortune Hotel

One night Cape Lodge Woods Lodge

Two nights Maitraya Peak Beach House

One night Esperance Island View Apartment

Custom lunch under WillsDomain wine rack

Overseas tour guides and foreign drivers

Domestic airport pick-up and drop-off service

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