In Bhutan | Living in your own way to be the happiest person in the world

I have seen the metropolis with high buildings

See the islands of the blue sea sands

I saw the fairytale world-like castle<

Is your travel still missing it?

Bhutan, the Shangri-La under the Himalayas, has a fresh and beautiful natural environment, a long history of traditional culture, a simple yet simple and happiest people. In this mysterious land, ancient Buddhist traditions collide with modern elements that are diverse.

Today, I will share the happiness of Bhutan with HHtravel, discover the traditional philosophy of life in Bhutan, explore the prescription of Bhutan to soothe the soul, and experience the purest baptism of life in this warm and warm land of Buddha.

Bhutan has too many iconic national buildings. There is a national memorial stupa built to commemorate the late king and to build peace for the world . There is a national post office that can make your own avatar stamps , and friends sent back to China are definitely the most worthy souvenirs.

Going deep into the local culture, you have to go to the National Textile Museum to learn about the Bhutanese national weaving process. You can even try on Bhutanese traditional costumes to experience a unique cultural charm.

In addition to architecture and humanities, Bhutan's most worthy of relish is its unique natural scenery. Orchestrated the trip will take you through Xiongjun of multi-male La Pass , arrived in rich Picard valley . At the Daxiong La Pass at an altitude of 3,140 meters, you can not only enjoy the magnificent scenery of the Himalayas , but also the 108 stupas, also known as the "Chukwangye Monument" .

If you are lucky enough to go to December of each year in December, you can see the cherished black-necked crane flying over the winter in the Fubica Valley . In this colorful valley, you can also do a variety of hiking or mountain biking.

In Punakha , through the local characteristics of the red pepper and cabbage terraces, he went to the queen of Bhutan new Kamshayinaye stupa. Bhutan monk winter palace residence - Punakha District , in 1499 it is still strong incense Alchemy Temple is a must visit attractions.

In Paro , Bhutan , the National Museum with its rich heritage and the most fragrant Tiger Cave Temple are the most representative buildings. The Tiger Cave Temple was built on a cliff more than 900 meters above the valley. Although the journey is hard, the magnificent scenery along the way makes every visitor who is here to call "worth".

In order to completely release the physical and mental exhaustion at the end of the trip, special arrangements have been made for the hot stone bath that only the Bhutanese nobles could enjoy . Let this section be close to nature, and find a perfect ending for the journey of finding my true self.

Highlights of HHtravel:

★ Noble experience: Amankora enjoys a traditional hot stone bath

★ International Business Class: Thai Airways Business Class Roundtrip

★Luxury accommodation: Bhutan's most representative high-end resort hotel -Amankora, Bangkok Peninsula Hotel

★ Private car guide: Bhutan Anzhen provides exclusive driver and guide

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