One reason for falling in love with Cambodia, one is not enough? Give you five!

Reason one: the ancient civilization lost thousands of years

Angkor, an abandoned dynasty, a city of Pompeii that was annihilated by the rainforest, a center of oriental civilization comparable to any European ancient civilization! Here, you will discover the beauty of the ancient civilizations of the East.

Angkor, one of the four wonders of the East, even though most of the buildings have collapsed into ruins, the scale of Angkor’s monuments is magnificent, and its architectural art and relief art are still amazing!

Reason 2: Beautiful material that photography enthusiasts can't miss

For any photography enthusiast, Cambodia in Southeast Asia is definitely one of the places to be missed in life. The Angkor ruins and the Cambodian customs have all killed countless films.

The mysterious and spectacular ruins of Angkor in Siem Reap are enough to give you more powerful power to carry heavy photographic equipment, and to take in the beauty of this millennium monument with a sentimental heart.

The ruins of Angkor Wat, the Angkor Wat, the Bayon Temple, and the Ta Prohm Temple, which have a thousand years of history, bring the greatest excitement to the photographers than the moment when the residual light of the sun is falling on the mottled stone wall.

Reason 3: The star trail of fans' big love

Fans of avid stars know that Angkor Wat is definitely a holy place to chase idols. The footprints of stars can be found in all corners of Angkor. Angelina Jolie, Tony Leung, Liu Shishi, Liang Qiqi...

Looking for the cave hole that Liang Chaowei said in "In the Mood for Love", like him, find a tree hole and talk about it.

Reason 4: coveted, creepy food temptation

The biggest impression of Cambodia is the barren, the more primitive the place, the more exciting and interesting snacks.

Every visitor to Cambodia will tell about Cambodia's mouth-watering and creepy food, tropical fruits, Southeast Asian cuisine, and the most exotic fried spiders, crickets, crickets, water snakes...

Reason 5: Ancient mysterious tropical rainforest

The tropical rainforest is of great appeal to those who love to travel. The entire remains of Angkor are in a tropical rain forest.

I don't know if the above five reasons are enough to make you feel excited.

Novaland Tours will take you to Angkor Wat and take the Silk Road again.

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