came to Siem Reap, one time is the past

The hot weather of the monks, the birdsong in the forest, the solitude of the stone walls, and the quietness of the run-down, the ancient Khmer people built the King City and the hundreds of ancient temples of different sizes, which were protected by the city walls in Siem Reap...

Here is Siem Reap, not only the unforgettable history of Angkor Wat, but also the heartbeat of the place.

Little Angkor Sunrise and Bakheng Mountain Sunset are the most unmissable sights.

Angkor Wat is the only temple in the world sitting in the east and west, so the sunrise and the temple will appear in the same direction. The pool in front of the platform is the best place to watch the sunrise of Angkor Wat. In the summer, the lotus blossoms will bloom in the pool.

In the process of waiting for the sunrise, the sky is slowly bright. The outline of Angkor Wat is perfectly reflected in the pool. The breeze blows through, and the pool water rises, it is a kind of beautiful beauty.

Among the remains of Angkor Wat, the most amazing buildings are Angkor Wat and Bayon Temple. They are the most magnificent monuments in the architectural gems, and they have been eclipsed in the long history.

Angkor Temple is also called Xiao Angkor. It is located outside the city of Tongwang and has an independent moat and inner and outer walls. It is the most brilliant architectural representative of the Khmer dynasty, and has become a hot travel destination today.

Bayu Temple is located in the very center of Tongwang City. Its architectural style is very dazzling in all the temples of Angkor Wat. The beauty of the architecture of the Khmer dynasty cannot be perceived without looking at its appearance.

The Buddha's face with a serene smile, slightly upturned mouth, if there is no smile, grief, let the world feel awe and admire, so people call it "Khmer smile."

The beauty of defeat, the beauty of disillusionment, and the beauty of symbiosis are the most moving parts of the Tabu Temple.

It has been forgotten for hundreds of years, submerged in the jungle, and the roots and the temple have been entangled. This is a collision between nature and humanity.

In the temple, there are tangled giant trees entwined with stupas. Architecture and nature depend on each other, and the cycle of life is best balanced here.

The film "Tomb Raider" is here to view, because it is too mysterious and too beautiful, has become an important achievement of the "Tomb Raider".

There is a monastery and there are no tourists like weaving. But it has formed another kind of beauty. This monastery is a collapsed column. Because it retains the most primitive look, it has never been fixed.

In fact, the girlfriends of the collapsed column are almost the same as the Angkor Temple. The difference is that Angkor Wat has been presented to the world, but the collapsed column is still wrapped in the jungle.

The moss in the shade, the branches of the old trees, the echoes of the birds on the path, the intricate roads, it is more like a labyrinth suitable for people to explore, exudes a mysterious atmosphere.

If you want to see the most prosperous way of Wangcheng, you must go to Nanchengmen. Because it is the best restored city gate, there is a huge four-faced Buddha above.

On the moat in front of the city gate, the stone carvings on both sides of the stone bridge are the story of the gods and the devil Ashura working together to stir the milk sea. There are 27 statues on each side with a height of more than one person, most of which have been repaired.

In the eastern cloister of Angkor Wat, and the temples such as the Preah Khan Temple, you can see the gods and the Ashura stirring the milk sea.

The smallest place in Angkor Wat is the Queen's Palace. Because of the small size of the building, the embossed pattern is fascinating and beautiful, showing a stunning beauty. Therefore, the discoverer initially thought that the occupants used here were women.

In fact, here is the famous god Shiva and Vishnu gods in Southeast Asia. Now, more and more people who are familiar with this story are more willing to call it "Bantisley".

The palace continues the brick carving style of the Khmer dynasty, and each sculpture is beautiful to the ultimate. The red fine sandstone structure makes the whole palace shine in the sun, burning like a flame.

Most tourists have always thought that all the beauty of Siem Reap is in Angkor Wat. In fact, it also has an amazing natural beauty, that is, Tonle Sap.

If you miss the Tonle Sap Lake, you will never see how Cambodians live, and it is also the largest freshwater inland lake in Southeast Asia. The Cambodians affectionately call it "Mother Lake."

There is also a wonderful village here, when the water rises. The village will disappear into the people's field of vision, which will become a "swamp forest." Whenever the rainy season, you can cry to find the mangroves in the lake.

Of course, the sunset will be beautiful in places with water. The beauty here is not high pressure, but a taste of the world, it is also a heart-rending, heart longing.

Most of the restaurants in Siem Reap are concentrated in the old market. From the taste, there are authentic Cambodian meals, as well as Western, Indian, Thai, and so on. Of course, there are also Chinese food.

Amok is one of the most popular traditional Khmer cuisines and is available in almost every Cambodian restaurant.

The practice is to wrap meat or other ingredients in banana leaves, add coconut milk, lemon leaves and local vegetables and various spices, cook with the main ingredients, and finally in coconut shell or porcelain bowl, very local Features.

The old market and the bar street are close to each other. There are shops and bars on both sides of the road, which is a good place to visit.

Here fresh food, daily necessities, jewelry and gifts are readily available. When bargaining, try to cut it at half price. Maybe the price can be lower. Here you can find some interesting souvenirs.

Bar Street is a street that extends from the old market, with bars on both sides of the road. At night, the bar street is crowded with people, mostly foreign tourists.

Among them, the Red Piano bar is the most famous, which is a bar that Angelina Jolie often went to when she filmed Tomb Raider.

The location of the jungle leap is located near the Chajia Temple. When you are waiting in line, you can go to the nearby Tarne Temple.

In the tropical rain forest full of monuments, the archaeological site of Angkor can be seen from the tall tree top platform, and the ropeway traversing the ropeway in the woods is a super-stimulus jungle adventure.

The safety of the jungle leap is very high, and there will be a special safety explanation by the coach before the leap. You can safely and boldly overlook the jungle in the air, enjoy the breeze, and quietly blend with nature.

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