Canada, why can you print the autumn maple on the national flag! I saw it in October and I know...

Canada's autumn is the most powerful fashion master. Every year from the beginning of September to the end of October, the red leaves around Canada are like a fire, which has dyed the whole country with fascinating colors. The autumn colors are overwhelming and ubiquitous. It is also incomparable in autumn in other parts of the world.

If you want to see the most beautiful scenery, then follow the Maple Avenue one by one. During our trip, follow Maple Avenue and walk through Toronto, Kingston, Ottawa, Montreal, Quebec and other cities. Among them, Toronto, Montreal, Ottawa, and Quebec are the must-see places on Maple Avenue.

We will stay in the "Little France" Quebec , the world's most storyful castle hotel.

Visit the church where Celine Dion hosted the wedding in Montreal , the capital of literature and art.

In the world-famous Niagara Falls, explore its heart.

Two major scenic spots

Known as "the most beautiful autumn in Canada", Quebec, in the hot "Ghosts" in 2016, sucks a wave of waves. The red leaves are dotted with the fall of Quebec, and the eyes of "Ghost" are also stunning.

We have prepared two maps for you, which is more charming than the scenery of the Ghosts.

Royal Mountain Park

Come to Montreal in the fall, and the Mont Royal is definitely the first choice for Montreal's scenic spots.

This is a photographer's paradise, and every eye is like a picture of a fixed oil painting, which is fascinating. Here, it is like being in the world of fairy tales, which makes you amazing.

The best way to experience the scenery of the Royal Mountains is by hiking. The squirrel inhabiting it is probably the first to enjoy the life of this red forest, and the little ones are squatting around you without any scruples.

Although the Royal Mountain is not high, only 233 meters, but the view is very good, looking down from the top of the mountain, the view of the city of St. Lawrence River and high-rise buildings is unobstructed.

Tom Braun

Mont Tremblant is located in the beautiful Laurentians Mountains, more than 100 kilometers northeast of Montreal, and almost an equilateral triangle with Montreal and Ottawa. This is a place where all seasons are perfect, and every time the season is changed, it will bring an extraordinary visual feast.

In the autumn, the Yublang Mountain is covered with a strong artistic atmosphere . The maple leaves of the mountains give inspiration to many artists. This unique “Maple” scene appears on the canvas of countless painters and in the photographer's lens. The "painter village" at the foot of the mountain is another view of the Yublang Mountain.

Exquisite scenery and literary French architecture , Yublang Mountain is the perfect combination of Quebec nature and history.

There are more than 400 lakes and streams here, water sports are popular, kayaking, canoeing, standing surfing...

You can also experience hiking, cycling... Breathing the fresh air of the mountains and enjoying the autumn. Overlooking the most beautiful autumn "Feng" light, it is a sea of ​​maple...

Experience the shocking atmosphere of the waterfall at close range

Boarding the waterfall cruise ship horn cruiser , can't wait to run to the waterfall. The sound of the rumble of the ear is still non-stop, but the waterfall under the night is not in any case with the thunder of her thunder.

I have never seen a water curtain that has fallen like a rush. Under the influence of light, it seems that it is not like the flow of water in the world, but a fairytale wedding.

Canada's three major features of the overall experience

In the eyes of Canadians, there are three representative foods in the area: ice wine, maple syrup, and Poutine. If you miss it, it doesn't seem complete.

You can taste the specialties [Poutine] - topped with fried gravy and cheese on the fried chips. Today, people in Montreal's streets and lanes will see people chewing. Poutine and foie gras are served together in many high-end restaurants.

Or head to the Niagara Peninsula to learn about the unique Canadian-made ice wine production process.

In Quebec, you can go to the special [Maple Sugar Hut] and taste the maple syrup, and you can see their production process with your own eyes.

High quality hotel stay

In terms of living, we have always chosen very well. This trip mainly focuses on two aspects: live well, look beautiful!

Among them, I have to emphasize the Fontena Castle.

The rich castle style is not the focus. This hotel is not only the landmark and symbol of Quebec City, but also the history of the thick, and witnessed the critical moment of human development.

Designed by architect Bruce Price, the hotel was one of a series of castle hotels built by the Canadian Pacific Railway Company at the end of the 19th century to attract top-class luxury customers. During the Second World War, the famous Quebec conference was held here.

In the castle, Roosevelt, Elizabeth II, Prince of Monaco and movie star Princess Grace Kelly, George Clooney and other 17 famous people have been named, and the hotel has now become a visit to Quebec City. When you can't miss the sights.

Thanks to this hotel, Quebec has a great view. On the list of Lonely Planet, Fairmont Le Chateau Frontenac became a reason to go to Quebec.

Far from the hope, the 19th century French castle building towering into the sky, the red brick exterior wall with dark green tiles will be combined into the "Ghost" drama frequently appearing outside.

If you want to live in the same season with the "Ghosts" in the maple season, don't miss this opportunity!

9 nights 11 days in eastern Canada

Maple, CN Tower Rotating Dinner, Waterfall, Castle Hotel...

1. [Best season to enjoy the maple season] - In the middle and late October, the eastern part of Canada will become a sea of ​​maple leaves. At the best time, head to the country of Maple Leaf and feel the first touch.

2. [Luxury Hotel] - Select luxury five-star hotels in the big city, choose the highest standard four-star hotel in the small town, and bring you the most comfortable enjoyment.

3. [Special Dining] - CN Tower Rotating Dinner, Canada's most distinctive food Poutine, Maple Sugar Cabin Experience, the most authentic Canadian experience

4. [Landscape Accommodation] - Upgraded to the Gold Floor River View of the Fairmont Quebec Fontaine Castle in the last two nights + Niagara Falls View Room

5. [Boutique Group] - More than 10 people to send the team leader, the whole team leader + tour guide + driver, more service staff, more intimate care, spoiled travel

6. [One price full] - including full transportation costs, attraction tickets, catering, tipping subsidies, etc., so that you have no worries

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