Olympic snow field, ice and snow fun, explore new North American gameplay

High-quality champagne powder snow, world-class professional skiing facilities, as well as top-class resorts that are full of food and entertainment. This sacred place has a vast expanse of ice that was covered 15,000 years ago. Out of the majestic Pacific Coast Mountains nowadays~

Nestled at the foot of Whistler Mountain and Blackcomb Mountain, it is Canada's premier ski resort. The venue of the 2010 Winter Olympics has made the town famous. It has been named "North America " by the world famous "Ski" magazine for many years. The best ski resort" .

In addition to the numerous snow and ice sports, there are niche experiences that you must not know, such as dreams comparable to Iceland's blue ice cave !

Put a wave of beautiful pictures first.

Isn’t it cool to lose Iceland?

Dive into these natural ice cave expeditions, swim in the blue world, and see the interior of the glacier connected like a maze. It will definitely make you marvel and not move.

Because the density of ice is high and there are no bubbles, it can absorb all the light and reflect the blue light , which is dazzling!

Come to the Blue Ice Cave, and step into the cave to marvel, you can also taste a unique private dinner!

It all benefits from the familiar luxury hotel Four Seasons. The Blue Room is a top-of-the-line gourmet tour of the Four Seasons Whistler and Head-Line Mountain Holidays, designed to provide high-end players with a unique, intimate culinary journey .

Four Seasons Resort and Residences Whistler is the top mountain resort in North America and was voted the only five-star resort in Whistler by Forbes Travel Guide .

Four Seasons's head chef, David Baarschers, and his team of chefs prepare five dishes for guests , including seasonal caviar, Vancouver Island oysters, thyme roasted vegetables, and more.

The Blue Ice Cave is above the uninhabited ice sheet near Whistler. This little-known niche is waiting for love to explore your arrival. As for the way of arrival, there are no other means of transportation to get there except for helicopters.

To get here, you can only take the Sky Helicopter helicopter from the hotel, then you can experience Canada's largest and least known ice field, surrounded by virgin forests, glaciers and the Rocky Mountains volcanic rocks. Wild world.

These glaciers are not static as you can see, the water at the bottom is flowing slowly, and you can even hear the sound of glacier cracking!

In fact, no matter what kind of traveler you are, Whistler can satisfy all your fantasies about snow and ice in winter! This top-class resort with stunning winter views, dining and entertainment is perfect for all your winter expectations~

// Punch Winter Olympics logo - humanoid boulder //

At the highest point of Whistler, the flag of the 2010 Vancouver Winter Olympics, the Inuit Stone Pile “laanaq”. The main body of the stone pile is an abstract figure with five arms and open arms. It reflects "friendship, enthusiasm, strength, vision and team spirit. These humanoid boulders are the road signs and monuments of Whistler.

Take a photo here, you have a good vision~

// From small white to experienced players, all meet you //

Whistler in winter is a paradise for snow sports. It not only has the most professional snow fields and related facilities in the world, but also snow fun activities for snow enthusiasts and families.

If you are a senior skier , come and challenge the professional ski trails on Whistler Mountain. There are more than 100 trails on the Whistler Mountain Ski Area, 25% of which are designed for professional skiers, and Whistler's unique helicopter and cross-country skiing programs.

|| Helicopter skiing

The helicopter will take you to the uninhabited mountain forest more than ten kilometers away, landing on the peak of the snow-capped mountains, the next second emotion is driven by the pleasure of driving a snowboard from a new snow!

|| Cross country skiing

Whistler Blackcomb is one of the top 10 cross-country ski resorts in the world recorded by Lonely Planet. Holding a ski pole in the wilderness, you can walk through the snowy forests of Linhai, cross the forest covered with snow and ice crystals, and feel the stimulation of the adrenal glands caused by wild cross-country skiing in the rosin-filled jungle.

If you are a junior skier , you can also find a suitable trail for you in Whistler. In fact, about 20% of the ski trails at Whistler Mountain Ski Resort are designed for beginners.

Or you can find a professional ski teacher at the local ski school , and offer a variety of skiing courses such as snowboarding, snow cat skiing, cross-country skiing, etc., for different age groups of skiers with different teaching characteristics.

// In addition to skiing, you can still...// 

|| Jungle Flying

Speeding through the mountains and rivers through the high-altitude cableway. It sounds like a cool look~

Whistler has the longest and highest taxiway in the world, riding the winds of the millennium virgin forest, crossing Whistler and Blackcomb, overlooking the Fitzsimmons stream. A courageous friend can also experience night glide, with a headlight in the deep jungle!

|| Hot springs

After the wild skiing trip, how to give the body the best relaxation? Hot springs!

Whistler has a number of top spa experiences, bathing in a secluded environment, massaging the rest after skiing, and soaking the body in warm water. The fatigue of the day disappears like this! 

|| Squamish Livat Cultural Center

Feel the original culture and history in the most authentic way~

The Squamish and Lil'wat were the first Aboriginal people to live in Whistler. Today, two Aboriginal people have built the Squamish Lil'wat Cultural Centre to share their art, history, humanities and diet with visitors from all over the world.

Here, you can learn how the Squamish and Livat tribes shared the Salicist territory, uncovering the secrets of cedar and the meaning of mountains, oceans and rivers. In addition to learning ancient cultural knowledge, you can also experience hand-woven bark bracelets.

Whistler, fun is more than skiing. When are you going to experience it?

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