Missed waiting for another year! This must-go travel destination in September, contracted 90% of the domestic fall

Autumn is beautiful, and Xinjiang has contracted most of China's beauty. How can you not look at it?

Today, the owner of the nest is going to give you the experience of Kanas, White Haba and Hemu, which you will experience in the northern Xinjiang. If you want to experience outdoor travel, light walking and photography, Kanas may be a good fit!

  How to play Kanas  

[Colorful Beach]

The colorful beach is very close to Burqin, about 20 kilometers away, and the journey is about half an hour. Next to the colorful beach is the Irtysh River. Due to the special Yadan landform of the colorful beach, red, green, brown, yellow and other colors appear in the sunlight. It is dazzling, as if walking into a colorful world.

If you like photography, you must not miss it! It is best to enjoy the beauty of the colorful beaches in the early morning or in the evening sunset. The scenery is more beautiful, but keep warm to avoid catching colds.

[the Grand Canyon of China and Kazakhstan]

From the Kanas area to the White Haba shuttle bus will stop here, here is the canyon of China and Kazakhstan as a border, the valley has a birch forest and a long white Haba River, you can enjoy the exotic scenery of the two countries.

Most people will come here to take photos with the boundary pillar, but I love the scenery here. The birch forest is tall and dense, as if it is also guarding the frontier.

[White Haba]

Known as the first village in the northwest, it has a kind and simple Tuva people. When you walk into the Tuva family, you can experience the lifestyle of the locals and understand their cultural customs.

The morning sun and the setting sun of Baihaba and Hemu are very beautiful. If you have time friends, don’t miss it. Friends who like photography can prepare photographic equipment to the sights.

[Kanas Lake]

It is said that the lake will change color with the four seasons, and most of the time it is azure or bean green. There are plank roads to walk around the lake. If you like to play by the lake, you can stay for a while. The clear lake water has a unique style with the tree-lined path.

You can also take a boat trip to the lake in Kanas Lake. There are mysterious legends of lake monsters. Although I didn’t see it, I might see it if I’m lucky! Walking along Kanas Lake, it takes about 2 hours to take a leisurely stroll.

[Kanas Sanwan]

Walking along the boardwalk, you can slowly appreciate the most beautiful three bays in Kanas: Fairy Bay, Moon Bay and Wolong Bay.

If you don't like the noisy crowd, walking on Sanwan is definitely the best choice for you.Take a free stroll, breathe in the fresh air, and stop at the beautiful scenery with a beautiful view. This is the true meaning of travel.

[View fish pavilion]

Originally built to see the "Lake Monster", it is now the best place to overlook Kanas Lake. It takes about 1,000 steps to climb the Guanyu Pavilion, and it takes about 1.5-2 hours to walk.

After boarding the fish platform, you can see two-thirds of the Kanas Lake, and you can also see the snow-capped mountains. The view is very wide.

[Hemu Village]

Hemu Village is located in Burqin County, Altay Prefecture, Northern Xinjiang, about 30 kilometers east of Kanas Lake. It is a small village shared by Kazakhs and Tuva. The houses here are all made of logs and are full of original flavor.

The most fascinating thing about Hemu Village is the intoxicating autumn colors of Wanshan Red. The smoke rises in the autumn colors, forming a dreamy smoke belt, which is better than a fairyland.

If you want to feel the charm of Hemu in depth, you must stay here for one night. It is not only convenient for shooting the morning sun, but also for watching the night sky in the evening. You can also shoot the starry sky track in the early morning.

[Hemu Grassland]

Although not as broad as the Inner Mongolian steppe, it has a unique charm. If you go to the Hemu grassland in autumn, you will see a golden color. If you want to see the green grassland, you may have to go in spring and summer.

Personally, it is highly recommended to experience horseback riding. Although it does not have to be as fast as the Nalati and Bayinbulak grasslands, it is a different experience to enjoy the scenery all the way.

[Tuva Village]

The Tuva people are an ancient nation in China, and they live on nomads and hunting. For nearly four hundred years, they have settled on the shores of Kanas Lake. They are brave and powerful. They are good at riding, skiing, singing and dancing. They are basically maintaining a relatively primitive lifestyle.

The wooden houses from the logarithm, scattered in the village, small bridges, water, smoke, and milk. The quaint little village scenery is as mysterious as Kanas Lake.

▼ Classic four-day route arrangement ▼

The Kanas route is more complicated. If you do not arrange the blind travel of the trip, it is easy to be confused. The owner of the three scenic spots has compiled a four-day tour and can finish all the attractions.

Specific itinerary is as follows

D1. Colorful Beach - Kanas - White Haba

D2. White Haba - Kanas Scenic Area

D3. Kanas Guanyu Pavilion - Hemu

D4. Hemu-Hemu Grassland - Return

D1. Beibei - Burqin - Colorful Beach - Kanas - White Haba

Because most people choose to travel by train, today's itinerary is for friends who take the train. If you choose to fly or drive, you don't need to go to Beibei. You can decide to arrive in Kana on the same day according to your own situation. Or arrive one day in advance and start the journey the next day.

D2. White Haba - Kanas Scenic Area

Yesterday, I almost finished the tour of Baihaba. Today, I have plenty of time to visit the Kanas area. If I choose to stay in Baihaba on the first day, I can get up early in the morning to watch the beautiful morning of Baihaba. From Baihaba to Kanas, you can take a shuttle bus directly, which is very convenient, but you must plan your time before you travel. If you have a hiking plan, pay attention to dressing and prepare the appropriate items.

D3. Kanas Guanyu Pavilion - Hemu

Since yesterday’s trekking consumed physical strength, the fish watching pavilion was arranged until the morning of the third day. If you don't have a hike, friends who want to play more in Hemu can go to the fish station the next afternoon, and then go directly to Hemu on the third day. Hemu is a paradise for many photographers, whether it is snowy winter or golden autumn can give you a visual feast.

D4. Hemu-Hemu Grassland - Return

The return trip will be arranged this afternoon, so the time for the tour is only the morning.Considering that the return trip is hard, it is best to arrange a lighter activity in the morning.The specific play time can be adjusted according to the return mode and return time.

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