I walked through the snowy season of Lijiang in Dali, but finally left my heart here.

Well-known Lijiang

Often referred to as the "land of affair", "the capital of the ancient town"

But very few people know, or few people have been there.

Lijiang also has a paradise close to the sky.

Gradan Prairie

One piece is located in the Laojunshan National Geological Park in Lijiang

Pure land of 3600 meters above sea level

Have a different kind of tranquility and purity

On the vast grasslands, a few tents are scattered among them.

That is Kangteng Gradan Tent Camp

It is a pioneering eco-tourism product of Contin Vinetree.

It is the first low-carbon green and high-end tent holiday camp in China.

It is also the only high-altitude tent hotel in the world.

It is known as the "quiet Utopia on the mountain"

On the grassy steppe of the United States

Is there a home that matches the tent more?

Early April 2018

Contin Gradan Tent Camp

After the end of the four-month winter break

Finally, it will be brand new

On March 16, 2018, a heavy snowfall on Gradan

The sixth year of Kangteng Graddan

After the baptism of the harsh winter

Still stunning

Familiar funky face

There are also seven intimate tents for people.

Are summoning the emotions that cannot be left in the heart

Everything has not changed

Everything is fresh

Brand new spring

Brand new spirit

Create a brand new Gladan

Sailing belongs to your unique 2018

When I was a child, I sat at my doorstep with my little friends who were playing together.

Looking up at the sky and sky. Together with the dream of growing up

Growing up to be a

Pilot, to be a scientist, to be a painter, to be a singer

However, it all goes with

Learning, work, life, stress

Gradually disappeared under the starry sky at the doorstep of childhood

The pressure of urban work, the rhythm of high-speed operation

How many years have you seen such a starry sky?

Bring your beloved TA

Join the Lijiang Kangteng Gradan tent camp together.

Under the starry sky, recall the childhood dreams together.

In addition to the starry sky

Gradan tent camp also has vast grasslands

Intoxicating sunset

Blue sky

After a winter preparation, the Kangteng Gradan tent camp

What is it like now?

As the snow gradually melted, the meadow gradually recovered from the golden

The trees extract new sprouts, melt snow into the river, merge into the stream

Cordyceps outcrop, waiting to explore

Everyone has a way in their hearts

There are bright sunshine on the road, as well as wind, frost and rain.

There are flowers and flowers, and there are also grasses.

Will pass by the mountains, pass by the lake, pass by the forest, pass by the grasslands

Will pass by pain and happiness

There is also a road from Lijiang to Kangteng Gradan.

Like your heart - seeing the truth in the ups and downs, bumping the passion and vitality of life

The most beautiful scenery, only after baptism can see

Right in front, snowy mountains of 5596

Below, 2400 fireworks

There is also the Pentium's Jinsha River.

Gradan grassland

Red Rock Street

First bay of the Yangtze River

2400 meters above sea level

The sky is squeezed and cut into polygons

I always breathe on my toes


Firm and powerful, unwilling

Turbid rushing forward

There are currently 17 tents in the camp.

There are 7 tents in the room.

Although it is a high altitude area, you don't have to worry about low temperatures at all.

Each tent is made of four layers of thermal insulation material.

And a streamlined design look

Concise and more modern and simple

In the original ecology of Kangteng Graddan, there is unusual purity and beauty.

Highland yoga

Prairie SPA

Shepherd golf course

Even if you don't do anything

Sitting quietly on the grass and going deep into the sea is also a must-see experience.

Or watching the hordes of cattle and sheep eating grass without anybody, feeling the same leisurely as them.

From April 1st,

Let's set off again,

Fly to Lijiang,

Camp 3 Days 2 Nights Package

Going to a special

Gradan Spring Tour

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