Winter is the most cost-effective time to go to Tibet! The old words on the holy land paradise, the faith in the incense torch!

As soon as they enter the winter, the travellers who are unable to live can be divided into two ways:

Go straight all the way to the northeast, forget to age and roll in the snow;

All the way down the south, the road is straight to the warm embrace of the tropical island.

However, no one thinks of our snowy plateau, the holy place that no one has longed for -Tibet .

Because there are too many people, there is too deep misunderstanding about the winter in Tibet.

The winter in Tibet is much warmer than you think.

Although the altitude is high, due to better sunshine conditions and relatively dry conditions,the average temperature of the winter "Sun City" is 5-10 °C higher than that of Beijing!

The high reaction caused by the low oxygen content is also different from person to person.

The difference in oxygen content between summer and winter is only 3%-5%, which is not as big as imagined. If you feel unwell, you should take oxygen in time.

As for why Xiaofeijun strongly recommends going to Tibet in winter, the benefits are so many that I don’t know where to start.

↑ In the winter, tourists are plummeting, but still quiet. A golden sun sprinkled over Lhasa, and the city was golden.

Winter has better visibility, so snow-capped mountains lakes become more sacred, refined.Under the snow, the scenery along the way was drunk.

Come to this holy place as a family and pray for this land.

It is said that the child of God is going to Tibet, because it is the closest place to heaven - standing in the quiet place of the snowy plateau, letting the dragon go far, let the bustling fade. Only when you come here knows that only Tibet in winter is the paradise of God and the kingdom of all children.

||  Basongcuo  - "Tibet Little Switzerland"

Ba Songcuo is all seasons, especially autumn and winter. If Ba Songcuo is on your itinerary, you may wish to stay for a few more days and look at the lake, see the glaciers, and see the forest In the winter. The diverse Basongcuo not only has a charming natural scenery, but also the essence of Linzhigongbu culture.

At the most beautiful time of Ba Songcuo, in the early morning and evening, camping at the lake to watch the sunrise and sunset, when the golden afterglow shines on the lake, the feeling of pleasure comes to life. If you like to hike, under the leadership of a senior leader, take you to the new measures in the hinterland of the scenic spot . This little lake will definitely make you happy.

||  Nyang River - Winter color parallel with 318 National Highway and Linla Expressway

The 318 Sichuan-Tibet Highway and the Linla Expressway are almost parallel to the entire Niyang River basin, and the choice of the two landscape avenues is difficult.Linzhi's winter is not a deadly depression, but instead presents a crystal clear blue. The clear Niyang River rushes to the lower reaches, and every time the morning faints, the water flows brightly.

||  YamdrokTso - calm as a blue mirror

The sheep lake in the winter is undoubtedly unforgettable, with a thousand miles of frozen scenery, there is no charm. It is not the summer flowers and green fields, nor the autumn yellow grass. The snow water from the surrounding Nyainqentanglha Mountains has created a rather mirror-like presence on the lake. There is no trace of dust, and the dust falling on the surface will “slip”.

||  Pumzcuo  - "China Baikal"

Compared with the three holy lakes, Pumo’s popularity is not so high, but in winter it is definitely more worthwhile than a tea card.

After the icing, Pumo's fault is transparent and visible at the bottom of the lake. Under the illumination of the sun, the wonders of the blue ice, the scale and the degree of shock are even as good as Baikal! Moreover, Pu Mozhen’s mistaken victory in the distance with the Kulagang Day Snow Mountain, the two Yaoyao look forward, quite sacred feeling.

||  Sangye Temple  - the first temple in Tibet

The first temple in Tibet with the three treasures of Buddhism is the Samye Monastery. Unlike other temples in Tibet, it is based on its architectural style – the Han Tibetan and Indian styles are singularly blended together.

As soon as you enter the temple, you will hear the distant bells and the low chanting, the simple style, and the solemn atmosphere can't help but calm down. In the morning or evening, climb to the top of the Haibu Rishen Mountain next to the Samye Monastery, overlooking the panoramic view of the Samye Monastery and the Yarlung Zangbo River, which is an excellent venue for photography.

|| Point butter lamps to pray for the family

In Lhasa, you will see the most pristine beliefs, the sweetest smiles and the most mundane material needs. In the winter, people in the whole Tibetan area will come to Lhasa for pilgrimages in the same year. On the first day of the Lunar New Year, I came to Tibet's most prestigious land with incense and light oil lamps, praying for a year's blessings for my family, and praying sincerely that Ping An is the best New Year's wish.

Tips: According to the book, the butter lamps can turn the world into a torch, so that the light of the fire will never be blocked, the naked eye becomes extremely clear, the law of good and non-good is understood, the darkness of disobedience and ignorance is removed, and the heart of wisdom is obtained. In the world, I will never be confused with the darkness, reincarnate in the high world, and quickly and completely break away from grief.

|| Entering the New Year's Baptism of the Potala Palace

Against the backdrop of blue sky and white clouds, its sacred and stalwart is enough to make people cry. Entering the palace slope is like a long zigzag mountain road connecting the heavens and the human world. It seems that after climbing the ladder of more than 900 levels, all the consummations are gathered on you.

|| Walking in Barkhor Street, hiking in the old town

Barkhor Street is like an open city, and it will always be like a woven person. Fortunately, you can see the most authentic Tibetan life and belief in the alleys of Barkhor Street.

For those small temples that are hidden in residential areas, only local people can worship. Although they are not as shocking as the Jokhang Temple and the Potala Palace, you can see the most authentic religious life in the area . Tickets are also free. In the afternoon, I hid in the alley of the old city of Barkhue. Like a child walking a dice, I turned the small temples one by one.

|| Visit the tea house and wake up in a cup of sweet tea

A good way to communicate with locals is to visit a tea house. The day in Lhasa usually starts from a tea house. Opening the curtains of the old-style teahouses is the most leisure time in Lhasa. Some sweet teahouses also serve as Tibetans or Tibetan buns. This condenses the city’s well-being in Tibet.

Whether it is in the Kuruko teahouse of the Kurukura Temple, the sun leaks from the gap of the ceiling, or in the cafeteria of the 80s factory in the Guangming teahouse, the state that can feel the passage of time from the fingertips is infinitely comfortable.

|| Drilling into the alley, following the locals towards the Buddha

Whether you are waiting at the entrance to the Jokhang Temple Square for a shuttle bus to some of the big temples around Lhasa, or to a small temple hidden in a residential area, you will meet Tibetan compatriots from all directions, or turn a cylinder, or three steps. Worship, or the six-word mantra... The heart is full of piety, follow them into the temple, bow to each bodhisattva and worship. At the same time, you can give something for the lamp, the wine, the tea, and the milk, but you can't mess around.

||  Yarlung Zangbo - An extraordinary walking tour in the hearts of Tibetans

If China's most beautiful fall is in Linzhi, then this part of Milin will be the essence of the self-driving route.

The Yarlung Zangbo Grand Canyon is the deepest canyon on the planet, between Milin County and Medog County. Antique houses and forests complement each other. Once inside the entrance to the Grand Canyon, it suddenly fell into the fantasy natural picture.

||  Namjagbarwa - Burning Torch in the Sunset

Walking from the Yarlung Zangbo River Gorge, this road is not too difficult for outdoor white, but what is more rare is that the scenery along the way is really worth it! Close to the end of the trip, Nanga Bawa's "straight spear of the blue sky" is perfectly presented under the clear blue sky. In the map of the setting sun, the red clouds in the mountains are like a ignited Red fire.

||  Nanyigou  - The dazzling picture under the blue sky of the Qinghai-Tibet Plateau

"Fantasy Fairyland, clear Mi Lin ", into the Nanyigou, golden pine forest, green canyon, full of glacier snow mountains, under the clear blue sky of the Qinghai-Tibet Plateau, every place is a dazzling picture Beautiful, shocking!

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