This "slipping net" landing national color does not lose to Morocco, the ocean is beautiful over Palau, the whole country is an "open-air museum"!

Every week I followed Feekr to see so many popular and niche landscapes in the world. Today, Xiaofeijun also wants to test you.

↑This is not Morocco, but it is a bold and colorful town. It seems that I will break into the mythical story of the thousand and one nights at any time;

↑This is not Turkey, but it is the country with the highest cost-effectiveness in global hot air balloons. The high-level driving skills of the helmsman make the beauty of the paintings as close as possible;

↑This is not a Southeast Asian island, but it is a seaside resort that Europeans like to see. The water quality is very clear and visible. Only Ma Dai can compete with it!

The answer is Egypt .

With the beautiful coastal scenery of the Mediterranean Sea and the Red Sea, the 7000-year history of humanities has never been boasted, and the devout faith has been greeted with enthusiasm and generosity. No country in the world can completely replicate the charm of Egypt!


Chaos and crowded, but incomparably indulged in the modern capital

As the capital of the Islamic era, Cairo has a history of more than 1,000 years and is the largest city in Egypt and the Arab world. At the same time, Cairo is also one of the oldest Islamic cities. There are more than a thousand existing mosques in Cairo. As the capital of Egypt, you can find the most complete life of the Egyptians here.

||  Pyramid  - Time to fear the pyramid

Some people in the world may not know that the Egyptian capital is called Cairo, but he could not have heard of the pyramid. As an early impression of Egypt and a symbol of ancient Egyptian civilization, the pyramid is definitely a must-see attraction. The pyramids look far and near, and the feelings are very different. The camel ringing sounds, the thoughts drift away.

An experience not to be missed:

1. Have a breakfast with a view of the pyramids before the arrival of the tourists

An experience not to be missed:

2. Look for the 9 tower connection and take a superb photo.

An experience not to be missed:

3. Riding a camel in the desert, beware of the local people’s mandatory sales, be sure to bargain

|| Saladin Castle - the most beautiful mosque in Egypt

Located in the old town of Cairo, Saladin Castle is a castle built by the Egyptian national hero Saladin to resist the Crusades. Founded in the eleventh century, it is a historical testimony of the ups and downs of Egypt. Among the castles is the Muhammad Ali Mosque, which is luxuriously decorated and stands at the top. You can also see the panoramic view of Cairo and the pyramids in the distance. It has always been a tourist attraction.

||  Khalili Market  - Alley alley in Cairo

To say that there is Nanluoguxiang in Beijing and Chenghuang Temple in Shanghai, that Cairo is Khalili. The Khalili market is the oldest and largest market in downtown Cairo. The entire old street is densely packed with more than 4,000 small shops, narrow streets and dozens of intricate alleys don't get lost here. The entire market retains a strong medieval atmosphere, whether it is recreational shopping or solving satiety problems, you can satisfy you at one time.

||  Naguib Mahfouz Cafe - Egyptian pride

After visiting the Khalili Market, next to the top schools and mosques that represent the highest cultural standards in the Arab world - the Aizhar Mosque. Near the entrance, there is a row of cafes, one of which is famous for the fact that Najib Mahfouz, the Nobel laureate of literature, frequented him during his lifetime. Many Egyptians are even more proud to say, "The Fisavi cafe is more representative of Cairo than the pyramid."


The entire city is “the largest open air museum in the world”

Luxor is an ancient city, and the birthplace of most historical sites is here. Unlike Cairo, the Pharaohs were tired of the theft of the pyramids, and they were more enthusiastic about the construction of the temple. After years of war and destruction, many treasured cultural relics were destroyed, but Luxor is still the world's largest "open-air museum" and has the reputation of "the city of palaces".

|| Luxor Hot Air Balloon  - the world's most cost-effective

If you want to take a hot air balloon, you have to get up early, and you have to gather around four in the morning. Under the control of the skilled helmsman, the hot air balloon rises smoothly. The hot air balloons flew through the iconic buildings such as the civilian residential area, the Valley of the Kings, and the Queen's Valley. The unique perspective of Luxor has a taste. After a while, the sun also sneaked out of the horizon, watching the sunrise in the air is still the first time.

The hot air balloon, which has a convenient view of the city of Luxor, is also very cost-effective. After the trip, each visitor will receive a commemorative certificate signed by the helmsman to prove the authenticity of this dreamy journey.

||  Karnak Temple - Light construction takes thousands of years

The Temple of Karnak is the most famous temple in Egypt, the oldest temple in Thebes. It is said that it took only a thousand years to build it alone, and it is definitely worth the money.There are more than 20 shrines, 134 giant stone pillars, and stone statues of lions and rams in the temple. Among them, there is the temple of Amon dedicated to the sun god Amun.

|| Luxor Temple  - Night Tour is more mysterious

Although not as large as the size of the Karnak Temple, the Luxor Temple is better preserved.At the entrance of the Sphinx Avenue, the sculptures on both sides are vivid and can imagine the prosperity of the ancient Egyptian empire. If the sun is too sun-baked during the day, the temple night tour is also a "reservation project". The light hits the statue, and the effect of light, shadow and video is very shocking!

||  Al-Sahaby Lane Restaurant - Amazing Red Restaurant

End the temple tour, especially recommending to dine at Al-Sahaby Lane Restaurant. In addition to offering local specialties, there is also a beautiful rooftop with unlimited scenery, right in front of the Luxor Temple. Looking at the sun's afterglow hangs over the solemn temple, expecting a wonderful story to come along with the night.

El Gouna

Charming coastline without losing the European town of the Mediterranean

99% of team tours and self-guided tourists do not know this EL GOUNA town, the vast majority of residents from Europe and America. The town faces the sea and is surrounded by lagoons. Regarding the name of the Red Sea, there have been many different opinions. No matter what the reason, the pure sea of ​​the Red Sea is really intoxicating.

|| city ​​walk 

EL GOUNA is very different from the Egyptian city you visited before. You can only understand why many European and American residents choose to settle here. The town faces the lake and surrounds many hotel and bed and breakfasts along the lagoon. The resort atmosphere is rich, and each hotel is a distinct Arabian style, and the dwarf houses are colorful and colorful.

Are the seaside towns born with their own leisurely genes? At any time of the day on the beaches of the Red Sea, visitors are enjoying the scenery. The bikini girl is wearing a sunglasses and lying on a beach chair. Even without the help of maps, aimlessly strolling through the neat streets, it seems that the scenery in the European town is especially suitable for taking pictures.

|| Royal sea

The Red Sea is definitely a sea area that is underestimated by the "fun degree". You must have a good time at the beach! In addition to the beachside play, experienced players will recommend you a cost-effective royal trip to the sea, including snorkeling, the Elguna Lagoon, the banana boat and the rich lunches. In just one day, you will enjoy the fun and good looks.

|| Scuba Diving

There are many opinions about the name of the Red Sea. Some say that there are a lot of red shellfish in the Red Sea, some say that there are a lot of yellow-red corals in the shallow sea, and some say that the wind on the African desert is red. Dust mist. No matter what the reason, the scenery of the seabed is definitely not to be missed! Participate in the local diving experience project, coaching 2 to 1 teaching, easy to get started with this high-force sport!

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