Thumping in the midsummer lavender fields, love the slow-paced life of the blue coast

Provence , which is bathed in the sun for nearly 300 days a year , will welcome a wave of lavender flowers in July-August .

From now on, you will pick up my mood, get a visa, and wait for Southern France to be dyed into a fascinating purple. Walking with us in Southern France & Monaco, let the dark purple color render the midsummer.


01 / Travel to Southern France, Monaco & romantic Paris


Follow us and go to Paris - Monaco - Cannes - Marseille - Valensole - Gordes - Avignon . Experience the Southern French style in depth.

02 / To say romance, the one who knows you best is Paris.


When I came to France, I didn’t go to Paris to punch cards, but I could call it complete. The water of the Seine at sunset, like a smooth silk, is quiet and gentle. The Eiffel Tower stands on the banks of the Seine, like a proud princess.

To say romance, the one who knows you the most is Paris. Holding coffee, walking in the old house between the high and low, the old style makes people think that they walked into the postcard. After entering the night, the neon lights turned this into a fireworks world, and could not help but fall into the romantic network of Paris.

03 / Provence: Intoxicated with summer lavender flowers


In the 1990s, Aunt Qiong Yao used the "A Dream of a Dream" to evoke the desire of countless girls for Provence in France. Although the work itself has no connotation, the romance of Provence's lavender flowers is real.

The southern part of France has a pleasant climate, a long coastline and plenty of sunshine throughout the year. Nearly 300 days a year, Provence is shining in the sun, and in the summer, it opens a curtain of purple dreams.

Let the heart beat, and the unique aroma of lavender, thyme, pine, etc. in the air. Stand in the purple sea of ​​Provence and enjoy the natural aroma that you can't easily find elsewhere.

04 / Grand Canyon Area of Provence


The beauty of Provence is more than lavender, and the scent of blue in the Grand Canyon is equally dreamy. Explore the Sanctuary Lake in the canyon, the spring city above the turbulent waters, and feel the worry-free lifestyle of Meyer.

05 / Monaco: Extravagant pocket small country


Monaco is located in the south of France. It is surrounded by France in the north, west and east. It is one of the rare "China". When you come to the south of France, why not set foot on this small pocket country and experience its magnificent luxury tone?

There are two faces here: medieval streets, royal palaces, famous big casinos and luxury hotels. The palatial Monte Carlo Casino is like a palace full of luxury.

Take a bus and visit the F1 Museum and experience the speed and passion on the F1 track.

06 / Arles : Looking for Van Gogh's sunflowers


Follow the footsteps of Van Gogh and travel to the sunny southern town of Arles. In the midsummer, the dazzling sunflower flower field inspires Van Gogh's inspiration and draws the hand-painted painting "Sunflower".

Facing the sun, the endless sunflowers make people feel the vitality of life. The slow pace of the small town of Arles will also bring you long-lost comfort.

07 / Marseille: Millennium Old City, the capital of Provence


For thousands of years, Eastern goods have entered the Western market from Marseille. Rich Mediterranean style and romantic French temperament, as well as a hint of North African atmosphere... This wonderful exotic atmosphere is the charm of Marseille.

Marseille is cool, sweet and lazy: in the old port of Marseille, the white sails and the shadows of the flowing water, the wide blue sky, the French posters on the pier, the beautiful baby in the stroller and their elegant mothers. Remind you that this is the Marseille of Provence.

The most amazing scenery in Marseille is not only the Church of Our Lady of the Peak, but also the natural fjord on the Mediterranean coast. It is full of cliffs, rock formations, and the sea is as clear and bright as sapphire, and it will last forever. This trip allows you to arrange a fjord walk or arrange a boat trip.

08 / the French's Private Paradise

It is the history of Southern France in 2000 along the stone road; the curved alley is covered with vegetation to cover the entire wall; the winding path, the lazy coffee aroma... We'll reveal the French's private paradise for you, and experience the slow pace of life in the beauty of the small crowd .

09 / Antibes Town: Tracking the Footsteps of Masters


What kind of beauty is it that will make the masters Picasso and Cézanne all dream about the soul of Antibes? In 1946, Picasso came to South France with his lover. Here they are amazed by the beautiful and blue coastline.

10 / The most beautiful village in France: Stone Town


Gordes, a true stone city, is known as the most beautiful village in France. Most of the town's architectural cities were built in the Middle Ages, and all the houses, trails, and urban walls are built with stone.

Looking up from time to time, I will see the town residents through the window. Walk through it and experience the slow life of South France.

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