[Hot play] Self-driving in a romantic France!

Old drivers who like to travel freely, have to dry up in the most romantic countries, to accept the baptism of art, to experience the most authentic French style, the castle, the French town, the lavender of Provence, the fairy tale world is in front of you .

How to get to Paris less in Paris, although the traffic in Paris is not as smooth as in the countryside. But this station is our must, the Louvre on the banks of the Seine, the magnificent and luxurious Versailles, and the Notre Dame de Paris, which combines religion, culture and architecture. The Eiffel Tower, the Arc de Triomphe will not be introduced in small series. Have a cup of afternoon tea at the "the most beautiful street in the world" on the Champs Elysées, buy and buy in the spring department store, here is the perfect combination of art and fashion, here is Paris!

France self-driving, you must go to Nice, my understanding of Nice, originally from the Loch Ness Monster.This French medieval town with Mediterranean flavours is like a spring, a sunny beach, a blue sky and a blue sky. It is no wonder that it has always been a favorite resort for French aristocrats .

When it comes to Cannes, you may only have the first impression of the Cannes Film Festival. It is true that the reason most tourists come to Cannes is to watch the movie stars, but ignore the bright scenery of his unique Mediterranean coast. Cannes has a 5km long sandy beach with an unobstructed view of the blue sea. The beaches of Cannes allow you to enjoy the warm sunshine of the Mediterranean, and the beauty of bikinis on the beach will also make you feast your eyes. Facing the sea, you feel that even the air is romantic. The romance of the French is probably derived from this.

Monaco, China's Monaco, is located in Monaco in the south of France, about half an hour's drive from Nice. It is known as the small and rich magical country. The world's most famous casino, the Monte Carlo Grand Casino, is located in the Monte Carlo district of Monaco. Like the luxury of a palace, when you see a luxury car parked at the entrance of the casino, Dubai's luxury car is really nothing. Monte Carlo is also home to one of the four famous F1 race tracks, the Monte Carlo, which is unparalleled in the world. Come here to see what a real luxury!

The French town of Annecy, known as the "Little Venice", was named one of the six charming towns in the world. Annecy, surrounded by mountains and rivers, is surrounded by the Alps to the north and Lake Annecy to the south. Beautiful flowers, European-style bridges and colorful houses, perfectly blending the sweetness of Switzerland with the romance of France, like a small town in a paradise. If you come here, just slow down your steps and feel the leisure town life here.

Avignon is a famous city in Provence in southern France. If you are going to see lavender, then Avignon is definitely not to be missed. Lavender flower sea has always been a purple dream in the hearts of girls. From mid-June to early August, it is the flowering period of lavender. When you choose this time, you can see a large lavender field. If you love taking pictures, you can definitely feel the pictorial. In addition to lavender, you also have the N reasons to fall in love with it. The European houses surrounded by flowers, the passionate locals, and the world-class historical and cultural heritage are worth a visit.

Compared with the Avignon surrounded by the tour group, Arles has a low profile. Because of Van Gogh, Arles' sunflower field is especially famous, and it does not lose to the sunflower field of lavender field. The sunflower field is mainly distributed on the road to the northern suburbs of Arles to Avignon. The golden beauty is just right for self-driving. You are swimming. Because Van Gogh, the streets and alleys are full of artistic atmosphere, roadside coffee shops, small bars, if you love art, here is paradise.

China's Moutai, France's Bordeaux, Bordeaux is the world's largest wine country, the wines here make many wine lovers, pilgrimage yearning. Visiting the winery is also a classic project of Bordeaux tourism. Not only can you enjoy the large vineyards, but you can also taste the original wines, and you can enjoy the taste of wine. The taste of red wine is probably only born in France. A romantic country can be brewed.

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