As a local for a week | French modern lifestyle

Feel the elegant life of French elegance



Aesthetic color

 Running around may limit our ability to perceive. Just like travel, all the meaning of travel is not everything that we see, but from personal experience and perception.

Want to avoid the fate of "tourist routine", go to France to go deep into a local life, feel the elegant life of French elegance, and experience a romantic aesthetic.

Starting from wearing

Already led by French fashionista Leah

Learn about the glamorous Parisian fashion wear

Dive into the BOBO upstarts in Paris

Understand their current preferences and fashion

The Parisian who values ​​the quality of life has a unique taste and aesthetic approach to all aspects of life. Follow the most authoritative understanding of the French social circle to learn the authentic French aesthetics of life, dining aesthetics, but you are full of noble charm.


Custom exclusive

Use the right fragrance for yourself

It’s like the same painting

a romantic love song

Customize your own fragrance in Paris

Let the graceful ones bloom



Hand cooking French cuisine

Go close to the life of the locals

Strolling around the market where Parisians love to gather

Pick your favorite ingredients

Cooking techniques for learning French cuisine from the chef

Make a beautiful meal for yourself

Go to a private club

Taste the mix of fine French red wine and cheese.


You can come to the park by the friends of three or five, and enjoy a leisurely romantic moment at the picnic area that has already been prepared for you.

Retro fashion

The retro fashion experience is also indispensable for experiencing Paris life. Go to the antique market and collect the most European-style items.


Art feast

Appreciate a visual feast, the Parisian favorite art performance, the performance of the large and small theaters here, is another embodiment of the Parisian romanticism.

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