India | Madonna is its guest, Bill Gates is its loyal powder, this hotel allows you to experience a true balance of body and mind!

At the foot of the Himalayas,

Rishikesh, the ancient holy city of northern India,

Ananda Health Hotel has been in existence for a hundred years.

Precipitating the essence of ancient health,

Inject a new energy and vitality into the body.

Bill Gates, the British royal family, Madonna, Oprah, Nicole Kidman, Brad Pitt, Kate Winslet, and Ricky Martin are all guests.

With the inheritance of the health sciences and the deepening of the spiritual purification in the depths, Ananda Health Hotel welcomes health lovers from all over the world with its complete Ayurvedic health treatment.

Ananda is the world's first hotel under the HHOW (Healing Hotels of the World). As the originator of the health hotel, HHOW has more than 100 hotels and resorts, each of which is dedicated to helping those who seek physical and mental health enjoy leisure time and enhance the quality of life.

Ananda is home to more than 600 acres of virgin forest. It was originally the palace of King Tehri-Garhwal. It is housed in the Himalayas with its aura, the sacred Ganges River and Rishikesh, India's most famous yoga retreat. ) surrounded by. The quiet and cozy environment of “Xiadu” completely cuts off the busy running inertia of the people, and it also makes you feel soft and relaxed for a long time with its unique philosophy and health.

Ananda Ananda is not only a luxury hotel but also a full-scale natural therapy center. The hotel promises to follow the ancient life system of Ayurveda. Many Indians believe that since the ancient times, Ayurveda has existed, many scholars It is also believed that this ancient Ayurvedic medicine has at least 6,000 years of history.

The professional physiotherapy package combines traditional Ayurveda, yoga and Vedanta, fitness and healthy eating to achieve a balance between body and mind.

There are many ways to maintain health in the world. There is no right or wrong, but the path is different. The essence of Ananda is to follow the Ayurvedic (Ayurvedic) treatment of the world's oldest medical system.

Physical diagnosis

In Ayurveda medicine, the five elements of the ground fire and water are composed of three energy physiques (three kinds of energy composed of geothermal water and wind), which correspond to different physical, health, personality and behavior patterns. Each is different. Your doctor will teach you how to get to know your physique and lifestyle.

Energy meal

Conditioning meals is an important part of Ayurveda's holistic medicine. Each person's menu is customized according to their own energy physique, helping to balance the body energy and improve their self-healing ability. Ananda's energy meal has won world awards, the kitchen has more than 8,000 different fresh ingredients and spices, and the chef with the Ayurvedic medical degree is carefully configured according to his personal physique.

Energy call

Yoga, breathing, stretching, and then herbal wraps in the scent of flowers are used to remove the toxins from the "srothas" tube or circulatory system, preparing the body for further purification therapy.

Choornaswedana Herbal Wrap Body Massage: First use a special energy essential oil for a full body massage, then apply a Chinese herbal ointment to the entire body to guide therapeutic sweating. Choornaswedana is generally considered to be a "package massage" that increases blood circulation, speeds up toxins, relieves muscle pain and stiffness, rheumatism, arthritis and sports injuries.

Tanlepa Whole Body Herbal Wrap: Firstly, massage the herbal oil containing the medicinal ingredients, then apply the energy-customized whole body membrane to the whole body. The purpose is to detoxify, relieve the pain in the whole body and restore the whole body to fresh and calm.

Abhyanga Double-Handed Synchronized Full Body Hydraulic Massage: A traditional synchronized body massage by two experienced Ayurvedic physiotherapists using sesame oil, also known as the “four-hand massage”. Abhyanga enhances the continuity of the body, helps dissolve toxins in the body, guides relaxation, controls blood pressure, removes blood impurities, and is often used as an anti-aging treatment.

Udwarthana Powder Dry Body Massage: A deep, dry massage that uses herbal powder to stimulate hair follicles and help the body to decompose the subcutaneous fat. It aims to solve obesity and eliminate toxins, which is good for firming and softening skin.

Partial care

Targeted intensive care is provided for part of the body (eg sinus, heart, spine or eye), and 2 of the following items can be selected as needed or as recommended by the physician. Kati Vasti Spinal Warm Drip Care, Nasyam Sinus and Respiratory Care, Urovasti Medicated Care Wheel Care Tarpana Herbal Oil Eye Care.

Breathing soothing

Pranayama Breathing Course: A stressful lifestyle has a profound impact on our breathing. Pranayama's focus is on breathing, and its literal interpretation is an extension of prana. Pranayama has a variety of techniques to correct the wrong breathing pattern, clearing obstacles in the subtle energy pathway and improving the level of vitality recovery and relaxation.

Sunrise Yoga Course

Ananda's yoga is taken from the most traditional Hatha Yoga. Every morning and sunset, in Ananda's famous Yoga Stone Terrace or Yoga Pavilion, experience the balance of mind and body with local teachers.

Himalayan Kunjapur Temple on foot

Built at an altitude of 1,645 meters above sea level, Kunjapuri is built to commemorate the Goddess Shakti and Lord Shiva, 14 km north of the Himalayas where Ananda is located. Awaken people's spirituality in the snow-covered Himalayas and the sacred scene of sunrise or sunset.

Rishikesh City Tour

Rishikesh is the birthplace of yoga, and more than 60% of the world's yoga teachers practice here. Rishikesh’s ritual of the Ganges River is an unforgettable spiritual experience that lasts for an hour and a half. In the process, a mixture of sacred herbs and ghee (clear butter mixture) is poured into the fire for use. Eliminate negative energy.

Ganges sacrifice 

The disciples who are wearing sings sing praises, the fragrance of incense and camphor burning in the air, countless river lights (diya) emit fascinating light, the sound of rushing water, the afterglow of the sunset On the flowing water, people pour strong emotions in a harmonious swing. The subtle spiritual atmosphere of the senses continues to affect you after you leave Rishikesh.

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