Recommended in Bali |Small crowd-play, come here and you can experience a different Bali.

The first time I went to Bali, my friends basically locked their eyes on the mature tourist spots of Ubud, Kuta, Seminyak and Jimbaran.

When you are looking forward to Bali, you will come to the most famous Kuta and Ubud and prepare yourself to face the sea and wash your mind.

However, in the third minute of the arrival, you begin to see small flags flying and crowded crowds of tourists from different countries not far away.

If you want to escape from this raging crowd, find a place where you can relax, be quiet, and be comfortable. Canggu, the town of "prepared for the net red", is your best choice.

It is a surfing spot, suitable for beginners, but also suitable for masters;

It has a good pastoral scenery, farmland, low-rise houses, graffiti walls, and a shot is a sense of sight;

It is a gathering place for net red, vegetarian restaurants, organic markets, design shops... the style and personality you want, you can find them here;

It is a hippie paradise, skateboarding, locomotive, rock and roll, all kinds of incitement and carnival.

If you want to spend a quiet holiday, come to this diverse town to explore, here is a different kind of Bali.

// Secret Scenery //

Canggu is considered to be a forgotten secret in Bali. It is only 8 kilometers away from the Tanah Lot Temple, but it has always maintained its own quiet style.

··· The Endless Rice Fields

Remember the scene of Julia Roberts riding a bicycle through the rice fields in "Eat Pray Love"? The location of this scene is the paddy green paddy field.

A large expanse of paddy fields, as the terrain spreads slowly, banana trees grow along the stream, with coconut trees interspersed between them.

When there is no motorcycle passing by, you can hear the sound of the wind blowing rice waves.

Riding along the country roads, passing through the endless paddy fields, all the way to the rice. This is the secret path to Pererenan Beach.

At the end of the road, the most unique scenery is hidden. The green rice fields and the blue sea on the other side will be in sight at the same time.

···  Beautiful Sunset on Black Sand Beach

Because of the volcanic eruption, the beach here is particularly black. Sometimes you just sit on the shore and watch the waves one by one, and you will feel like a dream.

In addition, the beaches of Canggu are all facing the west, so it is a great place to watch the sunset in the evening.

There are also many special bars by the sea. The most popular one is the Old Man's near the black sand beach of Batu Bolong. The sea-blue hand-painted wall at the door is one of its signs.

In the evening, with the lazy rhythm of the music played in the bar, sit on the loungers by the beach, order a cocktail, let the sea breeze slap the hair, and watch the sunset.

··· Colorful Graffiti

Artists from all over the world, combined with the local environment of Canggu, create vivid and interesting graffiti on the gray concrete building facade in the lush rice fields.

If the graffiti culture represents youth and creativity, then Canggu should be one of the most dynamic areas in Bali.

// Diversified Play //

The "Ronins" all over the world love to come to Canggu to punch cards. In addition to surfing, you can also choose yoga, swimming, fitness... The sporty life is the most fashionable way to open it.

··· A Paradise For Surfers

Some people say that come to Canggu, you can do nothing, but be sure to surf!

Surfing is a way of life here, from small waves that are suitable for novices to waves of reefs that are fascinating to veterans. They can be found on the beaches of Canggu.

The three best surfing beaches in Canggu are: Echo Beach, Berawa Beach and the famous Batu Balong Beach.

The long and slow Batu Balong Beach is suitable for longboard surfing and is a great place for novices to learn. Echo Beach's waves are more urgent, more suitable for advanced surfers.

Berawa Beach has a wide sandy beach. In addition to surfing, the bars and restaurants are also a good place to go.

··· Yoga Practitioners Gathering Place

In addition to surfing, yoga is also the reason many people come here. It is a gathering place for yoga practitioners all over the world. In Canggu, there are countless yoga and pilates studios.

The best place to practice yoga is not a room with four white walls, but a nature that can breeze, listen to valleys, streams and birds.

···  Everyone loves fitness in Canggu

On the streets of Canggu, you can see a variety of handsome men and women with tight lines and good shape.

If you have the opportunity to live here for a few days, you will find that everyone here is a fitness fan! It can be said that Canggu is simply a giant gym.

If you want to add some fitness elements to your holiday, you can take part in a local short-term training camp. The training venue is not limited to indoors. It may be a small road along the rice fields or a beach facing the sea. It will definitely give you a different experience.

// Art and Hippie //

Canggu, this full-fledged town also has the freedom of hippies. Skateboarding, locomotives, rock music... There is always a charm that appeals to you.

··· Get Moving, Skateboarding Boy

Skateboarders who love skateboarding can always find the coolest slides in Canggu. For them, the skateboard park AmplitudeSkate & Bike Park and the skateboard theme bar Pretty Poison are undoubtedly holy places.

Every night, countless skateboarders follow their heart's desire, through the huge iron door at the entrance of Pretty Poison, shuttling back and forth in the huge bowl pool of more than 200 square meters, interweaving with the charming night of Bali into a unique scenery.

··· Hippie Park Deus Bali

As a trend brand from Australia, Deus Bali has branches in many places in Bali, but the long valley is unique, and it is definitely the center of community activities in the entire valley.

Modified locomotives, surfboard workshops, skateboards, trendy clothing... can be found here.

On the weekend, DeusBali will be surrounded by locomotives, music lIVE, retro market, tattoo party... "cool" is used on it, really humiliating it.

There are different events every week: free tattoo parties, old film screenings, professional surfers face-to-face roundtable discussions, art exhibitions or a music party.

If you are interested, you can find the latest event preview on their facebook.

// Weekend Market //

If you want to explore the daily life of Canggu, it is the best way to participate in a variety of weekend markets, and you can't miss each one.

··· Samadi Sunday Market

The Samadi Market is a famous organic market in Canggu, where you can find a range of local health foods, including organic fruits and vegetables, homemade jams and a variety of organic skin care products.

In addition, everything from everyday clothing to bikinis to jewellery is also available here. If you are tired, you can try the small cafes in the market.

··· Old Man's Sunday Market

Once a month, the Old Man's market is one of the most anticipated events for locals.

From baking bread to fresh fruit, from custom surf gear to quirky chairs, everything can be found here.

If you walk slowly, you may find a unique design on the booth.

If you have already begun planning your destination for this winter holiday, Bali in the tropics is a good choice.

If you want to avoid the crowded mature spots of Bali, you may wish to go to the little-known town of Canggu.


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