Bali + Moyo Island, Anzhen World Tour

Anwarana is located on the island of Moyo, a nature reserve 15 km from the coast of Sumbawa in eastern Bali. This island was designated as a nature reserve by the Indonesian government in 1976, and only a resort in Anwarana.

The ingenious tent-style rooms are spacious and comfortable, with air conditioning and bright windows, local Indonesian handicrafts, oversized beds, desks and a large washroom.Comfortable facilities and arrangements make you feel like you are in the original outdoors, but you can close the door and have the luxury experience in the big city.

The Belgian designer Jean-Michel Gathy designed three resorts for Anzhen, and Anwarna is one of them, and his pride. As Kevin said before, "In Anwarna, you won't have the feeling of leaving the jungle."

Advocating and blending with nature is the basic attitude of the design of Anjuju Resort. There are no walls or fences here. Two rows of white tents and main restaurants are hidden among the lush native trees. During the day, the shadows of these big branches are projected on the top of the tent and on the grass, playing a game of light.

The tents in Anwarana are definitely not bitter camps. The main area of ​​the room of nearly 60 square meters is made of wooden structure. The floor is also solid wood. On both sides of the sea, there are windows with large glass to ensure the air. Circulation, guests can have no distance from the outdoor nature even in the room.

Located in the green Ubud Mountains, Anzhen Dari Resort is located in the Central Art Village of Bali, a 10-minute drive from downtown Ubud. Amandari means “the soul of peace”. It is the name of the store, which stands on the edge of the cliff above the Aihe River Valley. It offers a panoramic view of the tranquil Ai River and the lush green rice fields.

The hotel has won the true meaning of “low-key luxury”, all of which are based on the local Balinese traditional village surrounded by city walls. There is no aggressive atmosphere, but the original elements are used to present a pure Balinese impression.

The designer of Amandari, the famous Australian architect Peter Muller, profoundly understands that “culture” has more influence on the essence of architecture than “style”. When he visited Bali, he was attracted by the rich local characteristics, so he abandoned the gorgeous and graceful Guangsha bureaucracy and integrated the true natural lifestyle into the design concept.

The stone steps lead to the rivers in the valley, and the trails hidden in the grass cross several fields and connect to neighboring villages. It is difficult to distinguish between the resort and the surrounding villages. It's just more refined and more delicate, just like an idyllic, exudes a quiet world of peach blossoms.

The highlight of the resort is the design of the pool. Peter Muller puts a swimming pool in the shape of a farmland in line with the skyline. When the edge of the pool is over, it enters the invisible space, while the traditional gazebo in the middle of the pool becomes Become an iconic symbol of the resort.

Here, you must not go to the flowers, but carefully to taste and feel everything around you.In the quiet morning, you can have a hearty breakfast alone, listen to the mountain birds and the sound of water, and all kinds of natural sounds will surround you and sweep away the tired feeling of the journey.

Bali Anzhen & Moyo Island Anwarana

7 days and 6 nights

Wonderful nature tour

· Package includes ·

International section round-trip business class ticket (including tax)

Bali to and from the Sulawawa helicopter transfer

Bali Amman Garden View Suite for 3 nights

(Anzhenqila, Anzhen Nusa Dua, Anzhendari can choose one or a combination)

Round-trip airport transfer from Angkor Airport to Bali Airport

Bali Amman includes daily breakfast, round-trip airport transfers, optional activities

3 nights accommodation in the jungle house of Anwarna Resort in Moss Island

Speedboat transfer to and from Momo Island in Suwwan Island

Mokang Island Anwarana Resort includes a waterfall exploration tour

(One double jungle spa experience, beach diving experience)

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