Enjoy the ultimate aristocratic experience on God’s beloved Emerald Green Island, a purely welcoming holiday starting from Swing Golf

This is simply the perfect masterpiece of God!

Challenging greens, beautiful countryside scenery, and magnificent scenery that stretches into the vast Atlantic Ocean...all attract the attention of golfers all over the world, real golf madman, no one does not know this paradise !

There are 400 golf clubs, including one-third of the world's seaside Links, and a range of quality venues for beautiful attractions, as well as the birthplace of the Grand Slam champion!

This is the emerald green island that God loves, and enjoy the top golf experience on the swing. Only Green Ireland is!

"Golf" is a transliteration of GOLF and consists of acronyms for four English words. They are: Green, Oxygen, Light, Friendship. It means "green, oxygen, sunshine, friendship", it is a sport that combines the enjoyment of nature, sports and games.

Ireland's golf course is known for its breathtaking scenery, and the beachfront golf course is famous in the world of golf. The world-class golf course in its territory relies on the magnificent coastal terrain, or the use of the designer's artistic skills, the scenery is pleasant.

About 30% of the world's natural Links are located on the shores of the island of Ireland. The endless sand dunes and beaches on the coastline create conditions for golf courses and breathtaking natural scenery. 

Whether you are a professional player or a hobby, you can pursue a golfer with a true beachside dream, experience old traditional golf, or explore a new and trendy stadium... you can do whatever you like, depending on your preferences and budget. Find the most satisfying venue in Ireland, enjoy the unique golf course and experience an unforgettable swing experience!

The high quality golf course creates a high level of golfers and the island of Ireland is a dream paradise for golfers. Golf Open champion Rory Mcilroy or Open Championship winner Darren Clarke, their success is starting from here. Although it is not the birthplace of golf, it has given birth to this sport and given it a special meaning. The undulating Emerald Green Island has become a world famous golf resort.

The golf course in Ireland is not only challenging but also beautiful. Bring your gear and enjoy your swing at Ireland's top golf course, this is definitely the ultimate golf experience in life!

If you are playing for the first time at Ballybunion Golf Club, you will definitely think that the birthplace of golf is here. Located on the seashore of Shannon, Ireland, it is a typical seaside Links course. There are no tall trees, no sharp contours passing through, and almost no trace of man-made. It is like a pure land that was never born before the 10th century. It is ancient and mysterious. The contours of the fairways and greens are the key to the Ballybunion Stadium.

“The greatness of embracing the sea” is a tribute to people. The Ballybunion Stadium is beautifully landscaped, elegant and well-equipped. It is also known for its ability to develop and utilize natural terrain!

The world's thirteenth Royal Portrush is the only golf course in Ireland that has hosted the UK Golf Open. Royal Portrush Golf Club is located on the beautiful northern coast of Northern Ireland. The course occupies a historic dune geology and is built along the Atlantic coast.

The book "The Course in the British Isles" once described the Portrush Stadium. "If I am not troubled by the trivialities of life, I will choose to spend the rest of my life near Portrush, which is set on the Atlantic coast." It is true that this coast has extraordinary scenery. The eastern part of the course is a white reef. The high rocky rocky hills are beautiful castles. From the stadium, you can overlook the ruins of the 13th-century Dunluce castle. The west is the insishowen mountain range.

In 2006, the world-renowned European and American competition against the Celed Cup was held at the K Club. This makes the K Club a Mecca in the minds of golfers around the world. K Club has long been one of the most popular entertainment venues in Europe with its top-notch golf courses and super-luxury and unique accommodation.

The K Club was conceived by the Irish businessman Michael Smurfit, a millionaire in the radio publishing industry and a very sensational figure at the then Irish social scene. One of the advantages of the K Club is that it is only half an hour's drive from Dublin city centre, making it easy for visitors to get there.

In addition to its iconic course, the K Club has many amazing things. The K Club, while characterized by sophisticated modern facilities, retains the pace of a peaceful life. Visitors can stroll along the River Liffey to enjoy the romance of the setting sun, or to fish, and is one of the favourite activities of tourists.

Most of the courses on the island of Ireland, especially the beach dunes, are open all year round. However, the course is at its best and the weather is best for playing from April to October. In the summer, the day is extended to 10 pm, so it is appropriate to take a leisurely play in two games and then have a lunch to relax.

Traditional costumes are still common at Irish golf clubs. But don't wear denim, shorts and running shoes, and some clubs may insist that customers wear jackets and tie to enter the restaurant. The safest dress style is casual wear with waterproof gear and sunscreen for the occasion. Many clubs only allow soft spikes, so it's best to check them out in advance.

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