Why do you call Israel a sacred place for tourism and humanities? The answer is here!

Devotion from the years

The colors of Israel always linger in a quiet atmosphere

This is a wonderful experience

From the Western Wall to the Cathedral of the Annunciation

Countless believers are looking for inner peace

Enjoy this unique feeling, but don't think this is all of Israel.  

If all are natural,

I have witnessed friends from Israel and Jordan must not believe it!

Because these two small countries can actually paint new tricks.

Do not believe? Look at the picture below, you are drunk,

Because the scenery is so beautiful!

Why not go to Israel and Jordan?

Many people have various reasons.

But I have seen Israel and Jordan,

Just one more reason is enough -

Go and see the masterpieces of humanity and nature!

The solemn beauty of Jerusalem alone,

It has been pleasing to the eye.

The beauty of Jordan is even more profound.

The scenery here is all with a high sense of cleanliness.

There is also a clear retention of a lot of old content.

Israel: Ah, the color is much more.

The beauty of Israel is not simply on the beauty of its architecture, the beauty of the present and the present. Perhaps when nature is tampering with the earth, it secretly sprinkles more beautiful colors on Jerusalem. The beauty of Israel’s capital presents a sense of shock. At different times of morning, afternoon and night, the colors are different. Approaching you will find changes...

Many people take a step by step to feel Jerusalem, walking on every stone filled with historical and time records, perhaps a tribute to this vivid historical city!

The 827-meter-high Mount of Olives is known as the Feng Shui Treasure. Standing here can overlook the panoramic view of the old city, and many churches have their own stories.

The occasional Christmas Church of the Nativity is the oldest surviving Christian church and is considered the birthplace of Jesus.

▼ This 14-point silver star is incredible! Legend has it that this is the location of the manger that Jesus came into.

If you have a soft heart in your heart, then go to the Wailing Wall to complain! There are too many memories of the Jewish nation recorded here.

Dead Sea: Give the Earth a "belly eye"

Will you feel that the Dead Sea is actually a prank of nature ? I also think that as a rare lagoon in the hinterland, its existence is very interesting. It should be when nature thinks about what to place here, saying: Come and squint! Then there is the Dead Sea.

Even Gao Xiaosong, who has a fun soul, once floated here. He also gave travel advice about the Dead Sea on the TV show, showing how great the Dead Sea is. When indulging in the charm of the Dead Sea, don't forget to bring a pair of slippers, sea salt stinging, be careful.

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