Comet Dreams, redefining new Japanese aesthetics with niche privacy and luxury!

Going to Japan, you will live in Hoshino!

The only Japanese luxury resort that can be called Ban Anzhen, Hoshino Group, will definitely not be unfamiliar. The unique way of doing business will make this Japanese local brand change its face, and it will redefine the new Japanese style with privacy and luxury. aesthetics!

At present, the main brands of Hoshino are:

Hong Xi Nuo Ya』- the top luxury resort hotel, is also the most famous "main line" brand under the group

Boundary』- hot spring theme Japanese-style boutique hotel, the legendary "small but fine" said these

RISONARE』- Modern style parent-child hotel, giving you a different kind of childlike world

It is said that 99% of the hotel controls, going to Japan will list the hotels of Hoshino Group on their travel list. This summer, let's take a child to play in Japan! Soak in the hot spring water to feel the power of nature, walk into the mountains and explore the children's hearts and minds, and spend the leisure holidays that are exclusive to you~

Nikko, located in Tochigi Prefecture, north of Tokyo, is a small city with a population of more than 20,000. In addition to the World Heritage Site of the Toshogu Shrine, which is dedicated to Tokugawa Ieyasu, the natural scenery such as the Western Mountain Area and the Chuzenji Lake attracts countless tourists and Tokyo people who come here for summer.

From Tokyo, take the train for about one and a half hours to reach Nikko, then take the 40-minute bus to get to the hotel.

Located in the world of Nikko, the biggest feature is the guest room with a wonderful view of the Chuzenji Lake. Most of the rooms in the Sunshine area are facing the Chuzenji Lake and the male volcano, plus the higher terrain, guests do not need to The room has a view of the mountains and lakes.

With only thirty-three guest rooms, the most basic room types are more than 60 square meters, while the largest and western-style rooms are 170 square meters. This is already a very large space for small-scale hotels that are common in Japan.

As the essence of the hot spring hotel, one of the most important things to eat is one of the most important experiences of the guests, so the hotel will make every effort to produce high quality and local specialties. In the bounds of the daylight, the famous one is the number of the soup wave. In the Japanese, Tombo is actually a bean skin, similar to Kyoto soup, and Tomoh is also a local name for daylight.

Speaking of Japan's boundless hot springs, there are two hot spring resorts such as Hakone and Izu, which are located in the southwest of Tokyo. The northeast direction of Kinugawa is slightly niche, but it retains the quiet hot spring town style.

The Kinugawa Onsen in Tochigi Prefecture takes about 2 hours by tram from Tokyo. It is most uncomfortable to describe it in a quiet and beautiful town. Kinugawa is the name of a local stream, named after the raging anger. In the small Kinugawa Onsen area, various hot spring hotels are built along this Kinugawa stream.

Japan’s sense of high quality lies not in the drunkenness of the people, but in the limited land and resources to make everything to the extreme. The hotel is not too large, but the plants are rich and have different views for the four seasons.

The hotel is located on the quiet hills of lush greenery. It must be reached by cable car. The mountains and the mountains form a “boundary” that is isolated from the outside world. As the cable car gradually rises and the plants on both sides open, the hotel's appearance begins to emerge from the plants little by little.

The hotel’s entire rooms are all local “wooden folk craft rooms”. In a comfortable space with a trundle bed and a sofa, there are works of various kinds of craftsmanship that reflect the craftsmanship of the wood craftsmanship, such as Yoshiko, Yumao, and Otani. Enjoy a relaxing moment in the forest bath in the rooms surrounded by lush forests. Or, in the guest room with an outdoor spa, soak in the hot springs and enjoy the gentle breeze and enjoy the peace of mind.

Tochigi Prefecture has vast mountains and beautiful rivers, and vegetables, fruits, river fish and other ingredients are very rich. The hotel will be the season's ingredients cultivated by the rich land, and will be carefully cooked in the unique way of the industry, and a seasonal Japanese set meal will be launched.

The special dish of the Kinugawa River "Dragon God Pot" is a dynamic, high-quality stone with 800 °C.

For breakfast, it is a Japanese-style meal based on the local flavor of the Shibuya Prefecture. The Shimoda family is a family food in northern Japan. It is made by simmering eight tides of squid, vegetables, and soybeans together with miso. It is very suitable for enjoying with rice.

Tochigi Nikko & Kinugawa  Star Field

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One night, the Kinugawa Tochigi Folk Art Room

One night Tokyo Bay Intercontinental Hotel Bay View Room

Breakfast in the hotel

Hot Spring Hotel Kaiseki 2 meals

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