Infinity hot springs, treasures, and beautiful cherry blossoms than Ueno Park!

Whenever people mention the spring of Japan, they always think of the falling cherry blossoms. It seems that cherry blossoms have become a symbol of Japan. Since the cherry blossoms are so famous, people from all over the world who come to see the cherry blossoms are also in a constant stream. Every year, the Japanese cherry blossom map that is rumored on the Internet can see this ↓

There is this ↓

The castle tower that has been circulated for hundreds of years, with a layer of cherry blossoms, has a charm.

The cherry blossoms fell at a speed of 5 centimeters per second, ending a splendid and short-lived life. In spring, Japan is a world of cherry blossoms. You can see the cherry blossoms in parks, river embankments, streets, and even highways.

A hidden and niche place to travel, perhaps it is not as popular as the landmarks, but it has a different Japanese style. If you are tired of Kansai, go north to the northeast . This is a fish that leaks through the net. Absolute people eat less. Because, in addition to tourists, Osaka Kyoto, Tokyo, there is Aomori!

In May of last year, the visa measures for Chinese citizens who went to Japan to relax again were officially implemented. Aomori has become a new connected area for multiple visas for three years . Aomori Prefecture is one of the most advantageous places in Japan's natural environment. It is 713 kilometers from Tokyo, about 1 hour from Tokyo to Aomori, and 3.5 hours from Shinkansen.

I climbed the towering Mount Fuji, stepped through the snow-capped Sapporo, and climbed the Tokyo Tower, which is known as the landmark of love. I also enjoyed the smashing Kyoto cherry blossoms... I didn’t realize the real Japanese Style until I met Aomori.

Hirosaki Castle is one of the most representative cherry blossom spots in the Northeast. Hirosaki Park, centered on Hirosaki Castle, is known as the Eagle Park. It is the home of the lord of the dynasty. In the vicinity of Hirosaki Castle, which was built in the 17th century, there are more than 2,600 cherry trees in the cherry tree. The variety is mainly Yoshino cherry, and there are more than 50 kinds of sakura and sakura.

When the entire Hirosaki Park is seen in the spring, it is immersed in the pink color of the cherry blossoms. The night lights, the ancient city and the cherry blossoms complement each other, romantic and charming. In addition, the cherry blossom carpet formed by the moat of the cherry blossoms falling outside the city is amazing. The selection of " Japan's 100-selected cherry blossoms " is truly deserved.

In front of the cherry blossom river in the city, every spring, a large number of cherry blossom petals fall to the river outside the city, forming a cherry blossom river, beautiful. 

|| The origin of cherry blossoms in Hirosaki Park

The cherry blossoms of Hirosaki Castle have been rated as the first of the top ten ancient cities in Japan by the Japanese people for many years. 

It is said that the first batch of cherry blossoms in Hirosaki Castle came from Kyoto in the 5th year of Zhengde, and 25 Xia Ying began to take root in Hirosaki Castle, and it is still blooming in spring. In the Meiji era, the old lord Kikuchi defended could not bear to see the Hirosaki city ruined, and planted 1,000 Yoshino Sakura.

In the 1930s, 1000 cherry blossoms were planted. Since then, donations from citizens have continued. Today's Hirosaki Castle, there are about 3,000 Yoshino Sakura, about 1,500 Sakura, and 500 sakura. More than 5,000 cherry blossoms make the entire Hirosaki Park immersed in cherry blossoms.

The longest of the more than 6,500 cherry blossom avenues in Japan, the row of cherry trees stretches along the country road for 20 kilometers. The splendid cherry blossoms reflect the rocky mountains behind the snow, like a fairyland.

There is a railway passing by the retro train, so you can't stop taking pictures.

Bajia Tianshan is the general name of the continuous volcanic volcano group in the central part of Aomori Prefecture. It consists of Kita-Akatian, which is dominated by Dayu, and Nanbajiatian, which is dominated by peaks. There are swamps and wetlands that formed after the volcanic eruption of the past. There are also different views of the virgin forests and alpine plants that change in all seasons.

Hakkoda can be called the beauty of each year! Autumn can look at the red leaves of the mountains, and you can see the white snow in the winter. When the spring arrives, everything will recover, and a beautiful scene will be born.

The best way to enjoy the whole picture is to take the Hakkoda cable car and enjoy the beautiful scenery of the mountain from the height of 1,320 meters at 360 degrees. When the weather is good, you can see the Tsugaru Plain and the Luau Bay!

Every year, the Weather Map of the Japan Meteorological Information Agency will announce the forecast of cherry blossom opening hours throughout Japan, referred to as the “Sakura Frontline”.

Since the cherry blossom front line has not been announced this year, according to the records of cherry blossoms in the last year and the past year, the cherry blossoms in the Aomori area will generally bloom in the middle and late April , while the cherry blossoms in Hirosaki City will bloom in late April to early May .

The flowering period of the cherry blossoms from flowering to full bloom is only about a week , so I want to see the splendid snow blowing and hurry up.

The Aomori Onsen in Aomori is the best hot spring in Japan. Since 1992, it has been on the list of "Top 100 Hot Springs in Japan" for 10 consecutive years. The Aomori House under the Hoshino Group is built in the Gumu Hot Spring Area.

Here, every frame is better than the beautiful picture in the movie ! In this hotel, you can enjoy the hot spring hotel of Aomori Culture, enjoy the sleep magic festival of one of Japan's famous ceremonies, enjoy a variety of local cuisine, and enjoy the blissful time in the open-air hot spring.

There are many different types of rooms, both Japanese and Western rooms . The space is relatively large, spacious and bright, and it won't feel cramped. Sitting on the tatami in the room, overlooking the scenery outside the window, is enough to slowly feel the authentic Japanese life in Aomori.

At the hotel you can enjoy the most famous open-air bath in the hotel - floating soup . The floating soup is an outdoor bath that extends outwards, not only to feel the breeze of the forest, to listen to the singing of the waterfall and to appreciate the changing courtyards of the seasons.

If you don't want to move, the hotel offers more than 80 kinds of NORESORE canteens to satisfy every picky tongue.

The biggest feature of the Aomori Museum is the Sleeping Demon Festival . The status of the Sleeping Demon Festival in Japan is similar to that of the Western Carnival. The Sleeping Demon Festival is designed to drive away the sleepy demon and lazy heart of labor during the hot summer season. The meaning of wave washed away.

The festivals with Japanese characteristics, either jumping or shouting, or singing or acting, are full of enthusiasm. The Taiji and Taichung echoes on the stage, and the whole scene is hot.

Although the Tsukiji market in Tokyo and the black-door fishing market in Osaka have become the must-see places for tourists, Aomori, as a coastal city, has brought the fish market to the extreme, the seafood is more fresh and diverse, and there is an absolute advantage in price.

The most famous of them is the large black tuna produced in the Tsugaru Strait. Its quantity is very small. A 222 kilograms of tuna has ever sold a price of 155.4 million yen.

Aomori's unique ginger sauce, Oden, eight-piece pancake hot pot, fish pot, and sauce shells are all warm dishes in the winter. Surrounded by a steaming pot, it’s better to have a hot shochu than a hot pot.

△ eight household pancake juice

△  sauce shell burning

△ Aomori ginger sauce Oden

If you say a special product, there is no apple that can compare with Aomori! The apples produced in Aomori are regarded by the Japanese as "the best apples in the world", and everything related to apples is a delicious food that Aomori people are proud of. Apple juice, cider, apple cider vinegar, apple brandy, apple pie... enough to make you feel good!

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