Another year of skiing season, meet Hokkaido, give you a powder snow experience!

Snow festivals, open-air winds and skiing can be said to be the beautiful source of the city, which is also the most important thing in Hokkaido's winter! Some people say that the chance of hitting a star in Hokkaido in winter is a lever, because they will go to Hokkaido to play snow!

Not only because of the beautiful scenery here, but also because Hokkaido is the "rich" powder snow, with endless charm, attracting skiers and stars!

Powder snow is regarded as the best in the snow. The snowball is full and elastic, and the moisture content is very small. The snow here is presented in a fine powder state, which is the most suitable snow for skiing.

Flying in a dense and flexible powder snow field, the snow will bounce back, so you don't need too much leg strength to experience it easily, just like surfing in the snow.

There are about 100 ski resorts in Hokkaido, and most of them are equipped with complete infrastructure. Short-distance flight + invincible snow scene + powder snow and snow road + hot spring relaxation, Hokkaido has become a smooth and popular resort for skiers all over the world.

Many world-class ski resorts are located in Hokkaido, Japan, but the best ski experience is undoubtedly in Niseko! Niseko Ski Resort is Japan's largest and most popular ski resort. It has the world's top three high snowfall, meaning it has the best pine snow and powder snow. Traveling through the dense woods, it is perfect in the powder snow of "The Legend of the World"!

The fine powder snow holds in the hand like holding white flour, and the snow can slide down between the fingers, so the powder snow gets its name. Granular powder snow is not easy to be crushed or compacted, but also has a certain elasticity. Different thickness of powder snow will make people feel soft, floating, surf in the snow, etc., and therefore, many ski lovers are This feeling is fascinating.

The soft and soft powdery snow and the average annual snowfall of more than 15 meters make Niseko the favor of international skiers. Many people even bought real estate here, so that Niseko presents a completely different experience from traditional Japanese villages. Night scene. For beginners in skiing, there are venues suitable for children and beginners; for mid-level skiers, there are fewer people here, which is a good place to improve!

There are 13 junior high school slides in the Niseko Ski Resort. The total length of the slides is 4,000 meters, the average slope is 10 degrees, the maximum slope is 34 degrees, there are 6 ropeways, and the height difference is 756 meters. The average daily snowfall in January was 80 cm. The unique geographical conditions allow Niseko to have high-quality powder snow and a variety of snow sports.

Here you can play all 4 ski resorts with just one mountain pass. With the electronic ticket, you can use 60 ski trails, 18 elevators and cable cars, and shuttle buses between the mountains. Whether you are a rookie who has never slipped through the snow, or a ski enthusiast, you can find your own fun.

Niseko Hilton is located in the Niseko Village ski resort, where customers can even taxi directly from the ski slopes to the hotel's gates. The hotel faces the snow-capped mountains, and the door is a large snow field. The hotel resembling a horseshoe is quietly integrated into the mountain, snow, and squatting into a deep hidden place. It looks quite spectacular!

The open-air hot springs of Second World Hilton are a major selling point for the hotel. The solitary open-air hot spring soaks into the body and feels warm in an instant, accompanied by the snow falling from the sky to your face, it is a great enjoyment of life.

The on-site restaurant is also an experience you can't miss! At the hotel's Melt restaurant, you can look out over the magnificent Mt. Yotei mountain view and immerse yourself in an elegant and laid-back seven-minute taste of local Hokkaido specialties or imported premium beef and seafood. In addition to the high-end grill restaurant, the Melt restaurant also has a small bar. In order to satisfy the nature of two drinks with friends before or after the meal, there is a spacious box available!  

The hotel is fully covered with unlimited wifi. Even under the snowy mountains away from the dust, it can guarantee the connection with the outside, and send out a circle of friends. The Xinxue Valley, which shows off the moving eyes, must win the envy and hate of the friends!

There are also many exciting special events waiting around you. It takes about 80 minutes by train from Xinxue Valley to reach the "Romantic City", and the glass workshops on both sides of the canal are very popular among tourists!

Movies such as "Love Letter" and "Hunting" bring Hokkaido, the most natural island in Japan, into people's field of vision. Coupled with the blessings of "If You Are the One" in recent years, more and more people will list it as "Going to Life". One of the destinations.

The vast wetlands, delicate and gentle snow scenes, and colorful flower fields, the unknown beauty is waiting for your discovery.

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