The most beautiful season in Hokkaido is coming soon! Romantic lavender flowers, missed another year

Japanese people don't have much to say about flowers. The blooming of different flowers at different times symbolizes the circulation of the seasons. This also gave birth to the art of flower. Some people even joked: In Japan, if you don’t understand flower language, you can’t live.

In summer, in addition to coming to Japan to see hydrangea and sunflower, in fact, you can see a large lavender in the Hokkaido!

From July to August each year, it is the season of lavender in Hokkaido. From Sapporo to Furano, it feels like a paradise of purple lavender.

Located in the Futian Farm in Zhongfurano , the first planting of lavender was in 1958, making it one of the earliest flower fields in Hokkaido. Although the farm is dominated by purple lavender fields, it also has about 9 hectares of flowers. You can take a picture of the lavender, calendula, poppies and other rainbow flowers in the flower field minibus.

Those who want to buy a gift can buy essential oils such as essential oils and soaps. The foodies can also taste popular lavender ice cream and cola cakes!

In Japan, famous for sake and shochu, wine is also not inferior. Among the major wine regions in Japan, Furano's production is particularly outstanding. This wine house on the Kiyomizu-dori is like a French winery. It is a sightseeing factory that grows grapes and brews its own wine.

There is a piece of lavender flower sea in front of the workshop. Although it is not as spectacular as the Futian Farm, but not many tourists can let you enjoy the beauty of the flower sea itself. There is also an observatory overlooking the beauty of the Furano area, where you can see the whole flower garden.

The lavender garden of Nakafurano Town Camp is located on the North Star Mountain. On the way to the top of the North Star Mountain by the cable car, you can see four different varieties of lavender, as well as sunflowers, calendula, and a bunch of red flowers.

In the outlook space on the top of the mountain, you can also overlook the panoramic view of the Tokachi-jou Peak, the idyllic scenery of the Furano Basin and the purple lavender fields.

Those who like jams must not miss the Furano Jam Garden Muji Farm , from the Jam Workshop, the Bakery Superman Shop, to the lavender lavender observatory, which is selected from the “Japanese Rural Scenery”, where children can enjoy themselves from adults to adults.

The Jam Workshop sells "Furano Jam", which has a high reputation among gourmets. This jam pays attention to the taste of vegetables and fruits itself, does not contain chemical additives, and is especially natural. Almost all kinds of jams can be tasted for free!

The Upper Furano area is a great place to enjoy lavender, because here the beautiful scenery of the Tokachi-dake and the colorful flowers will be in stark contrast. From June to September, there are always different flowers in Upper Furano Field .

In addition to the flower viewing, there are many experience activities in the park, especially the sleeping pillows made with dried lavender flowers, which are highly praised!

On the way from Upper Furano to Biei, you can stay in the deep mountains , where you can look out over the vast hills and the distant Tensheng Yuelian Peak. The snow in the spring and the new green, the summer flower field, the autumn golden pastoral, the winter snow, the four seasons have beautiful scenery. The lavender landscape that you can see from the observation deck of the deep mountain is also selected as one of the "Eight Scenes of the Furano."

The beautiful season of the colorful hills is the "lavender paradise" that can't go to Hokkaido. Beginning in late June, lavender will gradually “occupy” the vast flower fields here. You can take a scenic tour of the colorful hills on the car and enjoy the colorful flower fields on the way.

One of the most distinctive things here is the “grass mud horse” alpaca that can't help but be intimate with them, or feeding them, will definitely add more fun to your lavender trip!

6 days and 5 nights in Hokkaido

Enjoy the summer of the North Country, enjoy the romantic lavender flowers

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