This holiday, Immerse yourself in the world of craftsmanship with my children!

Japan has beautiful scenery all year round, spring, there is a splendid cherry blossom sea; in summer, there are fun and interesting summer festivals and fireworks exhibitions; in autumn, there are red leaves that are full of forests; in winter, there are soft and delicate powder snow dances.

In the coming summer, I hope that you will bring your children together and start this in-depth tour of the ingenuity, so that the meticulous and persistent ingenuity will open a beautiful flower in the minds of young children.

There are many stories about ingenuity in Japan, sushi, gold foil, and soba noodles, each of which contains a unique persistence and resilience.

All know that Kanazawa gold foil is world-famous, which is inseparable from the special high-humidity climate of Kanazawa, but more importantly, the gold foil craftsman has a solid and tenacious temperament. This temperament has become the cornerstone of the ability to continue and inherit and produce the finest gold foil in a tough and unrelenting technical industry in a difficult time.

This parent-child trip, we specially arranged the gold foil workshop production experience class : go to the gold foil production workshop, learn the gold foil crafts with the famous local goldsmiths, and leave the children a seed of a little craftsman dream. 

Osaka is one of the three famous cities in Japan. The city was built by the Japanese star, Toyotomi Hideyoshi, surrounded by a moat and full of poetry.

|| Umeda Sky Observatory

Umeda Sky Observatory is located in the lively Umeda Business Center, close to Osaka Station and Umeda Station. The 360° open roof observatory makes it not only a popular spot for one of Japan's sunsets, but also a great place to enjoy the night view of Osaka.

There is a special seat for the lovers in the Observatory. There is a sky garden in the sky that prays for love. Standing at 170 meters, the entire city of Osaka is in front of you.

|| Dotonbori Food Street and Shinsaibashi Commercial Street

The store is full of youthful atmosphere, and the food and beverage department stores are full of goods. Here you can feel the vivid atmosphere and sparkling vitality of Osaka city.

|| Universal Studios Osaka

Another famous magic castle in the world settled in Japan, becoming a neon country in addition to the Internet Red Cherry Blossom Street and Mount Fuji, another must-see card, Osaka Universal Studios Harry Potter Theme Park.

|| Kenroku-en

The first of Japan's three famous gardens, built in 1676, was not completed until 1871. It turned out to be the garden of the Lord of Kanazawa, and it was transformed into a beautiful returning Linquan style garden. It has six major attractions, including grand, liao, manpower, ancient, water spring and hope.

|| Kanazawa Castle

From the Warring States Period to the Edo period, about 300 years ago, it was the home of Kaga’s former Maeda. Kanazawa City officially began construction at the same time as the Tianli family entered the city in 1583. At the peak of the period, there were Benmaru, Erwan, and Sanmao, surrounded by foreign kings, belonging to the structure of the multi-corner building. The magnificent and majestic architecture combined with the delicate Japanese courtyard is like a time shuttle.

|| Shinshu Fruit Paradise

Pick fresh fruits such as white phoenix, white peach, and dew on the fruit farm, and enjoy the natural flavor of the United States and the United States. 

|| Nagano City Junior Science Center

In the Nagano City Junior Science Center, you can truly contact various communication machines, robots, energy machines, and large-scale Japanese-made devices. There are also three-dimensional cinema, adventure squares, and scientific experiment demonstrations to satisfy all the cosmic dreams of big friends and children.

|| Soba noodle making

Speaking of the culture that Japan eats, it is necessary to mention soba noodles. From the Edo period (1603–1868), soba noodles were used as fast food for ordinary civilians. After hearing the local flavor and sweating, I have a deeper understanding of the importance of food. The food you make yourself is more able to appreciate and cherish the hard-won happiness.

|| Zanguang Temple

The Zenko Temple is the oldest Buddha statue in Japan, the One Buddha and the Amitabha Buddha. It is the main Buddha sacrifice. It does not ask the sects. It has been believed by the people since ancient times. The front of the main hall is equipped with a long-shaped auditorium. It is a unique "collision-made wooden structure" and is the masterpiece of the largest Edo medium-term Buddhist architecture in East Japan.

|| Sensoji Temple

The Tokugawa Shogunate specializes in the Imperial Prayer Temple - Sensoji Temple, the most famous and oldest temple in Tokyo. It is said that there is a statue of Guanyin in the temple that was accidentally salvaged by local fishermen in 628 AD. Every year, many people come to the temple to pray for peace. Visit the bustling old street - Zhongjianshi Commercial Street and taste the delicious snacks of the 100-year old street.

|| Odaiba DiverCity Tokyo Plaza

In addition to the collection of world-renowned brands, domestic and foreign leisure brands, and full of individuality and originality brands, there are also food courts gathered in Tokyo's famous shops. It is a diverse and topical commercial facility.

Kanazawa & Nagano & Tokyo  7 Nights 8 Days Private Tour

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