This place in Jeju, South Korea is a great place for super delicious and super art!

Longitude 126°94′~126°96′,

Latitude 33°48′~33°52′ north,

There is such a small coral island - Udo Island .

It’s too small to walk a circle, and it’s not a day.

The island stretches for 17 kilometers.

On one side is the coastline,

One side is farmland.

Every small house,

Every occasional path,

Every flower field,

They all have a taste of happiness.

it's here,

Time is silent,

Life is as stagnation.


A little bit on the map,

It’s enough to live a lifetime,

Such a place, how can you be willing to miss it.

Because it has become the location of film and television dramas such as "Incoming Lovers", "Summer Aroma", "Mermaid Princess", etc., Niushima has long been the most representative travel destination in Jeju. However, it has been much less than the tourists on the island.

Happiness through the scenery - riding around the island

Riding a bicycle, the sea ​​breeze is in the ear.

There are different scenery in front of you.

Stop and walk, unconsciously,

The beauty of the Udo Island healing system,

Unrecognized in front of you,

It seems to be led by the magical power of nature.

|| Lighthouse and stone pile

Udo Island is known as the Isle of Lighthouse.

A variety of lighthouses add a lot of energy to the island.

The distance from welcome to beautiful u-do is clearly identifiable.

Walk to the end of the embankment,

The sound of the seagull in the ear is perfectly integrated with the sound of the waves.

This red lighthouse is the symbol of Udo Island.

Countless unknown lighthouses pass by.

Toptanitop Mangdae Watchtower,

This is the era when information transmission is underdeveloped.

In order to inform the beacon of an emergency.

Next to the lighthouse is a heart-shaped pool surrounded by stones.

The fish that came in during the high tide were naturally locked in when they ebb.

The Korean version of "Mani Heap" can be seen everywhere.

Perhaps in a corner of the world, a certain willingness is being realized.


|| White beach and black sand beach

White sand beach,

Photosynthesis causes red algae, one of the lime algae plants grown in seawater, to precipitate calcium carbonate, forming a red algae mass, which constitutes a rare red algae mass beach in the world with hundreds of meters long. The sand is very thick, like Fried rice is generally.

The sea here is due to the difference in color between the white coral sand and the volcanic rocks at the shoal.

Colors from white to light green, blue-green, sky blue, dark blue, ink blue,Appears a distinct band.

The “sand” of the black sand beach is actually a granular volcanic lava, which is transformed into a wonderful black sand beach at the seaside.

He took a handful, black and white, and the black sand was scattered, but his hands were not stained.

Black is deep, black and transparent, and has a mysterious sense of immortality.

Here, remember to put on your most beautiful clothes~

|| Volcanic rock walls and pastures

At the end of the black sand beach,

Exposed volcanic rock faults on both sides,

It seems to be a bitten chocolate wafer,

Above the rock wall is a green grass like a windows screensaver.


Below the rock wall is the East Coast Whale Cave.

The entrance can only be seen when the tide is low.

Passing through a meadow,

On the pastures of Udo Island, cattle are rarely seen.

There are countless horses, and it is one of the best riding places in Jeju Island.

Standing on the highest point of the island,

A place across the sea from the Seongsan Ilchulbong Peak. 
Near, Niudao,

Very small, so small that you can embrace it all;

In the distance, the sea,

Very big, big enough to contain tears and laughter.


Have a exciting water experience,

There is also a small and fresh way of playing on the island.

|| Submarine and speedboat 


The submarine here is the largest diving distance in Korea.

Follow this Yellow Submarine,

Sink into the bottom of the sea 30 meters,

Enjoy the underwater secrets that belong only to Jeju.


Under this sea erosion,

South Korea’s Agassis are dazzling,

Draw a circle at sea,

You can also see the angler on the cliff.

To get to the tide, you can see the east bank whales at the entrance.

|| Photographing along the way 

The island is full of different scenery.

Five steps and ten steps can make you stop and stop.

Sometimes small and fresh, sometimes small art,

The shutter that can't stop, the eyes that can't be closed.


▲ Conch is one of the specialties of Niudao. Colorful conch can be seen everywhere, hanging, paved, large and small.


▲There are small chairs for people to rest on the roadside.


▲ Umbrellas hanging in the air, nailed to the wall, and countless windmills on the cliff

▲ Flower sea extending on the roadside in different seasons 

Happiness between lips and teeth - food store

In Udo Island, you don't need any Michelin Samsung.

Just standing on the side of the road, you can eat full of happiness.

The small islanders are very dedicated to running their own small world.

Feel free to walk into every store.

Look at the dishes ordered by the people on the side, follow the points, it is right.

◆ Local food full of energy

|| sea women canteen

It’s impossible to come to the beach without eating seafood.

If you see a sea woman fishing in the sea,

You will definitely see a simple console near you.

Some pots and pots are filled with freshly caught fish.

Conch, abalone, sea urchin, octopus.....

They can't wait to get their storms in the sea and the sea breeze.


1. The Udo Island Conch Festival begins on April 13th and ends on April 15th. The four-day festival is one of the most grand festivals in Niu Niu.

2, although the most beautiful seafood is recommended for raw food, but if you are not used to eating, you can ask the store to cook.

|| Peanut ice cream

Udo Island's peanut ice cream is very famous.

Peanuts are grown on the island,

Each store has its own peanut ice cream.


우도왕자이야기 (The story of Prince Udo Island): Every customer here can get a peanut ice cream with a unique shape, and many star signatures and photos are posted at the door.


|| See seafood noodles that seafood does not meet

The seafood used in each store is similar.

But every bowl is the same, full of pots,

A bowl of 10,000 won.


Niudao noodle cake: 388 Niudao Coast Road, Niudao , Jeju City , Jeju Island (제주특별자치도 제주시 우도해안길 388 388)


|| Hannah Mountain Fried Rice

The steaming rice is volcanic rock, the tender and smooth eggs spewed out of the volcano and become magma. The fragrant cheese is scattered in the magma, and the egg liquid falling around it forms the cattle island we see today! The whole process of fried rice shows the formation of Jeju Island and Udo Island.


|| Oranges

Jeju Island is rich in "ugly ugly", and of course it has produced a number of derivatives, different forms of "orange juice", orange-flavored stone grandfather cake, orange-flavored ice cream.


|| Seafood platter / seafood hot pot

Each has its own merits and each needs it.

I have always felt that fried barbecue seafood is a violent act.

But seeing such a set of discs can't help but scream.

◆ How to live without coffee


Keep walking along the coastal road,

A coffee shop appears in almost every frame.

The Korean people’s love for coffee has reached an obsessive level.

The coffee shop in Niudao also shows the attitude of the islanders.

◆ Recommended cafes:

|| 봉봉커피(bongbongcoffee)

|| 하하호호 (hahahoho)

|| 마를린먼로 (MarilynMonroe)

|| Hello, udo

|| 포요요 ( Poyoyo)

Have the happiness of the entire island - small island accommodation

If your trip does not catch up,

Then stay at Udo Island for one night.

Feel the night and morning!

After sending the last group of guests at 5 pm,

The islanders have also returned to their families.

After the fading of the cattle island,

It is extraordinarily gentle,

No neon lights, no nightlife,

Not even a convenience store.

On the beach, looking at the opposite of Halla Mountain,

It’s like the whole island has only oneself left.

Listen to the waves and sing in the ear.

The happiness of revisiting the place

Going to another is not the same Jeju

Adults: Child: Duration: Days

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