I have been to Semporna to know what the island is!

It is summer

More and more friends are going to the island for vacation

The scenery of the circle of friends is simply not eye-catching.

I want a beautiful place in Amway today.


High cost performance, it will become you

The best island to go in summer

Semporna, the reason why beauty

Because it clouds into the water, the boat floats in the air

Semporna, the reason why beauty

Because it is a paradise for snorkeling, you can touch the fish and big turtles at your fingertips

Semporna, the reason why beauty

Because it retains the last sea-raising herdsmen of mankind

- Bajau

There are many small islands scattered around Semporna. Each island has an invincible landscape, or the beach is white, or the water is clear, or the aborigines gather. The big eyes tell you the specific difference between them~

Pompom Island

Pompom Island is a typical private island with pure white sand beaches, beach houses and water bungalows. The resort is quiet and suitable for couples and families. It has the most pristine sea and the most beautiful corals. There are countless sea turtles.

It is famous for its turtle protection project, where guests can follow the staff to find turtle eggs and turtles every night.

Mataking Island

The original ecological island of Mataking, with a large area, lush vegetation on the island, no water house, only the cabin with sea view and garden view, is an excellent choice for deep diving .

Here is an excellent place to experience deep diving fun, underwater creatures are rare and rich, you must not miss the deep diving!

Kapalai Island

Kapalai is romantic. It can't be said to be an island in a strict sense. It is just a sandbar, and the resort is made up of a log cabin built directly on the water. It is a honeymoon holy place sought after by couples.

There is a vast expanse of spectacular, breathtaking sea views, with a beloved TA, leaving a romantic memory!

Mabul Island

Mabul Island is full of human touch , with half of the island being a resort and the other half living with the original inhabitants of the Bashu. The combination of the life and culture of the original inhabitants and other beautiful coastal scenery forms the unique scenery of Sempor.

Mabu Island is the only aboriginal island in the popular island of Semporna. Theenvironment is relatively complicated. You can visit the Bagua ethnic aborigines in depth.

Warship island

The warship island is an uninhabited island with beautiful scenery. The tall coconut trees are inserted directly into the sky. The white sandy beaches slowly flow into the blue waters. The crystal clear waters float under the sea, and the seabed grows in a variety of forms. The color of the coral is beautiful and intoxicating.

In order to protect the local environment, the government does not allow people to live on this island, they must return the same day, and everyone on the island must register their names. The scenery of the Warship Island is beautiful, but you must remember that the island can not stay overnight~

Want to go to Semporna, big eyes are still preparing for more Raiders:

1.About the currency

If you can't get Malaysian money at home, you can change it at Kuala Lumpur Airport without charge. Buying large and duty-free products is a good deal.

However, if you exchange money, please change the price in small currency (below 50 yuan) and large currency (50 yuan or more) in Kota Kinabalu.

2. About the climate

About the annual temperature between 23 and 32 ° C, you can carry out a variety of water activities at any time. From October to March of the following year, the air is humid and the rainfall is large, which is the rainy season; from May to September, the rainfall is small, which is the dry season. Relatively speaking, the dry season is more suitable for tourism. Although there are many rains in the rainy season, the rain is so fast that it stops quickly, and there is very little rain. After the heavy rain, the weather turns cold and it feels more comfortable and pleasant. There are sayings that “the four seasons are summer, and one rain is autumn”.

3. About local ethnic culture

The Bajau nationality is a nation in Southeast Asia. It is a Malay aborigines who live on the sea and live in the waters between the Philippines, Malaysia and Indonesia. They depend on diving for a living and are considered to be the last marine nomads. The Bajau people are a group of people who have lived in Southeast Asia for hundreds of years and have rarely set foot in the land.

4. About food

In Semporna, there is enough seafood to eat. Semporna was originally a small fishing village, and it must be a feast of seafood. The seafood here is not only fresh, but the price is very good. At 6 o'clock in the morning and 4 o'clock in the afternoon, the fish market is open. All kinds of fresh fish are neatly arranged. The price is very cheap. You can choose to get the local restaurant for processing. Many of the restaurants here are opened by Chinese, and the taste is very suitable for Chinese.

Tiger shrimp

Cream crab

Fish Ball

Coconut pudding

Durian crisp


Big eyes can't stand it anymore.

Even for food

Also go once!

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