Why do everyone love Morocco? This colorful kingdom is the paradise that countless people dream of!

Red, yellow, blue and white, this is a common color in life, but these colors are the most unique in the same country!

The golden color of the Sahara and the whiteness of the snow-capped mountains meet here. The red walls of Marrakech and the charm blue of the Mediterranean town meet here. How many familiar and long-awaited feelings are buried here...

Even though it is one of the countries with the most bad reviews of tourists, the commentator of the poison tongue screams that this is "Hell is swallowed into the belly of heaven." The taxi driver's unreasonable smugglers, the premium of N times the mint tea on the market, plus the beauty of the filter... The most roads in Morocco, there may be local routines .

The travel reality show "The Pattern of the Journey" chose here. Chi Ling's sister participated in an exotic beauty pageant at the Rose Festival. Beckham also celebrated his 40th birthday in Marrakech...

These exotic styles, which are difficult to use words and expressions, are intertwined and form a paradise that countless people dream of! Morocco, which everyone loves, is so fun to do so~

Marrakech is located in the southwest of Morocco, at the foot of the Atlas Mountains running through Morocco. It is the most famous ancient capital of Morocco and is famous for its ancient red city. Although located in the desert, Marrakech is shaded by trees, surrounded by greenery, and the ancient city of red is standing tall.

Marrakesh is in Morocco, just like Marseille in France, Granada in Spain, people feel the right crowd, and the laziness of peace of mind. The old town built from countless alleys is called the “Red City”. This is a huge maze, even if you have super memory, it is still easy to get lost in the intricate streets.

The night atmosphere of the dim light of the Old City, the smoke of the Marrakech Square, and the fresh and desolate mint tea at any time... I remember seeing such a description when I browsed the information on the Internet. A picture of laziness can be seen, which makes people feel good for a long time.

|| Djemaa el-Fna

This is one of the busiest squares in the world, where all your senses are infinitely magnified and experience the most original beauty! From the afternoon, it began to prosper, and the vendors supported the food stalls, and the screaming made it very lively.

In addition to singing and dancing performances in the square, there are also acrobats performing thrilling acrobatics, the Arabs playing the flute and playing the cobra, and the storyteller telling the story of "One Thousand and One Nights".

Going to the rooftop restaurant in the corner of the square, taking a picture of the most classic, then watching the thousands of styles in this square quietly.

|| Jaerdin Majorelle Garden

If you talk about the highest color in this brick red city, this is not a slap in the face.

When you really step into the most mysterious garden of the 20th century, you will be moved by what you see. This beautiful 12-hectare botanical garden is an artistic sacred place for artists to gather. The garden was designed by the famous designer Jacqueline and then owned by Yves Saint Laurent (YSL family) and Pierre Birch of France.

This blue building, pool and small paradise filled with tropical plants, from the hospital's dozens of tall and thin cactus, to the pavilion, the bright colors of the house, are all in the fairy tale world.

People know Casablanca, maybe because of the movie; coming here, maybe because of the flight transfer, but as soon as you come here, you will fall in love with the unparalleled architecture.

Casablanca originally meant to be a "white house" in Spanish. The most representative landscape here is the Hassan II Mosque. Here, the word "symmetry" is shown to the fullest.


In the northwest of Morocco, there is a beautiful and beautiful mountain city, refreshing air, fresh blue, quiet alleys, simple folk customs, like fairytale dreams, this is Chefchaouen.

Far from the bustling metropolis, most of the houses, stairs and walls are painted into the most brilliant sky blue. As a small town in the Muslim country, it is full of Arabian style. The town was built in 1471 and the small fort in the Medina of the old town still exists today.

The quiet and mysterious Chefchaouen, along the arched earthen walls of the street, on the irregular cobblestone pavement, feels the overwhelming blue, the suffocating blue, is charming.

San Mao said: "Every time I miss you, there is a sand falling in the sky, and the Sahara has been formed since then." How many people are full of curiosity about this mysterious desert because of the "Saharan Story"! The Sahara is another business card from Morocco.

Come to the Sahara Desert, you can ride a camel on the sand dunes, or climb the sun to watch the sunset, watching the color of the sand change with the light, the mirage-like desert experience, from sunrise to sunset, the weather is extraordinary!

Based on a photo of National Geographic, the wayward woman Sanmao judged that Sahara was the place of her previous life. Sanmao and Spaniard Jose spent the happiest time there, and wrote a warm, simple and touching Saharan love, always giving people the purity and courage to pursue true love and life.

The luxury of Africa always has a different historical charm, which is naturally inseparable from the hotel.

|| Amanjena 

This is the first Anzhen hotel on the African continent. Amanjena means “quiet paradise” in the local language, and the name also makes the hotel's characteristics vivid. Located on the outskirts of the ancient Moroccan city of Marrakech, the hotel is inspired by the rosy walls and the ancient Marrakech, with green plants all over the hotel.

In addition to the powerful brand effect of Anzhen, the 40-year-old birthday banquet of the male god David Beckham is also held here. This is not the first time the Beckham family has come here for a holiday. They have also been here on vacation in 2004 and have reiterated their wedding vows.

|| Royal Mansour Marrakech

There are a lot of royal characters in the name of the hotel, but what is truly royal is not here. This hotel, built by King Mohammed VI of Morocco, is hidden in the ancient walls of Marrakech. Really experience the luxury of a North African royal family, it is not unreasonable to describe it with extravagance and extravagance.

The hotel's 53 courtyard villas each have their own living area, accommodation space and private area on the roof terrace. The hotel rooms are decorated with soft furnishings such as silk, brocade, antiques and handcrafted furniture. The meticulous design combined with pure Moroccan architecture creates one of the most beautiful hotels in the world.

In addition to the top international big-name hotels, the hot homestays in recent years have been given different colors in Morocco . They have said that they have not lived in Riad, nor have they ever experienced Morocco . Riad is a boutique hotel transformed from a Moroccan traditional courtyard. A good Riad usually has a hollow patio garden and fountain, as well as a refined pool. Complex and regular tile stickers, like a kaleidoscope, can't help but sigh the exquisite craftsmanship of Moroccans.

|| Riad Yasmine

Riad Yasmine, a boutique hotel in Marrakech, is known for its 360° no-dead beauty. The pool with its red temperament is a popular photo on ins.

A hotel with a North African style, although there are only 7 rooms. But it does not prevent visitors who like it from coming to enjoy and enjoy the slow time. The blue-green tiles fill the bottom of the pool, surrounded by palms, and the pool is patterned. The North African style is exotic and mysterious.

Visitors who come here will try their best to find the most suitable angle to record its beauty! When I met the right scenery, how can I be beautiful!

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