Wandering Nepal to Bhutan’s road to meditation and arriving in a happy country

Next to Tibet,

There are two countries,

Photographers call them heaven,

Adventurers are keen to explore here.

The artist is looking for inspiration here.

It is also a holy place for believers.

Here is Nepal and Bhutan.

Unique natural scenery,

And mysterious religion,

It deeply attracts everyone who loves to travel.

The people are not rich, but they have the beauty of heaven;

There is no jade food, but there is a belief that makes the heart full.

The pigeons fluttered over the Dubar Square against the setting sun. The colorful prayer flags floated on the top of the Big Buddha Tower. The streets were filled with children through the tube, and they were carrying the assortment of rice cookers, selling fruit, Thangka and paper. The merchants of the grass paintings, the folk songs beside the ear, sing low and sing, and the restaurants that are as thick as the cows are shining with clear and dark light.

Many people say that if Nepal disappears, but Badgau is still there, it is not really disappearing. It can be seen that the importance of Badgren in people's hearts.There is a 500-year-old palace of the Mala Dynasty, including many palaces, courtyards, temples and statues with artistic features. It is known as the "Essence and Treasure of Medieval Nepalese Art" and "Open-air Museum".

There are rolling snow mountains around the town and the scenery is very beautiful. In the observation deck of Durley, you can see the magnificent Himalayas.

Beyond the joys, sorrows and sorrows of all beings, everything is within his sight.This is one of the few places in the world that can get close to Tibetan Buddhism culture, and it is also the place where Tibetan Buddhism develops freely.

Known as "Little Switzerland in South Asia", the dense forests, rushing rivers, clear lakes and idyllic scenery make this town full of extraordinary charm.

Boats blowing on the Fewa Lake, the quiet lake, reflecting the Himalayas, the beautiful scenery is intoxicating!

Walking into Bhutan, like walking into an ancient fairy tale,

Walk into the "Eden" of God.

In such a spotless paradise,

Don't you feel happy?

Taktshang Goemba, one of the world's top ten temples on the cliffs of the canyon, is located on a cliff, 900 meters above the Paro Canyon. It is extremely spectacular, and local believers often come here to pray.

Want to learn Bhutan, starting with the National Library of Bhutan began it - a lot of the art collection of paintings, thangkas, statues, jewelery, textiles and antiques, religion, national development, stamps, old photographs, production and life, flora and fauna And so on. There is also the world-famous Bhutanese stamp, a testimony to the history of the Kingdom of Bhutan.

The 50-meter-high Yanbu Buddha stands on the top of the south side of Thimphu. It not only allows you to see huge Buddha statues at close range, but also overlooks the beautiful scenery of the Thimphu Valley.

In 1962, the first human record singer was born in Bhutan. Bhutan is the world's most famous "stamp country", so that the State General Post Office has become one of Bhutan's must-see attractions.

Daxiqiuzong is the ancient Lama Temple in Bhutan. The whole building is square in shape and has four turrets in the four wings. The square castle in the center is one of the original buildings. It houses many religious paintings of Bhutan - Thangka. .

Feeling different from the anxiety chase of urban life

Gradually remove the burden of your heart.

Here is Nepal and Bhutan.

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