Royal Selection | Travel New Zealand's Three Glaciers by Private Plane

God loves New Zealand 
to give it rich landscapes and 
attracts the world's royal aristocrats. 
Hope to bring you to 
embrace this pearl of God to 
harvest an extraordinary experience of travel.

Visit New Zealand by air, sea and land 

Special plane cruises three major glaciers

The world's royal family and celebrities love New Zealand. If you look at the country carefully, then you will take it for granted. God loves it here, he has given New Zealand a rich landform, glaciers, snow-capped mountains, lakes, and jungles, creating countless incomparable wonders , and the best posture for harvesting beautiful scenery is the sea, land and air ! Because this country has too many magnificences and stunnings, if you can get multiple extraordinary experiences on your journey, you will surely leave a rich journey of memories.

Have you ever thought about the picture in the animated film "Ice Age", which exists in reality? The Fox Glacier on the west coast of New Zealand's South Island is the real white world. The Pearl of God is not only the world of glaciers, but also the spectacular Joseph Glacier and the world's longest Tasman Glacier. The helicopter overlooks the spectacular glaciers.

The highest peak of Mount Cook's glacier snow is also a dazzling gem. If you take a private jet from near to far to the snowy mountains, you can enjoy the glacial meltwater flowing between the plains, and the beautiful scenery of the lake. The original New Zealand is a moving picture!

After landing, I drank afternoon tea in the snow and continued to look at the snow mountain from another angle. That is the supreme Cook Snow Mountain game!

The Milford Sound in the South Island of New Zealand may be the brightest pearl that God has given to the wonders! Invincible seascapes, pure white clouds, countless waterfalls and steep mountain peaks, like the appointment, constitute the world's eighth wonder.

How to start a trip to New Zealand in the most unique way? We will arrange a private jet boat and dedicated tour guide for you. You can take a jet boat to Queenstown to start this royal tour!

Royal Aristocratic Love
Huka Lodge

God has given New Zealand a lot of wonders, and has attracted countless world elites. They have rooted in different cultures here. So there is a place in this land, the most popular among the celebrities, including Huka Lodge, Queen Elizabeth II, Prince Edward, Bill Gates are frequent visitors here.

It is not because of the celebrity of the royal family that Huka Manor has been achieved. If you have visited it, you will definitely be attracted to it.Facing Lake Taupo, New Zealand's largest lake, sporadic villas seem to be dotted with 7 hectares of virgin forest. Great location, so you can enjoy the magnificent scenery, but hide in the quiet place.

We specially arrange the manor butler to welcome you . From the moment you walk in, you can feel the true luxury. Every corner and every painting is full of elegance and classics. It has not seen the exaggeration but reveals the highest taste. This is the royal style!

The reception before the private dinner is like a dinner in the upper class of Europe, elite celebrities from all over the world, gathering in the main house and talking casually, and accidentally placed in the nostalgic scene of Hollywood nostalgic movies.

If you only feel the supreme happiness in the manor, it is to live up to God's love for New Zealand! In this superb climate and scenery, outdoor sports like the celebrities , hiking, skydiving, golf, etc. are not to be missed.


Deeply experience Maori culture
Enjoy the chief's highest salute

A deep understanding of New Zealand, you must understand the Maori who have lived on this land for more than a thousand years! In a specially arranged visit to Maori Cultural Village , you will feel the language, culture, art and lifestyle that are fully preserved and are now one of New Zealand's most important original cultures.

When you enter the Maori Cultural Village, you will encounter a Maori dance "Haka Dance" . A group of brave and wary men are fighting. Maori hope to welcome you with this kind of enthusiasm and cohesive way! Maori war dance, once performed before the world-renowned New Zealand rugby national team All Blacks, shocked the audience to the world.

Perhaps the most impressive impression in the visit to Maori Cultural Village is the sacred ritual of the sacred ritual! It is the highest salute of the Maori tradition. The number and specifications of the nose sign indicate the level of courtesy. You will receive the Maori chief's highest salute, the "Hongi",in the Maori cultural village .

You can enjoy the New Zealand National Airline Business Class, and enjoy a full 180-degree flat flight. When you arrive in New Zealand, we also specially arranged VIP bridge for you to skip the queue.


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