You have a date with the country of paradise, New Zealand.

Traveling to New Zealand and living by the lake is a very important thing.

People who have lived know that this is not to talk about it. The clear lake, the silent snow-capped mountains, if it happens to be the season when Lu Binghua is in full bloom, a big house facing the lake can give you everything.

The vastness of the years is sure to be one of the most impressive moments of all your travels.

Important, because the front is the kitchen and love, in the distance, is the mountains and lakes.

Important, because living by the lake, drinking wine, there is a kind of pride in the sword. The rivers and lakes are ups and downs, but fortunately there is a glass of wine, a lake, and a sunset to comfort the students.

Important, because living in the lake, it is a wonderful thing to be in a daze. If you want to be quiet, you can live anywhere.

Important, because living in the lake, the green lake light will always sway in your eyes, the lake pats the lake shore, you can hear the sound of starlight falling in your sleep.

To New Zealand, you must have such a place to live.

Under the snow-capped mountains, the vast lakes, the roads are undulating, you can see the sunset rolling in the sky, see the stars, the silver river turn, see the world, and then see yourself, a lakeside hotel, will be your travel One of the biggest eggs.

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