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During this time, New Zealand has a big man " to visit

Although I really want to sell a 
good friend, I believe that the well-informed people have already known that on 
On October 28th, 2018, the British prince and his wife visited 
the "big man" here in New Zealand , of course, referring to the 
handsome Prince Duke of Sussex
and the dignified and beautiful Duchess of Sussex , Meghan Markle !

On October 28,2018, Prince Henry and Princess Meghan arrived in Wellington.

Open a four-day visit to New Zealand

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October 28, Prince Henry and Princess Meghan arrived in Wellington , began a four-day tour and visit to New Zealand's.

A traditional Maori performance and Hongi ceremony represents the New Zealand people's welcome to Prince Henry and Princess Meghan's trip to New Zealand .

After enjoying the Maori Haka dance, Prince Henry and Princess Meghan came to Government House and the New Zealand Prime Minister Jacinda Kate Laurell Ardern had a friendly meeting. Princess Megan also gave a speech in the government building.

Subsequently, Prince Henry and Princess Meghan visited Pukeahu National War Memorial Park, lost their lives in World War I soldiers expressed condolences, and sent a wreath.

The two also enjoyed the British War Memorial Sculpture, which symbolizes the friendship between New Zealand and Britain . The sculpture was  designed and produced by the Weta Studio. It took 4 years from design to production and the number of participants reached 100 .

Known as "The Coolest Small Capital in the World " by Lonely Planet in 2011, Wellington has a beautiful and creative city that always gives you a different surprise . Stroll to the street cafes and taste. A cup of fragrant Flat White, or take the Wellington Cable Car, ascend the view of the entire city, there is always what you want.

Pukeahu National War Memorial Park

The Pukeahu National War Memorial Park is the New Zealand National War Memorial Center, built to commemorate the soldiers who guarded New Zealand and the 30,000 New Zealanders who died for the country. There are four memorial areas in thepark: the Australian Memorial, the Turkish Memorial, the British Memorial and the Belgian Memorial.

Among them, the monument to the British Memorial is a sculpture designed and manufactured by Vita Studios in four years . The sculpture five meters high , weighs 2.5 tons , is composed of a Royal Oak and a New Zealand Christmas tree merged into the shape of a tree, a symbol of British tenacity friendship States and New Zealand .

On the second day of the visit, Prince Henry and Princess Meghan came to Lyall Bay in Wellington . Lyall Bay is New Zealand's famous surfing spot , a great place to relax and have great views .

Prince Henry and Princess Meghan tasted Wellington's famous coffee at Maranui Café  in Lyall Bay  . Outside the Maranui Café, Prince Harry and Princess Megan met a group of children who came to offer flowers.

After enjoying the beauty of the beach and coffee pleasant time, Prince Henry and Princess Meghan went to Wellington Courtenay Creative.

Maranui Café

The café is located on the beach and has a terrace where you can enjoy a relaxing time on the beach while enjoying a cup of coffee .

Wellington Courtenay Creative

Wellington Courtney Creative aims to connect, collaborate and cultivate creativity and art, and to use art as a link to encourage and connect people..

After saying goodbye to the ocean of art, it is time to experience nature. Prince Henry and Princess Meghan took a helicopter from Wellington to Abel Tasman National Park in the South Island, and the scenery along the way was beautiful .

After landing, Prince Henry and Princess Meghan met with the small volunteers of Abel Tasman National Park and enjoyed a New Zealand-style barbecue lunch with them .

After the New Zealand-style lunch, Prince Henry and Princess Meghan strolled through the bushes and golden sands of Abel Tasman , and experienced the beauty of nature .

Abel Tasman National Park is the smallest area of New Zealand 's national parks ,but it is the perfect choice for relaxation and hiking. Here, you can take a relaxing walk , start a kayak race with your partner , or take a dip in the water , and dive into the water to explore the magical underwater world.

Skydive Ablel Tasman

In the picturesque parachute Abel Tasman, you can from a height of one-time enjoy the beautiful views of the north and south of the island , while also get three National Park: Abel Tasman National Park , Nelson Lakes National Park and Kahurangi national Park.

The tour offers a free shuttle bus and a free pick-up service will be provided in the Abel Tasman area.

Abel Tasman Sailing Adventures Full Day Sail

The trip by the Abel Tasman Sailing Adventures travel agency, the trip you can visit the lovely fur seals , cracking Apple Rock , Abel Tasman park as well as a variety of beautiful scenery. This trip includes all-day sailing , lunch and tea and coffee on board .

Tips: It is recommended to bring warm clothes, windbreaker, easy-to-wear shoes, swimwear, bath towels, water bottles and sun protection products . Of course, don't forget to bring your camera !

The third day of the tour of Prince Henry and Princess Meghan in Auckland . At Queen's Commonwealth Canopy on the North Shore beach, they tried the local celebration of the Northisland & Bay of island in New Zealand: Gumboot throwing.

After experiencing the seemingly simple but skillful throwing boots, Prince Henry and Princess Meghan came to the bustling and bustling Viaduct Harbour in Auckland to meet with people waiting there for a long time. There are a lot of children who have prepared cute little gifts for the prince and Wang Hao~

Subsequently, Prince Henry and Princess Meghan came to the Auckland War Memorial Museum . The Auckland War Memorial Museum is New Zealand's first museum and is known as the " touchstone of New Zealanders' culture and spirit. "


Auckland is New Zealand's largest city and transportation hub . Auckland changing landscape to tourists brought unlimited opportunity to experience the natural flavor : the spectacular black sand beach , romantic golden beaches , close to the famous wine region Waiheke Island , natural and cultural are intertwined here.

Auckland War Memorial Museum

The Auckland War Memorial Museum, also known as the Auckland Museum , is not only a museum showing the history and culture of Maori , but also a war memorial reflecting the history of World War II. It also has one of New Zealand's three major heritage libraries . The museum provides a Chinese experience of Maori culture , and a Chinese tour guide provides a full explanation of Maori culture and performance content.

Gumboot Day

In the Taihape area of the North Island & Bay of islands of New Zealand, the Gumboot Day is held every year. Everyone, men, women and children, gather together to open the throwing boots competition..

Giapo Ice Cream

Giapo, the network red ice cream shop in Auckland, welcomed the arrival of Prince Henry and Princess Meghan, and specially launched the "The Royal Pavlova" on the day they arrived in Auckland. After that, don’t miss this “royal ice cream” for friends who are going to Auckland..

Auckland Botanic Garden

The Auckland Botanical Garden covers an area of ​​more than 65 hectares , including 10 hectares of natural woods. With more than 10,000 beautiful and charming plants, it is a paradise for gardeners.

Upon arrival in the "Geothermal City" of Rotorua  , the first stop of Prince Henry and Princess Meghan was Te Papaiouru Marae, the Maori Conference Hall in Ohinemutu.

Next stop, Prince Henry and Princess Meghan came to the Rainbow Springs Park to watch the feeding of Kiwi.

At the same time they gave two newborn kiwi from the name: Koha and Tihei ,Maori are " hope " and " sneeze " means, and sneezing stands for " life sneeze " and also " to brave the world"

At the end of the trip, Prince Henry and Princess Meghan came to the Whakarewarewa Forest. Here, they learned about the history of the Redwood Forest, strolling through the forest and meeting mountain bike riders on the way.

Rotorua is known as the “City of Geothermal”, where you can witness the power of New Zealand’s land . Located on the volcanic plateau, the city is on the Pacific Rim , surrounded by the world's most active geothermal area . At the same time, Rotorua is also home to the Tiarava people for generations, where you can harvest a rich Maori cultural experience .

Rainbow Springs Park

Rainbow Springs Park not only has a variety of New Zealand flora and fauna , but is also New Zealand's largest kiwi conservation center . Here you will get closer to this lovely night action.

Whakarewarewa Forest

The forest built in 1901, which is called a triangular  forest , there is in this forest a mountain bike park . There are two lanes in the park, the BMX lanes and a series of special single lanes , which are difficult to vary.

Of course, there are also trails in the forest. Don’t miss out on walking and running.

Redwoods Memorial Grove track

This is a very popular hiking route, you will pass through the tall coastal California Redwood Forest and see a variety of wildlife. At the same time, this trail is also very memorable, passing through the New Zealand woods because these trees are to commemorate the people who lost in the two world wars .

Difficulty level: easy

Time flies, four days are short and full.Prince Henry and Princess Meghan's trip to New Zealand has now come to an end and believe that this beautiful and passionate country will definitely leave a happy memory for them.

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