New Zealand Fairy Tale Tour

When I talked about New Zealand, did you see the Middle Ages in the "Lord of the Rings" and "The Hobbit" in your mind? There are green grass, big trees, flowers everywhere... like this :

The beauty of New Zealand is much more than that!

The island nation with a land area of ​​just over 200,000 square kilometers is located on the south side of the Earth, just a stone's throw from the South Pole. But in the corner of the world, the Creator did not hesitate its imagination and ink, and put all the beauty that people can imagine into the edge of the earth - snow mountains, lakes and green plants are woven into a simple and pure Landscape picture.

If the season is right, you can also see a large piece of Lu Binghua blooming on the ground, a large piece of fluffy green, the grandeur of the lavender blooms in the summer season of Provence, like a praise to the beauty of life.

At the Antarctic Experience Center , where you can restore the Antarctic climate and ecological environment, you can experience the cold of the polar storm. But nature is not always cold and ruthless. The experience center is also a healing place for injured little blue penguins. The feeding scene is especially cute. Come and count, 2,466 .

The stone-built Shepherd's Church is located on the shores of Lake Tekapo , silently witnessing the passing of the centuries-old time between the mountains and rivers, pointing the way for the lost lambs.

Because it is far away from urban lighting pollution, it has also been rated as the best starry sky observation point in the Southern Hemisphere. When the night sky is clear, the glory of the Milky Way gives the church a layer of shallow silver, and the stars are shining, which is the love story from the depths of the universe.

The former gold digger dumped the gorgeous luxury of this town, so he named it " Queenstown ." The town rises in the mountains surrounded by mountains, like a gem in the crown. But in this landscape there is a passion for your adrenaline blast – here is the steepest cable car in the Southern Hemisphere, jungle walks with varying degrees of difficulty, stunning skydiving and bungee jumping, or a canyon swing ......

From Queenstown, cross the Milford View Boulevard , which is known as one of the world's most beautiful landscape avenues . In the Milford Sound , the eighth wonder of the world , you can take a cruise or helicopter. Enter the ground, enjoy the beauty of the wonderland, see the glacial erosion terrain, mirror lake and cold temperate rainforest landscape in front of your eyes.

The firefly wormhole hidden under the ground of the South Island is a large cave system composed of limestone. A variety of stalactites and stalagmites are filled with fluorescent dots, such as starry sky.

Glenorchy is the place where the film "The Lord of the Rings Trilogy" is taken. Someone has come here to trace the footprints of elves and magicians. It is called “the town of paradise”. Some people say that it is named after the beautiful and tranquil natural scenery of the town, while others think that the name is derived from the paradise duck that inhabits here. No one can determine the true origin of the name, but the suffocating nature of nature has gained the approval of all. Riding horses in the warm sun of spring, horseshoes print on green grass, is a good way to experience the different styles of Middle-earth.

Are you very excited? 

100% pure New Zealand tour

Christchurch, Tekapo, Queenstown, Milford Sound, Firefly Cave, Lord of the Rings...

On the road in New Zealand's South Island , Lu Binghua , alongside the roadside, will accompany you to witness the beautiful Lake Tekapo , the most beautiful starry sky in the world , the magnificent classical Queenstown, and the magnificent Mir. Ford Fjord , fantastic firefly wormhole , quiet and beautiful Ring of the Rings , and the cute little lamb on the farm

9 days and 8 nights pure play

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