You only know the realm of the Bolivian sky, but I don’t know that there is a more mysterious city of the sky next to it!

How many people are crazy about the Bolivian sky, the dreamy scenery can not distinguish people in the upper reaches of the lake, or floating in the sky! Dreaming of this life must go once ~ In fact, next to the sky, inadvertently found a city of the sky!

Che Guevara in "Motor Diary" has come to visit here, the ancient Inca culture, the mysterious Amazon rainforest, and the alpine terraces that resemble works of art. Machu Picchu is one of the most famous business cards here, but the style of this country is not only the city!

Here is Peru, a distant and mysterious country. Walking into it is like a lost land in mystery.

Mysterious city of the sky

|| Machu Picchu

Machu Picchu is a veritable "city of the sky", where the ancient Indian life aesthetics is staged! It means “an ancient mountain” in Inca. The ancient city is 2280 meters above sea level, with cliffs about 600 meters high on both sides, and the Urubamba River running under the cliffs day and night. Such a dangerous location has allowed Machu Picchu to escape the intrusion of the Spanish colonists, as if the peach blossoms were hidden in the mountains for a thousand years, which made it difficult for archaeologists of later generations to trace them. For four centuries, only the flying mountain eagle has seen its majestic appearance.

Until 1911, Professor Binge of Yale University in the United States discovered this city hidden in the grass in an accidental opportunity. Interestingly, this professor is the prototype of Indiana Jones in "Raiders of the Lost Ark". . Due to its sacred, mysterious and pious atmosphere, Machu Picchu is listed in the list of the top 10 holy places in the world.

Seventy years ago, when the Chilean poet Pablo Neruda (Pablo Neruda) has shown signs it left behind the world of the Inca miracles four hundred years, the poet fiery emotions and inner agitation difficult to restrain wrote a forceful awe "The Machu Picchu".

Machu Picchu, like the Inca civilization it represents, embodies the magnificent imagination of mankind. The Inca Empire emerged in the 11th century and was in the heyday of the Inca Empire. The territory once spread throughout Peru, Argentina, Colombia and Chile, and was built in Cusco. The Incas believe in the sun god and regard themselves as "the descendants of the sun." Buildings about the sun worship in this ancient city are also everywhere.

It is assumed that Machu Picchu was built around the 15th century, surrounded by agricultural areas formed by terraced terraces, and the urban area consists of 200 buildings and 109 stone ladders connecting the hillsides and the city. The planning in the city is well-organized. The northern part is the solemn palace of the palace, and the south is the workshop, the living room and the public place. The Inca Kingdom chose to establish a city here, probably due to its unique geographical and geological features. It is said that the outline of the mountain behind Machu Picchu represents the face of the Incas looking up to the sky, while the highest peak of the mountain, "Wanabiqiu", represents his nose.

The first rays of the morning light dyed Machu Picchu into gold, and at that moment everything was worthwhile.

|| NASCAR Earth Painting

Said here is magic? It is more like a painting that aliens accidentally left on the earth. It looks like an airport runway. There are hundreds of simple lines that form a variety of vivid patterns , engraved on the ground. These complex patterns include geometric figures, fish, spirals, Algae, alfalfa, spiders, flowers, iguanas, herons, trees, hummingbirds, monkeys, lizards and humanoids.

Who created them and created them for it, no one can solve them yet, so the Nascar lines are listed in the top ten .

|| Santa Cruz hiking

This is the fourth beautiful hiking route in the world! In a National Geographic article entitled "The World's Best Hiking Trails", National Geographic considers the world's 20 most classic hiking trails, one of which is on foot in Peru - Santa Cruz .

The journey takes about 48 kilometers and takes 4 days. There are original pastures along the way, and there are quiet and green lakes and white glaciers. Most of the tourists who came to Peru ran to the famous Machu Picchu, so the people who took this line were less clean.

On this road, you will encounter a version of Peru that says Paramount is the flag of Artesonraju. The Atsen Raja Peak is known as the most attractive mountain in the world.

▲ Paramount company logo

▲Atsen Raj

Walking in the sky above the clouds

|| Uyuni Salt Lake

Say the city of the sky, the sky next to the sky has to be mentioned. The Creator is particularly pity for Bolivia, giving it a large mirror that is so popular among travelers all over the world, so large that it can shine through the entire sky. This large mirror is about 250 kilometers long and about 100 kilometers wide from north to south. It is similar to Tianjin. It is the world's largest deserted area covered by salt layers. It is 3,700 meters above sea level and is the well-deserved salt lake.

Maybe you first saw this dreamy beauty in countless "Life must go to the travel list", maybe you have a glimpse of her beauty in the Philippine "Horizon" series of posters...

The Uyuni Salt Lake was once listed by the National Geographic magazine as one of the world's top ten wonders. The salt lake left a salt-based mineral hard shell in the 40,000-year sedimentation. This crescent-shaped salt lake, the lake after the rain Like a mirror, the beautiful reflection reflected is suffocating. This is the legendary "mirror of the sky."

To see the purest horizon in the world, there is no place for people to be seen and who can't see. Everything is indispensable. First of all, you have to choose the right time. You can see the scenery of the salt lake like a mirror when you visit the rainy season from February to March. In addition, when you have a sunny weather and no strong wind, you can make this large mirror. It is able to reflect the purest sky. The "mirror of the sky" polished for 40,000 years, when people walk through it, immersed in a magical white world, will be completely convinced by this breathtaking beauty.

The color of the sky is reflected in the vast mirror above the radiance of the day. It is sunny and rainy, and all of them are plated with beautiful moments in the passage of time. At night, the stars are shining, and a whole galaxy flows over the sky.

In addition to the sky in the rainy season, when the lake is dry in the dry season, it is the endless pattern of pure white hexagonal tiles. On a piece of white cognac, the concentrated salt is like a beautifully formed beautiful brick pattern, exquisite and regular beauty.

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