Mysterious nature | Going deep into Peru's unique charm of the rainforest

Drifting in the clear waters of the jungle,

Between the birds and flowers,

Going to find the mysterious animals in the Amazon forest


Re-invigorate the Inca civilization and explore the Amazon River.

Capture the footprint of time.

Witness the most beautiful and primitive nature - Amazon. The Amazon rainforest is known as the "Lung of the Earth" and is known as the "World Kingdom of Animals and Plants". 

In the Amazon rainforest, the jungle symphony is staged every day, and the birds are called insects. From time to time, the sounds of monkeys, wild boars and unknown animals are interspersed. You will never feel lonely! 

Intimate contact with the world's unique pink dolphins, swimming together, pink toads of powdered dolphins flying in the whirlpool joy, reaching out and gently touching its slippery back and beautiful chest is enough to make people feel dark.  

Canoeing, kayaking to enjoy your water breakfast; stroll through the jungle and drive through the suspension bridge to the highland forest;

Looking at the stars at dusk... very wild, beautiful!

When it comes to the Amazon River, people first think of the infinite rainforest, all kinds of magical flora and fauna and ancient legends. But in fact, on the Amazon River, there is a high-end cruise ship that has always attracted the attention of tourists from all walks of life. This ship is Aria Amazon.

Enjoy the graceful and graceful adventure of Aria Amazon. While enjoying the beautiful scenery of the Amazon basin, you can also enjoy a comfortable and thoughtful service and do a beauty treatment.

Or relax in the jacuzzi and enjoy the exquisite lunch/dinner, each second experience will bring you different surprises.

Private enjoyment has quality. Aria Amazon has a total of 16 suites that can accommodate up to 32 guests, while the crew has a maximum of 27 crew members. The ratio of nearly 1:1 can fully satisfy the guests' services. 


First-class facilities are the last word. The interiors of the suites are elegant and elegant, ranging from a stylish leather sofa to a comfortable king-size bed with 1000 woven Egyptian cotton bedding. The full-length glass window of the size of the movie screen allows you to lie on the top deck of the couch. You can still enjoy the beauty of the two sides of the Amazon by standing in your own bedroom. 

Imagine that when you are lying on your bed, you might see a otter or a capuchin walking on the canopy; if you are lucky enough, you might see an endangered pink dolphin or a three-toed sloth. Even a black jaguar.

Executive Chef - Peruvian superstar chef Pedro Miguel Schiaffino is on the boat. He is the founder of the world's top-Malbar restaurant and was named one of the 100 most delicious restaurants in the world in 2011. 

The on-board dining is not inferior to the five-star hotel, and the dishes designed for the tourists, both Peruvian-style specialties and internationally rich dishes, bring visitors a feast on the Amazon River. 

 The work, designed by the famous Peruvian designer Jordi Puig, is one of the few high-end rivers currently sailing on the Amazon.

When the boat is driving in the inaccessible Amazon River, close your eyes and feel the rainforest quiet, open your eyes and stare at every morning and sunset, you will find that you have never harvested such a rich and beautiful scenery on a journey.


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