A place to relax and have a relaxing holiday - Clark, Philippines

Clark is an economic development zone in Manila, the capital of the Philippines. The distance between the two is 80 kilometers and the journey takes about one hour. The US military is the largest former air force base in Asia.

The Clark Museum is located in the downtown area of ​​Clark. It contains a lot of military items left during World War II, and you can feel the atmosphere of the battlefield.

Air Force Memorial Park, you can see the plane that once dominated the air in World War II, but now it is quietly lying on the ground.

To commemorate the location of the Philippine National Father Rizhao, who was executed during the Spanish rule, the commemorative Rizal Park.

The city of Spain, the city surrounded by the walls, was once the seat of the Spanish government of the occupier.

Manila Cathedral is the church of Manila's Cardinal Mass, the first choice for Filipino weddings and the appearance of the Old Town of San Diego.

The local seafood market can eat very fresh and delicious seafood, but the price is quite cheap.

Piana Volcano needs to take the CMB first, then change to the local four-wheel drive amphibious off-road jeep to the steep Piana volcanic area, the unique volcanic landscape, along the way to see the lovely local Aboriginal people.

The unprecedented stimuli and enjoyment of the off-road vehicles along the way. You will also experience the unique natural volcanic hot sand treatment that is unique to the local area in the hot sand area. Open the sand, bury the body inside, and make a hot sand sauna to make the body sweat quickly and the mind is fresh.

Then take the four-wheel drive amphibious off-road jeep, and really experience what is called the peak circuit. After passing through the two Grand Canyons, you will arrive at the hot spring area. The temperature of the spring water flowing from the mountain is more than 50 degrees. The hot spring pools are open independently. The feeling of facing the volcanic peaks and hot springs needs to be experienced before you know how novel.

Carat FONTANA Hot Spring Resort City, Hong Kong TVB hit drama "Casino Fengyun" live shooting location, the resort not only has WATER PARKS water park, but also HOT SPRING AREA hot spring area, bubble hot spring, relax, hot spring facilities are no less than domestic Some well-known hot springs.

Under the influence of American culture, the Philippines has a certain similarity with the United States regardless of its diet, professionalism and quality of life. There is no embarrassment and no impetuousness here. There are all kinds of unexpected surprises here. Clark’s trip is a wonderful thing. trip.

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