If you want to play and how to play, your perfect holiday with your child will be worse than a Sentosa!

When it comes to countries with baby travel, many people responded first to Singapore.There are many scenic spots and intensive places, and the quality of the people is also high. Children can be subtly influenced and affected. It can be said that Singapore is one of the most suitable family-friendly destinations for Chinese babies in the world.

Although there are many parent-child attractions in Xingguo, but you don’t come to Sentosa, you can only count half Singapore! Do not come to the world of places of interest, this parent-child tour is equivalent to white! Don't underestimate Resorts World Sentosa, 3 Michelin restaurants, a Universal Studios, a giant aquarium, or a spa . It can make adults and children play for 3 days without getting tired!

Can play too much

You can leave the beach in Sentosa and leave time to Universal Studios!

This is a real movie world. In this dreamland, you will enter various movies with your child and witness the scenes in the movie happen to you. Seven major theme areas: Hollywood, New York, science fiction city, ancient Egypt, lost world, distant kingdom, Madagascar and so on.

* Every Saturday afternoon, the park will host a Hollywood fantasy parade (subject to the opening hours of the park). The classic Hollywood movie scenes will be debuted with exquisite floats, and your favorite characters will live in front of you.

* On weekend nights, you will enjoy the wonderful performances of Hollywood music fireworks (based on the opening hours of the park), fireworks, accompanied by moving movie music, one after another to reflect the night sky!

Universal Studios Singapore presents you with countless world firsts : the world's largest gathering of DreamWorks animated attractions, the world's first distant kingdom castle from the "Shrek" movie, the world's first "Madagascar" movie theme Drifting, the world's first "Transformers" theme attraction, in the world of fantasy movies, unleash your full sensory experience.

You can sit in the future water world and watch a shocking performance of sound, light, electricity, fireworks, props, performances, and blasting. You can also sneak out a smalljailbreak party in the movie and enter the fantasy world of "Daddy Daddy."

If the child is tall enough and courageous enough, the Battlestar Galactica double-track roller coaster must not miss it.

Start your ocean exploration at the SEA Aquarium and find the splendid Asian maritime legend. Stepping into the SEA Aquarium, you are fascinated by the wonders of the sea. 

This is one of the largest aquariums in the world. Once inside the SEA Aquarium, it is a “seabed corridor” that instantly feels like crossing. The fish is surrounded by the giant devil fish, which is a good place to take pictures.

After passing through many large and small fish tanks, walked to the atrium, a huge ocean world came into view. This is the world's largest aquarium viewing window, 36 meters long and 8.3 meters high. In the evening, it can also be transformed into a sea feast, and when it is put on the table, it becomes a “seabed restaurant”.

There are as many as 49 eco-regions, bringing together more than 100,000 marine life from more than 800 species. It must be praised that this is not just a simple look at the ocean world, but also popularizes relevant knowledge. For example, before entering the aquarium, children can watch small videos of science.

In the exploration pool, you can also touch the shark eggs by yourself.

If you want to get closer to marine life, you can also go to the Dolphin Park in the Water Adventure Park.

Located in a water adventure park, it is home to the lovely Indian Pacific dolphins, which are connected by 11 lagoons. Here, you can shake hands, kiss and take pictures with the dolphins. In addition, there is a finale program: swimming with dolphins.

All dolphin interaction experiences include a one-day ticket to the Water Adventures Park and a wetsuit for you to wear the right swimwear.

The only water park in Southeast Asia that incorporates marine life elements has 6 stimulating water slides, the first hydromagnetic roller coaster in Southeast Asia, 14 theme areas such as Surf Bay, Adventure River, Tropical Rainforest Park and caves where exotic marine life inhabits. Dive, suitable for the whole family to play and experience the crazy day of the sun.

There are too many delicious things to eat

In Sentosa, the last thing to worry about is to find something to eat. From street food to Michelin cuisine, Sentosa Resorts World has it.

The first restaurant to be recommended is the Michelin Star Restaurant - Aussie Seafood Burdock Grill .

Its signature dish is five mature Australian beef tenderloin and oysters. The beef tenderloin is served with a special bolognese sauce. The oysters are semi-cooked and have a savory taste.The fire control is not bad.

This sea-flavored restaurant is very special and is Singapore's underwater restaurant. There is a full-faced glass curtain wall that can be seen in the largest aquarium in the aquarium. The underwater creatures are slowly swimming, and the specially designed blue-hued cage inside the restaurant gives the restaurant a strong atmosphere.

The cuisine is based on refreshing, simple and healthy dishes, incorporating the concept of molecular cuisine, including Cat Cora classic signature dishes, such as aroma squid and 42 ° C vacuum cooked salmon.

Michael Hotel

Designed by Michael Graves, the greatest contemporary architect in the United States, the Michael Hotel is a paradise for art lovers. In the rooms with the main colors of maple leaves, there are art murals and superb design features, which make you feel like you are in an art gallery. The bathroom design, floral tiled walls and round blue mosaic showers are worth mentioning, creating an elegant and unique atmosphere.

Resorts World Sentosa - Hard Rock Hotel

Hard Rock Hotel Singapore

When rock and roll charm is combined with avant-garde bold contemporary design, the heart-warming holiday heat is on the horizon! With fresh and stylish dining options, amazing entertainment experiences, well-equipped facilities and warm and attentive service, the refreshing Singapore Hard Rock Hotel will bring you a rock-and-roll cool experience. Due to its location in the World of Resorts, the convenience of guests is another great advantage of the hotel.

Resorts World Sentosa - Crockfords Tower Singapore

Leisure Hotel

The exclusive all-suite hotel Confort Luxury Hotel offers the ultimate in luxury. The custom-made furniture is rich and luxurious, and the luxurious bathroom has a private steam room and a "magic TV" for mirror use. VIPs will enjoy a high standard of personalized service, including a welcome drink, fresh fruit and chocolate supply, as well as a 24-hour personal butler service.

If you want to go to Singapore for this holiday, I have already set aside for you for 4 days and 3 nights:

1. Universal Studios Singapore - VIP Tour

2. Water Adventure Park + Dolphin Park - Dolphin Discovery Tour

3. SEA Aquarium - VIP Tour

4. Sea-style restaurant 3-course lunch

5. Aussie sirloin seafood grill restaurant 3-course lunch

6.Foresten Restaurant 5-course dinner

7.ESPA 45-minute foot reflex zone massage + ESPA spa facility one-day pass

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