Family-friendly vacation: Travel to Singapore and Malaysia, play the favorite Lego theme park!

In the age of no toys and cartoons, travel may be the best gift for children.

Take the children to a strange country, and collide with a new understanding of life in different customs and customs; in the process of playing, give children a more vivid education.

To say where the parent-child tour is suitable, go to Singapore ! Although the area of ​​this projectile is small, it is a well-deserved NO.1 in the Southeast Asian parent-child resort.

Tips: Many star parents also love to bring their baby to Singapore for a holiday. If you are not careful, you can come and see it~

Singapore is one of the safest countries in the world, and 70% of its residents speak Chinese. It is natural and comfortable to take children with them. The pleasant climate and short flight times of the four seasons also make the family vacation more comfortable.

In addition to Singapore, just 1.5 hours drive from Johor Bahru, Malaysia, there is a baby's favorite Lego theme park and theme hotel, which is a great choice for family trips.

Traveling with your child is not necessarily awkward, and you can open a family vacation in Singapore + Johor Bahru in the most comfortable way.

▼ Travel highlights

01 / Marina Bay Luxury Model: Mandarin Oriental (MO)

Marina Bay is a symbol of Singapore, with classic attractions such as the Sands Hotel, the Merlion Statue and the Ferris Wheel. Novaland Tours Select the Marina Bay Mandarin Oriental Hotel (hereinafter referred to as MO) to let the family and children travel without losing the luxury resort.

If you want to occupy the best location in a place and enjoy the luxury experience, then you can follow the MO.

MO is the only five-star hotel in Singapore that has been awarded the Forbes Travel Guide for five consecutive years.

Seen from some of the hotel's rooms, it is the F1 Singapore street circuit, and the room is the Golden Sands Hotel.

Singapore MO has gathered three Michelin restaurants: Cherry Garden Restaurant, DOLCE VITA Restaurant, MELT Café. Take a baby and watch the night scene while enjoying a delicious meal.

02 / Marina Bay around the game recommended

Gardens by the Bay (some parks charge)

For a long time in the city, I was used to the hustle and bustle of tall buildings and lights, or was shocked by the Gardens by the Bay. Strolling through the dreamy “Growing the Big Tree” seems to have plunged people into Alice in Wonderland.

The faint night makes the brightly lit Gardens by the Bay more magical. The clean environment and the highly civilized scene make people feel sincere.

Clarke Quay

Clarke Quay is known as the “Lan Kwai Fong of Singapore”. When the night falls, the lights on the shore are reflected in the river, and the restaurants and bars on the shore are also lively.

Stroll through the marina, choose a bar for a drink, or dine at the boat restaurant to experience Singapore's brightest nightlife.

The Marina Bay Cruise is a recommended game. The cruise takes about 40 minutes and the tour guide will explain the sights and development history along the way. The cost is about S$25.

Viewing Ferris Wheel (Optional)

The Singapore View Ferris Wheel is Asia's largest viewing ferris wheel. The 165-meter raft is equivalent to a 42-story building, allowing you to overlook the night view of the Lion City 360 degrees.

Golden Sands Mall (free shopping)

The Marina Bay Sands Mall brings together almost all of the high-end boutiques and international avant-garde design brands you can name.

The most eye-catching is the crystal pavilion of Louis Vuitton Island Maison that seems to "float" above the waters of Marina Bay. It is arguably the largest LV store outside Paris.

03 / car connection, 1.5h direct to Johor Bahru

After enjoying a pleasant city vacation in Singapore, it's time to go to Legoland to meet your baby's wishes! Legoland is located in Johor Bahru, Malaysia, but it is a 1.5-hour drive from Singapore.

Novaland Tours Arrange for a round-trip shuttle service. You don’t have to get off the bus and travel around the country easily to make your family comfortable.

04 / baby favorite: Legoland

Legoland Malaysia is the first Lego theme park in Asia, covering an area of ​​over 93,000 ping. Whether it is for adults or children, this is the place with the most joyful elements of the journey.

Legoland Malaysia includes seven major theme areas: starting point, Lego mechanical group, Lego kingdom, fantasy country, Lego city, adventure land and mini paradise. There are also rich performances and 70 kinds of rides, next to Lego Water Park.

Through different games and activities, Paradise inspires and inspires children's interest in learning. It is a joy to learn from the game!

Intimate Lego has set up many children's independent play facilities in the park, so that the baby's queue time will not be boring. Even the French fries in the burger shop are made of bricks, and it’s so cute!

05 / Sleeping with Lego: Lego Theme Hotel

Legoland Malaysia is a Lego theme hotel in Asia. The hotel is located at the entrance of Legoland. It is very convenient to return to the hotel after having fun at the park.

As soon as you step into the hotel lobby, the magnificent Lego pirate ship greets you. There is an ancient European Lego Castle on the side of the lobby for children to play.

In fact, the hotel lobby itself is a mini-playing world, where children are busy with stacks of Lego bricks, exerting unlimited imagination, and joyful laughter is endless.

The Lego theme hotel has four famous Lego series themed rooms for pirates, castles, adventures or phantom ninjas.

There are two separate sleeping areas in the room, including a king-size bed for adults and a separate sleeping area for up to three children, with a bunk bed, retractable bed and TV.

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[Wenhua Oriental, Legoland] Singapore + Malaysia 5 days 4 nights parent-child holiday

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