City & Island, Island & Jungle, is the way to open Bali + Singapore~


Parent-child travel with a high rate of destination

Carnival in Sentosa, Universal Day Studios with insufficient day,

World's tallest Ferris wheel, night safari


When the child comes, I don’t want to go, the adult is not happy.


Not only romantic and leisurely with blue sea and blue sky

There is also a fresh and tranquil terraced field.

Zero time difference, visa-free, direct flights,

Say go, then go.

The two styles are different, but the distance is not too far. Crossing the equator and crossing the Indian Ocean, Novaland Tours bring you new and unfashioned collocations. The city & island, the island & the jungle are the perfect choice for quality control!

Island & Jungle

Another way to experience Singapore and Bali is that 99% of people still don't know:

Instead of going to the famous Bali beach, we chose Ubud in the jungle and pastoral style; instead of going to Singapore to fly around the city, we chose Sentosa to taste the childhood for adults and children.

There is a red swing in the recent hot ins, a high hanging egg... No doubt, here is Bali, not at the beach, but at the place where the soul of Bali is located - Ubud.

There is the world's highest investment and the most abundant family destination destination in Sentosa Resorts World, as well as the popular Singapore Universal Studios, SEA Aquarium... and countless foods are calling you.

The best way to play these two places is to live in and play for a few days. Hotel? No need to choose, how about Capella?

Singapore Capella

Yes, the hotel where Trump meets Kim Jong-un is Singapore Capella!

Lonely Planet considers it to be the best hotel in Sentosa Island and even in Singapore.

The star celebrities who stayed at this hotel can be listed as a series , Madonna, Lady Gaga... Sun Yanzi is well-known for its joy, not only to be appointed as a wedding venue, but also to come here to relax.

Bali Capella

Here, Capella did not choose the coastline and cliffs of Bali. Instead, he set his sights on Keliki, an artist village deep in Maolin, to create a hidden and mysterious luxury tent resort.

This is an ecological sanctuary. During the entire construction period, trees are not cut down. The rainforest, terraced rice and the sacred Wos river create an original mysterious mythical world.

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