Sri Lanka - a cup of black tea! A story! A journey! Unforgettable in life!

Many people don’t know that there is a group of special guardians, the Blue Whale, in the waters of Sri Lanka. The best time for whale watching in Sri Lanka is from December to April. If you are lucky, you can not only see the whales, but also the dolphins in groups.

The southern part of Sri Lanka's Meridian Sea , located at the southernmost tip of the South Asian subcontinent, is a small coastal village and one of the world's best blue whale observation sites in the eyes of global marine researchers and animal protection organizations.

Take the children and feel the shock of this huge ocean elf jumping from the sea!

Sri Lanka is the home of the prestigious Ceylon black tea, which is not only rich in fragrant black tea, but also fresh and oxygen-rich air. Dense jungle, torrential stream... In the alpine tea garden, we can forget to return to nature and integrate into nature.

Take the mountain train and walk through the tea garden along the endless greenery, as if you have stepped into the fairy tale world of The Wizard of Oz. The fresh air, the greenery of the eyes, and the magical novelty experience are heart-rending.

Located on the southeastern coast of Sri Lanka, Yala National Park covers an area of ​​approximately 979 square kilometers and is the second largest national nature reserve in Sri Lanka. Here, we can also see rare animals - Ceylon Leopard!

Take a jeep and get close to wild animals. If you are in the virgin forest, feel wild. It is worth noting that you should follow the instructions of the guide during the safari process and don't get off the bus.

According to legend, after Sakyamuni’s death, four Buddha teeth were left, one for heaven and one for the sea. Two of them stayed in the world, one of them is in Lingguang Temple in Beijing, and the other is in the Buddha Tooth Relic Temple in Sri Lanka.

White walls and splendid interiors... The Buddha Tooth Relic Temple, built in the 15th century, still reveals a majestic and serene look.

Unlike the noisy temples in the country, visitors to the Buddha Tooth Relic Temple are subject to strict admission, and visitors must take off their shoes and wear long clothes covering their arms and knees.

At the Buddha Tooth Relic Temple, you can feel the calmness of the devout Buddhists. We often hang the Buddha's system, but only when we really step into the Buddha Tooth Relic Temple can we deeply understand the meaning of it.

Stepping into Sri Lanka, I always feel that I am in the oil painting. Milky clouds and blue skies, green meadows and quiet and peaceful elephants... Gentle waters of Sri Lanka can always smooth the inner feathers.

When coming to Sri Lanka, many people will choose to experience a unique metal train. Some people only experienced the crowded and messy trains, and some people can find the simplicity and calm of the people of the Lankan people.

Suddenly I realized an Indian proverb that I have read: no matter who you meet, he is the right person; whatever happens, that is the only thing that happens; no matter what time the thing begins, it is the right moment; It is over and it is over.

Dark skin and white teeth are unique symbols of the Lankan people. Dealing with the locals can feel the calmness that is hard to find in the city. I am lingering here, my heart is like water.

You will be staying at the selected five-star (or similar) hotel to relax in a high-quality, high-comfort hotel, and to experience the wonders of nature.

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