Relais & Chateaux | Open a comfortable vacation in Sri Lanka

Sri Lanka is a place where hotel control people don’t have a sense of “senior sense”.

The regular Sri Lankan gameplay is just a daily ride to catch a trip, a boat ride, a bumpy down all the way, and it is properly the Sri Lankan version of "Lost On Journey", where is the mood to have fun?

A crowd-like and compact schedule allows people to equate [tired] and [Sri Lanka].

In fact, there are many luxury resorts and leisure experiences in Sri Lanka. The unique scenery and Indian Ocean style are very charming.

Want to play through Sri Lanka's classic experience once, and don't want to suffer from sedentary bumps and hip suffocation?

Then go to sleep in the Relais & Chateaux hotel in Sri Lanka and open a comfortable vacation in Sri Lanka!

 3 minutes to learn about Relais & Chateaux

Relais & Chateaux is a boutique hotel group that has made the ashes hotel a favorite.

Sleeping in Relais & Châteaux is also a special hobby for many hotel controls. If you are a hotel control, it is certainly not strange to it. If you don't know much about Relais & Châteaux, let me give you a science!

Relais & Châteaux does not invest directly or participate in the management and operation of the hotel. This boutique hotel group accepts independent hotels or restaurants to join.

Founded in 1954, Relais & Châteaux has been a business philosophy for more than 60 years [not only having a noble and elegant environment, fine cuisine, but also unique architecture] .

This concept is derived from the unique tradition of the French upper class. Therefore, only the world's top hotels and restaurants can successfully enter the "law eye" of Relais & Châteaux.

Applying to join Relais & Châteaux requires a layer selection and a rigorous review. So, being able to join the Relais & Châteaux hotel/restaurant means a luxurious experience with a high standard.

It can be awesome for senior hotel control. Of course, Relais & Châteaux is not only the concept of cattle, but also the superior service and privacy, the extraordinary experience of combining natural charm and luxury, is its trump card.

Relais & Châteaux represents the essence of an elegant and luxurious lifestyle.

Follow us to explore the three Sri Lankan hotels under the Relais & Châteaux group and find the most quintessential experience of the Kingdom of Ceylon.

 Sri Lanka · Relais & Châteaux

01 / Ceylon Tea Trails

[Hotel Keywords]: Built in the tea garden, all-inclusive, the world's first tea house resort, 5 luxury colonial manor theme villas

When I came to Sri Lanka, how can I not taste a lot of Ceylon black tea in the world? The regular arrangement of the tea is always wading through the mountains, and the teahouse hotel is amazing...

Let you live directly in the tea garden.

The Tea Trail Hotel is part of Dilmah, the world's best black tea brand. Living in the private tea garden of Dilmah, you can learn about the first-hand tea making process; picking the leaf buds from the field, and then going to the factory to see the black tea brewing process.

Taste the world's top brand of black tea and experience the tea-filled holiday.

Tea Trails has five colonial villas, each of which uses the name of the former owner.

These villas, built between 1888 and 1925, have been remodeled to become a sophisticated residence that blends the British atmosphere with the natural beauty of the tea garden.

Each villa has 5-6 rooms and is equipped with a butler + a chef + 4-6 male servants, allowing you to experience aristocratic platoons.

One-price all-inclusive: It includes not only three meals a day and laundry service, but also afternoon tea & pre-dinner cocktails.

The five villas are scattered in different locations in the tea garden, keeping each other private. Each room has a different decoration. Is it very special? 

There is only one wireless phone in the room and there is only one button for contacting the butler. Have any questions despite contacting the housekeeper. Wireless phones can be carried around the hotel: living room, restaurant, tea garden...Card butler if there is a need!

The Wizard of Oz, a tea-and-white hotel with fantastic plants, lots of birds and tea gardens. Stroll through the beautiful mountain lakes, manicured tea gardens, forests and villages, or take a guided tour/self-guided hotel's marked path.

Guests can visit any holiday villa. That is to say, no matter which one you live in, you can go to other teas to play!

Walk from the secluded trail tea house to another villa to enjoy a meal or a cup of tea and experience the leisure time of the Tea Trails.

The five villas of the Tea Trail Hotel are built around the lake. In addition to the car in the hotel, you can also choose to go boating.

The lakeside scene of each time has a different aesthetic. The misty morning in the morning, or the sunset in the evening is slow... The beautiful scrolls are so fascinating.

02 / Wild Coast Tented Lodge

[Hotel Keywords]: One-price all-inclusive, single-story luxury tent, Yala National Park safari, new opening in October 2017

Located in the southeast of Sri Lanka, Wild Luxury Tent Resort is adjacent to Yala National Park and nestled in the jungle, facing the pristine beach.

Looking down from the sky, you will find that the hotel's room type is like the footprints of the leopard; every 3-4 rooms are surrounded by a water storage lake. The design concept is to drink some small animals in the forest.

Let the guests get close to nature without disturbing the lives of the “natural aborigines”.

The Wild Coast Tented Lodge has only 28 rooms, avoiding too many people to disturb the wildlife here.

In the hotel, you can enjoy the wild animals living here from time to time, so that guests can feel the true "wildness".

If you are bringing your child to this holiday, then you are strongly recommending a family cocoon suite!

The family suite consists of two large and one small silkworm houses connected by a wooden bridge. During the day, you can enjoy the family intimate time; during the evening break, parents and children can rest separately and do not interfere with each other; the two silkworm houses not far apart are convenient for parents and children to contact at any time.

With just 4 of the private pool cocoon suites, it is the crowning touch of the hotel, facing the Indian Ocean and enjoying the romantic coastline of the Indian Ocean during the day.

When the night falls, the beautiful starry sky in the night sky will be reflected on the pool , turn off the lights, and hold hands with the lover to see the beautiful starry sky.

One-price all-inclusive: Yala Wild Luxury Tent Resort, which not only includes three meals a day, but also afternoon tea & soft drinks, red wine, and Mini bar laundry service in the room. The key is to include wildlife safari twice a day.

Ordinary tourists can only go to the 2-3 areas near the National Park entrance, and the tour time is limited. But the safari included in the Wild Coast Tented Lodge will not only take you to the deeper areas of Yala, but also have a professional natural guide to explain to you!

Yala National Park is known as “Concentrated Africa”, which means you don’t have to travel to Africa, where you can experience the rich wilderness world of Feeling!

It is worth noting that Yala National Park is usually closed every September to repair the infrastructure.

During this time, the hotel’s driving safari activities will be moved to the adjacent park. If you are thinking of going to Yala National Park, you must remember to avoid this time~

03 / Cape Weligama

[Hotel Keywords]: Cape Weligama, Crescent Bar, Infinity Pool, Old Town of Galle, easy to go whale watching in Merisha

The Cape Weligama is located 40 meters above the Indian Ocean and is a picturesque and exotic promontory. Situated on a cliff overlooking the azure Indian Ocean, whether it's a misty sunrise or a sunset, the enchanting scenery will make the heart more spacious.

The Cape Weligama has suites & villas, named after the local poet, and is very large in size!

The smallest suite has an area of ​​130m2 , and the wide area gives the guest a free rolling space.

Our favorite is the crescent infinity pool in the hotel ! 180° surrounds the Indian Ocean. The gym is very subtly designed to be under the pool, sporting and watching the sea, very comfortable.

In the bar below the crescent swimming pool, have a few drinks and watch the surfers flying freely in the Indian Ocean.

Whale watching activities in Sri Lanka are generally conducted from November to April, and the most classic location is Merisha.

However, the quality of hotels near Merisha is more general. If you want to go whale watching and don't want to give up a good holiday experience, then Cape Weligama or Marriott is a good choice.

From the Cape Weligama to Merisha, it takes about an hour and a half to drive along the way, and you will arrive at Mirissa without knowing it.

Experience the Wizard of Oz in the tea garden, the wild “Enriched Africa” and the romantic scenery above the cliff.

The combination of three Sri Lankan Relais & Châteaux is Sri Lanka's most quintessential holiday and the most unique of the Kingdom of Ceylon.

Do not hurry and experience the Sri Lankan style slowly.

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