At the top of Africa, the snow on the equator is disappearing, don't wait for it to become a legend before you think of it!

5895 meters above sea level

80 meters thick snow

8 vertical natural zones

756 square kilometers of African ridge!

Africa's "Mountain of Light"

Adventurer's paradise

The world peak you are most likely to touch

A world trip from the tropics to the polar regions

Kilimanjaro in the "One World One Day"

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This will always give you an unexpected return!

Kilimanjaro means “mountain of light” in the local Swahili language. The top of the mountain is full of snow all the year round. Under the illumination of the sun, the white crown of the snow is shining. The temperature difference between the foot of the mountain and the top of the mountain can reach 90 degrees.

Hemingway once wrote:

“Kilimanzaro is a long-standing snow-capped mountain at an altitude of 19,710 feet. It is said to be the highest mountain in Africa. The west peak is called the Masai’s 'Aqi-Eayi’. It is the temple of God. Near the west peak, there is a body of a leopard that has been dried and frozen. The leopard went to such a cold place to look for something, no one explained it."

However, due to factors such as global warming and volcanic activity at the equator, the snow on the top of Kilimanjaro has been melting, and has shrunk by more than 80% in the past 80 years. According to scientists' predictions: In 2020, the snow on the top of Kilimanjaro will be completely melted! Call from distant Africa, to gaze at the last snow of the equator~

Kilimanjaro will not refuse any visitor to it, whether you are a professional climber or an ordinary person who has no experience but is eager for the peak. As long as you persist, you will always get a hard but happy journey. 

Kilimanjaro is recognized as the most easily climbed by the seven peaks of the world.  This is the mountain that is closest to the amateur level and can climb to the top. Natural lovers with good physical strength and no altitude sickness can complete the summit without professional equipment and experience.

You can shuttle through the rainforest, walk on the clouds, then enter the volcanic ash desert. Finally, climb to the highest point in Africa accompanied by the stars of the Milky Way, watch the red sun jump in the snow, and feel the beauty of nature. !

Maybe you still worry about whether you can successfully climb to the top, but the 1:4 service team is guaranteed to let you walk without stress! Each VIP enjoys 3 chauffeurs, 3 assistants, 1 chef, and 1 waiter accompanying the professional team to help you climb the summit to conquer the first peak in Africa. It is not you who fight alone! In addition, Novaland Tours can also provide private husbands if needed.

Climbing the snowy mountains on the equator and completing a world trip from the tropics to the polar regions, you may never find a more experience than this. From short sleeves to down jackets, from the tropical equator to the snow-capped peaks, it’s really only Africa!

The warm and humid air currents of the Indian Ocean are blocked by Kilimanjaro, and the combination of water flow and temperature causes Kilimanjaro to form several distinct vertical vegetation belts from top to bottom. The equatorial rainforest belt, the subtropical evergreen broad-leaved forest belt, the temperate forest belt, the alpine meadow belt, the alpine cold belt and the snow-covered glaciers, so the mountaineering process has become a world travel from the tropics to the polar regions, full of endless novel.

[3000 meters above sea level] Walking in the rainforest, full of carpets of impatiens, begonias and other ferns. During the period, there will be heavy rain coming from time to time, but it will come quickly. The climbers must take measures to prevent rain, so Take care the rain!

[3840 meters above sea level] Out of the jungle, into the bushland, everything is shrouded in thin clouds of water vapor, there are two kinds of plants to make you remember. A plant that is more than a meter high and looks like a giant pineapple is called the giant lobelia. Another taller, like a giant pineapple grows on a tree, it is called a wood senecio.

[4600 meters above sea level] The sunrise of Stella is also an indispensable experience of life. In the early morning, the sky will be golden, and a long strip will hang in the southeast sky, as if the night and dawn are fighting in the middle of it, a huge red day will be sprayed out from under the black cloud, and the night will replace the night. The golden light smudges the surrounding clouds.

[5895 meters above sea level] Ascend the peak of Wuhulu, the peaks of the white snow and the huge glaciers like the silver snakes, which are rendered into a crystal ice world.

Upon successful summit, you will also receive a summit certificate issued by Kilimanjaro National Park and signed by a mountain guide. This perfect hiking trip will be an important experience in your life and will become a sparkling wealth in your future life. .

Since they all came to Africa, how can they miss the wild luxury experience that is famous?

The Serengeti Prairie is the world's largest wildlife sanctuary, eight times the size of Kenya's Masai Mara.

The migration of wild animals has been in the region for 9 months. It has 1.6 million heads, 440,000 Thomson gazelle, 250,000 zebras, 2,800 lions, 9000 coyote, 1,000 leopards, and cheetah 500. Head, and many other wild animals such as giraffes, elephants, spotted hyenas, warthogs, hippos and more than 300 species of birds.

With a journey of 3,000 kilometers, it is the largest mammal migration on the planet.

In the January-February of each year, the migration of wildebeests in the Ngorro area of ​​the Serengeti plains in southern Tanzania begins. Because the weather is hot and dry, animals will gather more and it is a good time for safari! Meet the praise of life in the best season of the African ridge~

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